Find Mermaid A Date!

It's that time of the year again when (ridiculously overpriced) roses and chocolates become synonymous with love and when couples get extra lovey-dovey with each other. Unfortunately, as fabulous as being a mermaid is, I haven't had much luck with my dating game. Sigh, another year, another lonely Valentine's Day spent on my island without a date. No, this will not do! I need a little excitement and affection in my life. Altheans, I need your help this year! Come play cupid and help Mermaid find a date for Valentine's Day!

Think you've got the perfect idea for a man and the know-how for a great date? Let me know in the comments down below, and the best and most creative ones will win some handpicked Mermaid's favorites from Althea! As a thank you, I'll be choosing 3 winners and each one will be winning two of my favorite products: one Son & Park Beauty Water in 340ml (perfect for swimming in for flawless skin) and one Rire's Lucent White Pearl Cream (how else do you think I got my radiant glow, honey?). Contest ends 14th February 2017, 12pm (Malaysian time). Good luck!
และแล้วก็มาถึงเทศกาลนี้อีกครั้ง เทศกาลที่ดอกกุหลาบและช็อกโกแลตในมีค่าตัวแพงกว่าปกติ การเป็นเมอร์เมดนี้ช่างเป็นเรื่องที่น่าเศร้าจุง ไม่ว่าจะปีไหน ๆ ก็ฉลองเทศกาลวาเลนไทน์เหงา ๆ อยู่บนเกาะคนเดียว เห้อออ แย่จัง ~ หืมมม 😖
โอ้วววไม่น่ะ น่าสงสารเมอร์เมดของเราจัง. . . Altheans! ทั้งหลายมาช่วยกันหน่อยยยยยย  มาช่วยเป็นคิวปิ๊ดหาคู่ให้กับเมอร์เมดของเราในวาเลนไทน์ปีนี้กัน!

มาช่วยกันคิดไอเดียเด็ด ๆ สุคครีเอทีฟให้กับหนุ่ม ๆ กันว่า จะเดทยังไงให้เมอร ์เมดของเราติดใจ! ตอบไอเดียที่โดนใจใต้คอมเม้นต์นี้ และ 3 ไอเดียไหนเด็ดสุด รับไปเลยไอเท็มเด็ดในดวงใจของเมอร์เมด นั่นก็คือ บิวตี้วอเตอร์เพื่อผิวสวยยอดฮิต Son & Park Beauty Water ขนาด 340ml และ ครีมไข่มุก Rire's Lucent White Pearl Cream อย่างละ 1 ชิ้นไปเลย ~ ร่วมสนุกได้จนถึงวันที่ 14 กพ.นี้ เวลา 11 : 00 AM ตามเวลาประเทศไทย โชคดีนาจา!

Have a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid
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  1. I would think of a nice guy! Like Lee jongsuk ��❤️He is a tall man with nice psyche, he also looks funny and witty that Mermaid would love and cope up with. And who would not find a korean guy so cute and hot at the same time be her date for Valentines Day. Its really exciting if their date will happen in a floating hut which they have some time for them selves with petals all over and some sweet music ❤️ Its so romantic as for me just thinking of it. And he will have flowers on hand when mermaid arrives. And because it floating it can go bit far from shore so that they could have their ALONE time and GET TO KNOW each other with privacy. Me seeing mermaid happy this Valentines makes me feel the same way, even though i dont have a date for valentines i still got my altheans family and my real life family with me sharing and giving love to everyone ❤️���� HAPPY VALENTINES ALTHEANS

    Lots of love and Kisses
    -Andreah ����❤️��

  2. i wouldnt recommend anyone but myself. best date would be someone who knows very well how to take care of your own skin 😉 i could do just that! i cant offer you love though but i can offer you skin care tips that only we, humans, know! 😁😂 choose me.

    juergen dee

  3. My perfect date would be dating at the spa where we will be pampered with some aromatherapy massages to relax and unwind and set the mood. Thereafter we adjourn for a romantic candle light dinner by the sea possibly at a floating restaurant. My ideal guy is romantic and charming and preferably one that looks like Amadeo Leandro. Go google him. I am pretty sure you will drool too! *wink.

    1. Dear Althea Mermaid;

      I have solely organize a manhunt last week when you post this search. And I have a perfect match for you, he seemed ordinary at first but Viola! He is strong, courageous and has the audacity to meet you. Let's call him Mr. John shall we. I have review hundreds of men but this one is the perfect match according to your matchless heart.

      I'm gonna spoil you a bit..

      He's a hunk looking fellow, great body structure, well-gorgeous face. I ask him his secret he told me he was using the homme homme box then and there our conversation lasted longer than the other applicants. He told me his a fisherman and he skills, (a lot of skills. I want him for my own but I must not.

      Then Mr. John as it is.

