FAQ: How To Shop on Althea

How To Shop on Althea Korea

Althea has recently launched the Althea 2.0 version on 15th February 2016. Other than being one of the best Korean beauty online websites, we've have updated some features, making it easier to shop and check-out. It is now mobile friendly too! Here is a guide showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can shop online on www.Althea.kr!

1 | Create account or Log in

It would be advised that you create an account on althea.kr for a smoother shopping experience for first timers. But if you are an existing customer, please do log in to your account. 

  2 | Adding Products Into Shopping Bag

The first step is really simple! Visit www.althea.kr and decide on what products you want to buy. Once you found what you want, click on the product image and it will lead you to the product page where details of the product can be found. In the example above, we've decided to select one of Althea's best seller, the Blingsome Lip Tattoo.

3 | Product Page

When you clicked on the product, it will lead you to this product page. In this page, you will be able to find out more about the product. Steps are indicated in the image above, on what you should take into consideration before "Add To Bag". Usually, you want to check on the product details, then select the right type based on your preference, the quantity you need and once you're satisfied, add the item to the bag!. Click on Bag to check out. 

  4 | Review Purchases Before Checking Out

To get to your Bag, click on the 'BAG' located on the top right of the site. In this page, you may review your purchases before you confirm the order. Be sure to check your orders, and if you have a coupon code, don't forget to key in the code. Once you're happy with your purchase total, you can click CheckOut!

5 | Complete Profile / Payment Methods

For first time customers, you may need to fill up the billing address and choose a payment method. At the moment, the available payment methods would be as below:

A | MOLPay

MOLPay Malaysia Online Payment Gateway is for payment through Visa, Master Card, and popular E-banking services.

B | PayPal
Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, USA & rest of the world

Althea will add more payment options soon, so please do stay tuned for updates. Once payment method is selected, you can review your order (apply coupon code if needed). Click checkout to finalise your order. It will direct you to PayPal's website to make payment.

*PayPal also accepts credit and debit card payment without needing to have a PayPal account.

5 | Order Confirmation

You can check your order status in under My Account - Recent Orders. It will indicate the status of your order whether it is pending, processing or complete. Althea will send you a confirmation email notice once your order is completed and ready for shipping. It is that simple! Do not hesitate to leave us a comment or question below. 고맙습니다 (gomabseubnida)

For inquiries kindly e-mail help@althea.kr.

Notice: This post provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice. 


  1. Thank you for this info!
    I've been trying to figure the payment method- lol

    Thanks again, have a nice day! :)

  2. Thanks for the info! but can you cancel orders from althea after placing it?

  3. hi,please help my konfirmation order is fail, and when i want to buy again my poin is gone, why is that happen?

  4. I don't understand the product with option. It says for example a product set is 400 yet I have to select an option. Is the 400 a price for each product or for the set already?

  5. what is the official website of althea?

  6. Why website of althea indonesia can't access

  7. Hi i have a question. The current status of my order is "awaiting payment" during may check out i lost internet connection. And now, i cant track back. I cant figure out how yo pay for my order anymore. :( can you please help me? Thanks!

  8. im not sure whether my product have been process? the status stated payment review. and has been around 1week. this is my order no. ORDER #200038561


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