FAQ: How To Track Your Althea Shipment

Tracking Your Althea Shipment

Can't wait to get your Althea Beauty Box? We know how you feel and we are here to help you track your parcel all the way from Seoul, Korea. Shipping and delivery will differ from each country, and may take up to 10 - 15 working days. Please refer to www.althea.kr terms & conditions (shipping / taxes / customs) for more information. Here is a simple guideline on how you can track your parcel on Althea Korea.

1 | Login to your Althea account

 2 | Click "My Account"(Top Right)

3 | Under My Account - Click "My Orders"

Under "Recent Orders" you will be able to see all your orders details. The order number, date of purchase, how much it costs and the status. Confused over the statuses? Let us explain what they mean:

A | Pending: Your order is pending payment confirmation and have yet to go through. 
B | Processing: We have received your payment and our elves are packing up your parcel for it to be shipped. (Do note that processing may take up a few days)
C | Complete: Your order has completed processing & ready to ship. You will receive it within the stipulated delivery period. You will receive an email notifying you about your order with your tracking number as well. You can also get your tracking number by clicking shipment on your order tab.
D | Canceled: Your order was not successful. It could be payment issue or that you press "back / refresh".

If you come across any issues regarding the statuses mentioned above, please email help@althea.kr and we will be able to assist you from there.

*For Pending Status. The duration will be highly dependent on the mode of payment and differ from one country to another. 

 4 |  Click "View" Order

5 | Click "Shipment"

When you view an order, you will be taken to the order page containing your order information (billing / method / shipping duration). To track your shipping, just click "Shipments".

  6 | Your Tracking Number

Once you have reached this step, you will have access to view your shipment order and tracking number (Eg: Shipment #100020231). Click on your tracking number and you will be taken to the E-Cargo Tracking System Page. Just copy and paste your tracking number into the query window to view the status of your shipment.

 7 | E-Cargo Tracking System

Important note: A local delivery company will pick up your shipment and update the system with your local delivery tracking number. 

If you have not received your parcel from Althea after 10 - 15 working days, please e-mail help@althea.kr and the help team will investigate and advise you on the matter. You may also contact the local courier company directly to inquire about the status of your parcel.

Notice: This post provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice. 


  1. Thankyou this is very neat.

  2. how do you cancel pending orders? my order through visa timed out should i just reorder? or do i need to cancel the pending order?

    1. Hey there, to cancel orders please do email help@althea.kr and we will be able to assist you further from there. :)

  3. Hello, I paid on November 15 and today is November 21 and the status of my order status is still "Processing". Why is it like that? This post states that the order will be processed within 4 days.

  4. Hai,i already make a payment through mol pay..why it is cancelled?can i get back my money??

  5. how do i track my order once it has arrived in my country? it says in your tracking system that my order arrived last december 21, 2016 and i still havent received the package. i dont know how and where to track my package.

  6. I placed an order tonight, got an email regarding how much should i pay, but it is not appearing now on my orders. should i re-order?

  7. How can i get my order? I didn't receive my order yet pls help

  8. Hi i have a question. The current status of my order is "awaiting payment" during may check out i lost internet connection. And now, i cant track back. I cant figure out how yo pay for my order anymore. :( can you please help me? Thanks!

  9. Hi, previosly I just purchase some goods at Althea, but when I checked my Order Status it was cancelled. I have paid it via MOLpay and it was successful. Recently, i have receive an email from MOLpay saying that my payment was successful and with attached of the receipt. I need explanation regarding this matter. Thanks. :(

    1. Hi Ftnblh, oh dear, we advised you to make a report to the Althea's CS team at help@althea.kr with the details. The CS team would be able to help you correct this on their side.


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