      To tell you today is Valentines day and he's the one. No more whining and weeping coz I have set up a beautiful abandon island exclusively decorated it pure hearts and a lot of Korean products as magical as it may seem to be. But why a lot of Korean products all over the white sand on a small and beautiful island? Because we will have a game in which he will not see you unless he will open every product to find for the perfect key to his chained hands. Then we will test he boasted skill. He must be very PATIENT and PASSIONATE about his search, because I told him you have a tough job. He must understand that!!! I know he will.

      After his rigorous, task both of you will have an Althean make-over and that I will open the grand dinner date for both of you. He has pass all checklist. Then both of you will have a last problem solving task. To find me on the Island if you do, I'll blessed you both with an Althea box and my Love blessing.

      I am thankful to be a part of your search. May the odds of love be on your favour, dear Althea Mermaid.

      P.S. The task will determine both of your attitudes to a test. So you may know each other will, and to give me a chance if you do change your mind about Mr. John

      from the Love Guru;
      -Elvira box

  4. Love is like a lost object if you search two hand, you won't find it, but if you just forget about it momentarily, it will show up in the most unexpected day.There can only be one I love you forever.

  5. Woah! I like this game - dating game! But first we need to find your perfect guy and a perfect date for the coming Valentine's day, I will help you dear mermaid.
    We don't need to go far, I can say that my guy is an ideal one, but of course he is mine date, so here's the idea; let's start on physical appearance - yes I know that we should not look at phys appearance but come on, it's ideal. For me Ji Chang Wook look is perfect! His masculine yet sexy body, his smile, his eyes, perfect isn't it? Then, the most important - the attitude, the attitude of Nam Joo Hyuk character in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo suits very well for our ideal date. Why? Waaah! His character is so lovable - the care he's giving, his thoughtfulness, and the thought of your-happiness-is-my-happiness-too. ❤
    And the last part, the perfect date itself. Hmm. I'm thinking of a date in top of a mountain, with a table-set dinner with wine on the side, with lots of shining stars above, not to mention with meteor shower as well. (Sorry, I'm giving you the idea of what I want one of our dates to be).
    Hope you would have such a lovely date, dear mermaid. ����

  6. Letter to Althea Mermaid.

    Dear Althea Mermaid,
    Valentine's Day is coming soon and I'm sure you would love a nice company of a good man. I would love to share a tips to you since you told me in your message that you haven't had much of luck in your dating game.

    My idea of a man would be a kind-hearted, loving and understanding man. There are lots of handsome and cute man out there, but you shouldn't overlook a good-hearted man. Looks doesn't last forever. True beauty comes from within a person's heart.

    To attract a good man, you must present yourself in a decent way. It would be loveable to see you wearing a sweet light makeup. On top of that, follow a regular skincare routine and use good beauty products to take care not only your fave but also your body skin. It is important to take a good care of yor skin eveeryday so that you can maintain a beautiful young-looking skin until old age and your man will fall in love with you again and again everyday. What a wonderful happy thing to see a radiant glowing healthy skin everyday, right?

    Last but not least, I want to wish the best to Althea Mermaid and I hope Althea Mermaid would be able to find true ❤️ for this Valentine's Day 2017.

    Nevertheless, love and cherish your family too.

    Many loves from me ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ,

  7. I think the perfect man for Ms. Mermaid would be a man who takes an interest and appreciates your hobbies- makeup per se. There are some guys out there who aren't really fond of girls that are too vain. I think Ms. Mermaid needs a man who will understand her love for Korean makeup and understand the importance of taking good care of your skin. In the polluted world that we are living in, a good skincare regimen is imperative to remove free radicals which can cause cellular damage. I think a sensible man who understands that girls who do their skincare regimen regiously isn't just about the question of vanity but also about health would be a good fit for Mermaid. ❤

    Mermaids shine the best with water right? I think by the sea is the perfect setting for a romantic date for Mermaid. A nice stroll by the seaside while holding hands, playing and running around the sand, romantic dinner and afterwards watching the moon while cuddling near the bonfire. I think if Mermaid also took a quick soak in the water under the glistening light of the moon,you would really shine and your date would really appreciate your beauty. Afterall, mermaids and moon always look good together as told in ancient mythologies such as the Syrians (★^O^★)

  8. First of All , Go to Pacific Ocean, or Hindia Ocean dear... There's a lot of hottie~ <3
    You can choose it up to you, remember what matters most is how he treats a girl, don't only look it up only based on the face (^-^)

    and how to make a great date?
    maybe you can spent a date on private island, choose the island with the best view (day or night), you can happily enjoy your dinner or dancing in outdoor with sounds of sea and view of thousands stars

  9. Being a mermaid, the han-namja should be the man of shield, and I believe no one is more perfect than our one and only kim jong kook!! His perfect body, his protective instinct and gentleman manner, won't you be more happier with him? Ahh.. Thinking of it made me happy too..!! 😍
    He might not be a romantic and the health freak but as long as he's happy and long-live guaranteed, wouldn't be it be more meaningful to live with him till the end? And with his sweet honey-like voice? You won't need any flowers or chocolates anymore!! As long as he is right by your side, hearing his sweet voice is enough for a perfect date.. Ohh, not to forget, his charming no eyes smile is a moment of happiness.. 😘

  10. The ideal mer-man will be tall, witty, kind and loving, with some sense of humor, eg: Lee Min Ho oppa. I would suggest that mermaid invites him over for dinner, then she puts on her best dress (deep V, with lace and some glitters), puts up some makeup (to look sexy and cover those acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, etc), polish up her cooking skills (so that mer-man doesn't gets food poisoning) and cooks a meal for 2 on Valentine's, plays some romantic music while dining (to prevent awkward-ness in case of don't-know-what-to-talk-about situation), drinks some wine together (a little bit of alcohol makes people closer), then watch some horror movie together on a comfy couch (so that mermaid can pretend to be scared and hides in mer-man's arms). Who knows if we'll be hearing some mer-wedding bells ringing after valentines? ����������

  11. That perfect date you're looking for must be a guy with temperance as calm as the waves, ambitions as wide as the sea, and mind as deep as the oceans could be. One with directions as he sails towards the unending horizon. A man when whom you'll meet, will be proud of you and let your name be known to a thousand fleet. Don't look at the ship he used to travel, but the long mile he used to sail. Let that man see all of your beauty, and capture your heart, the heart of the sea.

  12. Lee Min Ho it is! His role in the Legend of the Blue Sea will make you feel that you can do everything and make sure that he is there in all things that you do in every step of the way. And when I say everything, won't it be so romantic if our princess mermaid got to feel what it feels how to fly? For almost all of her life she only knows the vastness of the ocean. How about have a date in the sky. Try a hot air balloon filled with red flowers where you can enjoy the romantic view of the sunrise or sunset with a wine while talking what's important right now, you and him together. :) It would be that precious moment where it's just you and him in that world. I hope you get to experience that my dear mermaid. Hope the best for you this valentines!

    Happy valentines Altheans! <3 <3 <3
    Spread the love!!!


  13. oh, no! *gasps Don't worry Mermaid, I'll be your cupid this year! <3 First, lemme get you out of the water first just like what Shim Chung did and look for a man like Heo Joon Jae! kekeke

    You don't have to go into fancy dates like mostly humans fantasize for. Roses? Chocolates? Restaurants? Roses dies, chocolates causes toothaches and you don't have to cry a river for pearls on restaurants because it's expensive. keke

    Let's just be simple, a date with nature; picnic, and letter as a gift. Most importantly, enjoy the momento. Being together is what matters after all <3 *bigsmile

    ps. I'm a single cupid but then again singles are the best love adviser right?! *wink

  14. The perfect date for me is when you're with someone you truly love. Anything simple will become special, Effort is key to my heart and all the ladies out there. A guy knows how to make you smile and looks out around him. He doesn't only take care of you but all the people that surrounds you like your family and friends. I love him if he has a kind heart and see me as the most precious treasure he found. The most perfect date is where he takes you to a Romantic dinner and eating all your favorite food with him, enjoying the moments and getting to know each other by deep conversations. At night going to a park where you can lay a blanket and lay down with him while gazing the stars at night time. for me thats already romantic and gives me happiness.❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  15. I think it would be perfect ig you find a man with a good sense of humor. A man like this will never let a day pass without making you smile or laugh. Life will never get boring if you have a man with a good sense of humor. He'll make you fall in love everyday. So, Mermaid if you find this man, it will be a wonderful and unforgettable funny Valentine you'll have.

  16. Dear Mermaid,

    Valentine's is just around the corner and I know how hard it is to find that someone to spend it with. For you, that special someone must be able to swim to the deepest oceans with you, someone who's willing to spend walks on the beach for your shell collection, someone who toasts your marshmallows for the beach front bonfire. You both love the water and enjoy it even if it's raining (and you don't have umbrellas) or just a random splash party with a regular garden hose. You deserve to be happy and taken cared of.

    So I hope you find that one person to make you complete.

    Or like me, enjoy the day with people you love.Best time Everytime.

    Love lots,

  17. I think it would be perfect and the love ❤️ is truly and not just one minute love is you get to know a little boy in your very young age and both of us plays with each other. And during valentine day, both of us get to know each other at a places and you start to know each other very well but you have forgot who are him. And one day you look at your old album with him together and realise ohhh! Thats the boy that you have know since young!

  18. Dear Althea's Mermaid, Syd:

    Love is eternity. As for me and my partner, everyday is Valentine's Day!! Feel love,respect and appreciate each other everyday will keep a happiness life. Everyday is a priceless valuable day to spend with our love ones.

    So, do cheer up. Love is hope, love is in the air. I am sure you also have your love ones. Instead of dating my partner this Valentine's day, why dont i date u that day?

    You are cordially invited to swim near the shore along The Golden Mermaid Statue Songkhla. Theres a lot of big rocks for u to rest. Its a Thailand tourist spot. I am very sure a lot of tourist would be delighted to see u there! Please show and share us how Son & Park Beauty Water and one Rire's Lucent White Pearl Cream works on your skin. I am very sure you will definately have a great wonderful and unforgettable date there!!

    Trust me. You will feel proud attending my date!

  19. Don't worry, Dear Mermaid! I'm here to help! Looking for someone who will make you fishtail wiggle? All you need is a merman who is not only interested in how your shell-brushed hair looks or what color your fishtail is. You need someone who will like you for your personality or attitude. A guy who yearns for a deep understanding of you, one that is as deep as the ocean. A date will only be successful if you and Mr. Merman are on the same page and are as synchronized as the waves of the ocean.
    The best date for me includes doing something you like together. If you both you love nature, perhaps, a trip among the seaweeds and the cliff tops will surely make the date enjoyable. If you both love science, perhaps supper at the caverns with a view of the glowing stalactites and stalagmites will make your tails wiggle with excitement. In the end, what matters is that you pick a merman who respects you and adores you no matter how you look because the foundation of a relationship is trust, which cannot exist if your mermaid cannot respect you.

  20. the ideal man for mermaid would be someone whose eyes lit up whenever she is around him, someone who will gives her a cheeky lopsided grin regardless its a sunny bright day or a stormy ocean night, someone with a warm genuine heart who loves her unconditionally ,irrevocably , making each day spend with her to be a sweet valentines day. A great date would be a date that you and him travel to a place known as mirror in the sky where the sky gets reflected onto the sea during low tide, and ending the day with a boat row in a lovely lotus pond

  21. A guy with a good and kind heart of course, kahit hindi pogi basta cute :D :)
    A perfect date? Both of you will enjoy a picnic date at a beach shore, habang pa- takipsilim. Isn't that sweet? <3 no expensive things just the two of you sharing sweet moments.

    Happy Hearts day Althea Land!
    xoxo, DyemDS

  22. Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it take someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes. Good-looking guy, rich car&house, perfect from toe-to-head,he was nothing if he can't give you his TIME. Find someone that can spend his TIME,creating wonderful memories with you. Visual&money is a BONUS.

    Make kimchi, cooking together, wash dishes&have a late night coffee talk. Do something different in your Valentine Day. Why do we need an expensive candle light dinner if you can get "expensive" precious time, long-lasting wonderful memories with your love one. Beauty attract your eyes, personality captures your heart.

    Sincerely with love,
    Z.H a.k.a Patrick from Bikini Bottom

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Before, I dated a guy for three years and I thought cupid was so good to me for letting him into my life. Then, after those 3 years, we broke up.

    But no worries, I already have my perfectly imperfect guy whom I will share the rest of my life with. So to share you some tips on what to look for in a date, you must remember:

    1. Look for someone who goes along with you. You can express yourself a lot easier when you get along well. It's better if you have common interests so there's something you can talk about.

    2. Opposite attracts. According to my personal experience, having a guy with the opposite character will make you grow as a person. For example, if you're not good with interacting with other people, your guy should as much as possible be the opposite. So with his help, you can learn how to interact with other people.

    3. Lastly, always remember to be yourself. Do not try to become a mermaid that you're not just to impress your guy or your date. It's way easier to fall inlove with someone who's true to herself. And if that someone fell inlove with you because of your personality, there's no way he will look for another mermaid.

    Goodluck to your Valentines, Mermaid! I hope you find your perfect date!

  25. It's simply for me, Althea Mermaid! Whoever you are, human or mermaids, it's best to dating with your inner circle. Bestfriend, old friends, boy next door, or let's say Mermaid guys around you.
    Yes it's nice to imagine dating with your Prince, Goblin aka Gong Yoo, Grim Reaper aka Lee Dong Wook.
    But on how someone understand your past, your dreams, your scars, your fears, your hobby (playing with make up and such), your point of view, is how to get deep in love.
    Yes it's cool to dating with your idol. But, To accept you as who you are is none other than your inner circle.
    Ps. Been there before. I'm dating my best buddies now. 😂
    Hope you find your perfect imperfect match, Althea Mermaid!
    ms. PUFF aka Aliah Sufita Muntasya

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I would reccomend you this sweet guy, Seo In Guk. Why I choose him? Because he is the sweetest and romantic man in this world. I'm sure that he can makes you always smile and laugh, he will never makes you dissapointed or cry. He will be the sweet and romantic man in your life! It doesn't need a rich man to makes you always happy. It just need a man who can protect you, a man who can gives his time for you, a man who can understands you feeling, a man who can always be there when you are sad and not feeling well, I think that's a real man! Because LOVE is about the FEELING not about the money. Umhh if Seo In Guk not your type, dont worry because you can choose your own man, but choose a good man not a bad man, because his habbit can makes you to be a bad girl too. And if you want to celebrate your valentine day, I reccomend you to choose the place that can makes you comfortable to celebrate your valentine day with your man. 
    I hope you can read this post dear Mermaid!
    That's it, Annyeong~
    With love♥,
    Hanan Salsabila Ruvianti

  28. พาไปเดทที่วัดค่ะ ได้บุญ อุ่นใจ
    แถมมีความสุขด้วย เขาคงประทับใจไปอีกนาน~

  29. Hi Althea Mermaid!
    I believe the perfect ideal man for you is someone who is willing to be with you through thick or thin. Whether a human or a fellow merman, he should be someone who will be beside you, even if you throw tantrums, doesn't have make up on, feeling lazy, feeling ugly etc. The perfect ideal man (or merman!) doesn't have to be perfect but as long as both of you are willing to compromise with each other.
    Imagine being in a date with him, in a beach gazing the sunset and sunrise together. It will be the most romantic thing. But you see, whether you guys are out on a date in beautiful places, or you guys are just on the plain diner, as long as both of you enjoys each other company it will be an exciting and ideal date.
    Isn't romantic just being with someone you love anywhere?

  30. Dear Mermaid,

    No worries, Im here to help you out the find the perfect idea of a man and a great date :)

    First of the, the perfect man to be your date must be the one that you truly love. Cant go for a date with some random guy that you dont know right? At the moment, dont rush yourself to find some random guy for the sake of Valentines Day.

    If you havent met the true love of yours, go for a date with your father, King Triton. No one will love you as much as your father. He treat you as his princess. He love you more than any other random guy in the ocean. He is your Valentine from the day you born. There is a Chinese Saying that daughter is the father's past valentine.

    Why not spend a great date with your father, to thank him and appreciate him for what he have done for you. Your Mr. Right will come one day when faith is here, no worries Mermaid :)

    The perfect date with King Triton will be swimming around the ocean, looking for pretty shells and sea creatures. Clearing the ocean and make the ocean safe and clean for all sea creatures to live in. Do something great and meaningful on Valentines Day <3

    Lets this Valentines Day is not only about couples. Lets make it a special Valentines Day where we can contribute to the society and do some good deeds to put a smile on people's face.

    Facebook : Carmen Leong ( )

  31. For a beautiful mermaid like you who loves water, has a beautiful voice and loves adventure. It is just right that you'll find a partner who has same and opposite interests as you. A man who is adventurous likes to explore the seas and islands, loves water activities. It would also be nice if he knows how to play an instrument so he can accomapany you when you sing, ang play good music together. Mermaid are known for their is nice if you could have a partner that is handsome BUT it is not that important. Finding a partner who loves you for who you are, respects you and loves you no matter what. That what love is all about Valentines day or not. As for opposites or is also good for you would to get to know each other better. And find out if you are really meant for each other.

  32. It would be best if someone like LeeMinHo to date with the Mermaid.It is the best to find someone who loves you more than himself, he cares you, he miss you, he protect you.

    What is the best to do in Valentine's Day? Just stay with your loved one, and the one who loved you instead of having an expensive candlelight dinner. It is best to stay at home and both of you made a puzzle with the photo printed of you and your boy.That would be a great memories when both of you finished the puzzle together in such a memorable day! ����

  33. Hello Althea's Mermaid! ;)

    Since you're a mermaid, just like Ariel in the Disney's "The Little Mermaid" a human Prince suits you! Just like Prince Eric that falls in love in a mermaid, accepts whatever she is and saves her life whatever it takes.

    With human Prince Eric version 2, you two will dance on your date night just like what on fairytales did and you two will fall in love each other til the end and have a happily ever after! So that you will have a date every Valentines, not just only that, but a date for a lifetime! <3

    Ooppsss don't forget!

    Since it's your favorite, use:
    Son & Park Beauty Water so that before your date night, you'll have a flawless skin and Rire's Lucent White Pearl Cream so that you will look radiant too! <3


    Susanne Topacio

  34. Before talk about best date, I hope Althea mermaid can meet a man who can make you laugh every single words, who can protect you from danger, who can smile at you and patiently hear your story, who can take your side everytime, who can make your day not tired anymore, who can be honest to you ,and who can be your best friends although you are in relationship with him. Okay so, I think the best date for Althea Mermaid aren't going out to somewhere, but date at home is perfect. Home is sweet, warm and cozy. It can make you feel really happy. For example, you make him orange juice, and suddenly he hug you from the back, watching film together in the living room together and eat popcorn, when he cooks you a food , and he smile at you everysingle activity he does. Or laying on bench or swing and read books together and watch the sky, eat ice cream together, singing along a song crazily , set a table on balcony or garden and make a candlelight dinner yourselves,cooking together and the last is lay on his shoulder and sleep :D it's so romantic and really suits for valentine's date

  35. First of all Althea mermaid, don't just focus on the good looks of a guy, find a guy with a heart and a lot of patience. Find a guy that will understand you no matter how crazy you're being. Find a guy that has a wonderful mind. A guy is so much better when you're learning from him. Find someone with a humor like no other, one that can make you laugh all day until you feel that you're young again. And of course, find a guy with dignity and true to his words. So that when the time comes that he'll promise not to leave you, you'll know that it's true making you trust him more. You can find someone like that anywhere but of course that kind of guy isn't easy to find, you'll need to look everywhere, it may be hard but I assure you that that kind of guy, that kind of guy, is more than worth it. 😋

  36. First of all Althea mermaid, don't just focus on the good looks of a guy, find a guy with a heart and a lot of patience. Find a guy that will understand you no matter how crazy you're being. Find a guy that has a wonderful mind. A guy is so much better when you're learning from him. Find someone with a humor like no other, one that can make you laugh all day until you feel that you're young again. And of course, find a guy with dignity and true to his words. So that when the time comes that he'll promise not to leave you, you'll know that it's true making you trust him more. You can find someone like that anywhere but of course that kind of guy isn't easy to find, you'll need to look everywhere, it may be hard but I assure you that that kind of guy, that kind of guy, is more than worth it. 😋

  37. Dear Althea mermaid,

    since I haven't found my date or a-man-whom-I'll-spend-my-valentines-with, we're having the same issue. :(


    But, we shouldn't be disappointed and give up so easily, right? We still have a full week to plan our valentines! :')

    I really did some research (well observation research :p) from my unsingle (LOL) friends who have had their valentines.
    In my opinion, a perfect love can't appear from nowhere suddenly without any effort. All we have to do is upgrading our self confidence and go for our dream man.
    Quoting from Buddhism sayings: What you think, you'll become,
    Look at the mirror and repeat this word: I am magnificent!

    Hope this will boost our confidence.

    For someone who will be your perfect valentines, I do believe that yourself know who exactly he is. I could introduce you some, but who knows maybe you have had someone in your mind? :D

    Come on, let's put on our makeup (Althea's really have lovely products and makeup) and spread our charm. And this holiday, we both will be having a perfect valentines with the one we surely destined for. :) <3

    Wish we will have our valentine! _/\_

    Note: Pssstt! If this trick really didn't work, let's make backup plan! My backup plan is going with my bestfriend (eventhough, I can't be sure because she has got herself a boyfriend) OR going with my sister and his boyfriend (in Indonesian I call my part is NYAMUK or MOSQUITO) LOL
    But it's better than spending that time by my self right?

    Well, I hope it works and if it really works, let's tell other single Altheans about this :))

    best regards,

  38. I will choose someone like Ryan Lochte because he is an Olympic medalist swimmer and since she is a mermaid, they will have that in common. For their date, they will have it on a huge yacht with an outdoor Jacuzzi so they can be submerged in the Jacuzzi with floating rose petals. They will dine on chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne while a string-quartet plays love songs in the background.

  39. This was this guy who lived in a city in the outer space. His space craft accidentally landed in Earth, in the beach which tales were told that its Mermaids home. He was so unfamiliar with the place. As he was walking in the sand. A mermaid came up, this mermaid have a special gift, one in a million kind of gift. The mermaid can transform her tails into feet just by saying a magic word.
    The mermaid approach the guy from the other planet. There was spark all over them, glitters flowing that sorrounds them. it was magic as the two met.
    He was a very handsome guy and the mermaid is a very beautiful lady. ❤❤
    They started to become friends with each other. as days passes by the guy from other planet has a very diffirent feeling. an emotion he didnt recognize. he doesnt know it was LOVE he was feeling. The mermaid felt the same way too. And they lived happily ever after.
    by the way. They go back and forth from Earth to the other planets. ❤❤❤

  40. As an Althea Mermaid, I can imagine you as beautiful as Jun Ji Hyun, so it's only right to get you a man that is as stunning as Lee Min Ho to make your love story as colorful as theirs in The Legend of the Blue Sea. Of course, you only deserve the best that can make your already colorful life more vibrant and lively! During your date, you can opt to dress in a stunning blue ensemble to represent your home which is the ocean, add some pearls as an elegant accessory, some light make-up that accentuates your features and wear your long hair to complete the look. My idea of a perfect date for you and your ideal man is to spend a quiet day at the beach while listening to the soft sounds produced by the waves touching the shore, have a light meal, and stargaze at night.

    May you find your love this Valentine's day, Althea's Mermaid! I will be rooting for you!

  41. I think mermaids needs a guy who will love them as what they are and who knows how to pamper them with Korean Skincare.Chocolate and roses didn't last long but skin pampering will last longer so in my opinion, guys who will give you a skin pampering treats are the perfect guys.And for me a romantic date for the mermaids are masking while holding hands near a lagoon cause it's relaxing, quiet,sweet plus treat to the skin.
    Happy Valentine's day Althea's mermaid hope you heed my advice 😉

  42. I heard some mermaids out there are bored of monotony of the deep blue sea! Alas, there is only so much seaweed and algae a mermaid can bear, even if she loves the ocean to bits. Luckily, the surface above offers a new adventure of our bored mermaid!

    And since our mermaid was blessed with a good set of head on her fair shoulders, she doesn't engage in any kind of nonsense like trading away her voice to the sea witch for a pair of legs. The sea witch was very much pleased receiving a stringful of the best black pearls around these parts anyway for an exchange and gladly grants her the ability to walk for a day.

    Upon beaching herself to the nearest stretch of white sand bar, our mermaid encounters a lonely man just like herself, who is surprised to see a lovely maiden appear out from nowhere and but rolls with it anyway like it is a normal everyday occurence.

    It wasn't love at first sight, these two darlings are too practical for that, but they click and decide to spend the day the mermaid has on the surface together.

    They stroll into the man's hometown and because it was incidently Valentines' day that particular day, they blend among the other couples out on a date. The man took her to his favorite spots in town and made her try his favorite foods, and all that while the man was falling in love with her apparent delight at the sight of things he already took for granted because he saw them everyday.

    The mermaid too was charmed by the man's kindness towards her but most of all she saw him as a kindred soul. She too, wanted to see the man's own expression of delight.

    Hours later, they headed back towards the beach to watch the sun slowly sink down into the horizon. He turns towards her and takes her hands into his own, telling her that he doesn't want this day to end, because after today the mermaid would lose her legs and go back to the ocean while he goes back to heart-numbing monotony of his above surface life.

    She smiles brightly as she tells him that it doesn't have to. The man, confused, prods her to explain herself. Apparently, the sea witch had been too happy with her gift of black pearls (the first present someone gave her!) that what she has granted the little mermaid an ability to walk as human indefinitely, although she has to go back to the sea after an interval of a day as the magic's limitation (so the ability can recharge). In addition to that, it also gives her the ability to grant someone living on the land to swim on a fish tail like the merpeople do, with the same limitations. But she has to fall in love with that person first. She asks him, would you like to see where I live?

    The man smiles brilliantly at her ingeniously phrased love confession and without hesitation agrees to come with her. And she falls deeper in love as finally the man gets that delighted spark in his eyes upon seeing what marine life has to offer.

    Their first kiss taste of the salt of the sea, their beautiful tails entwined. Much later on, they kissed again on the beach stretch when they first met. After that, who is still counting?

    Love is a compromise and the person you give a part of your heart to should give rightfully give theirs in return too. Likewise, when they give up a part of themselves you must also be ready to do the same. Only then can they have a happy ending.

    (i can't believe i wrote this send help i am dying of sap but i love fairytales to bits. i kind of want to change some things though. it was unfair for the mermaid to give up the world she had known to stay with the prince. thus this was born)

    1. To answer the question, the only man mermaid should give the time of her of day should be like-minded; they would get along better if they shared the same interests (they like sseing new sceneries, etc.), don't let pesky, petty things like tails and legs to hinder the relationship and most of all know how to compromise.

      - Millicent Joson

  43. Hye mermaid, this is ideas for your date��
    ��Let's surprise him with scented candles and flower petals at the entrance to welcome him.

    Candle light dinner is the most beautiful and romantic date for any loving couple. But you don’t always need to go out to a crowded restaurant in hopes of a romantic dinner. You can celebrate those blissful moments with your beau in the quaint solitude of your home itself��

  44. Since you're a mermaid, you'll have to date someone who lives in the sea, and I think I have the perfect man for you! This man is one of the most hard-working individual I know, passionate, incredibly empathetic, friendly, down-to-earth (literally), has a positive outlook on life, and most important, he's funny! You need to date a man who makes you laugh! I think you'll find his name familiar as he's popular with all the ladies. His name is Mr. Squarepants, Spongebob Squarepants. I think he's the perfect candidate for you 😉 A great date starts with food! In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a delicious homemade meal! Light a few candles and you'll have a super romantic date. After that, you can go on a walk together by the beach or at the jellyfish field, holding hands and maybe have some dessert and just talk about everything and anything, and ending the night lying down on the beach and star gazing, and eventually staring into each other's eyes 💏

    I hope you successfully find your other half, fellow mermaid!

  45. Dear Althea Mermaid... Don't be sad, I help you darling.... On Valentine's Day, you will be accompanied by a handsome man, gentle and kind. He is a man who always loved mermaids (you), he does not consider the difference between you, he knew only you and he lived happily ever after.
    On Valentine's Day, you will go out on the beach away from the crowds, with the light of thousands of candles, accompanied by a chocolate sweet as your story. He mengenggam your little hands, stroking your hair that fell, her eyes turned away from your face at all. Saati that you own and that you are ...
    Under the umbrella shades of pink, under the expanse of stars, you and him together in eternal love. Inseparable. Be happy beautiful mermaid ...: - *

  46. Since I'm so in love with the Disney movie Little Mermaid and the series The Legend of the Blue Sea, I'd pair either Prince Eric or Lee Min Ho's character with you. No Ursula in this pretty picture.

    A woman needs a man who is hardworking, compassionate, kind, sincere and faithful. A man who will be able to protect the love of his life.

    The date will be simple. A walk on the beach and dinner by the beach. The dinner will be held on a floating loft filled with petals of roses and a candle lit dinner. The food would be salad, steak and cheesecake.

    After this your Prince will ask you to dance, but instead of dancing on the loft you both jump to the water and dance there. You both go underneath the ocean and he suddenly gives you a glistening white pearl bracelet. After this you both go back to the floating loft and ride on the boat where there is a fire place and you both lay there as he kisses you on the forehead and says he loves you. ��

  47. Mermaids are known for their beauty and their golden voice. That is why many men are drawn to them.
    If I were to set a date with a mermaid, I would love her to date somebody who is loving, caring and strong. Who can defend her from anybody that would harm her. Someone who is fun spirited like mermaids that would take her into great adventures, places that she's never been before and do stuff that she's new to.
    It would also be nice if they have the same passion to dream, achieve goals and have the positivity in everyday life. A person who can stand by her, as well as her for him..who can laugh and cry thru ups and downs. Understanding and Respect is whats important in a new relationship or just even if you first is the very basic of how to get to now each other and be comfortable with each other, regardless of your ethnicity, age, gender etc.
    I hope this would be a great way to find and meet the mermaid's date or the love of his life.

  48. Melissa Naomi LegaraFebruary 8, 2017 at 8:24 AM

    I always love Mermaids, Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess and I was recently gone crazy over Legend of the Blue Sea. I always imagined myself being a mermaid.

    For me, a perfect mermaid date would be a romantic cruise date, because even I myself loves the ocean because it gives me serenity and happiness, it would be perfect with a candlelight dinner over the rooftop, with instrumental music and with fireworks on the sky. That's always the perfect date that I had been dreaming of, I want you Althea Mermaid to experience my dream.

  49. Pssssst Althea's Mermaid :) it would be perfect if Lee Min Ho is your date this coming Valentine's Day. You will like him, He is really sweet, loving and faithful! A stroll at the beach front with ice cream in your hand! And there will be a surprise dinner date exclusive for the two of you. Then a romantic movie, yes! Have fun and enjoy. I wish this will be read by Althea Santa and hopefully he does not only grant wish on skin care and make up wishes :) Its not possible because Lee Min Ho lives at South Korea right? Love love love

  50. Hii Althea Mermaid, don't be sad. I am here to recommend you a good man to accompany and being your couple on a valentine day :)

    I personally love a guy with good characters, of course appearance is important too, but, think too much about handsomeness is totally boring. I recommend you the one who can bring happiness in your life, a simple guy but can make your days special and treats you as an princess, a guy who never let you down, never leave you, and try so hard to make you happy and smile everyday. You need the one like Ryu Jun Yeol. People said that he's not handsome, but I swear he has good characteristics and that's more than enough. Even nothing to compare with good face but not romantic type of man.

    For place date, I always think how if we pretend like we live in 20 years ago. We don't need handphone, social media, or any kind of modern things like nowadays. Let's spend your valentine day with him in a house, you can cuddle, read books together, you can talk about everything and you will not disturbed by your phones' rings or vibrates. You can cook together, probably make cookies or pie since that is valentine day you need sweet things like chocholate and candy. You can spend your time in the afternoon to bike together or drink a cup of tea. It will be nice valentine day ever. I love those things in 1980s where is no modern technology but everything is fine. Even you become closer with the one you loves :) just pretend that. Hope you like my recommendatian :)

  51. Hi, Althea's Mermaid!

    I'm a mermaid too, and I've been swimming alone in the lonely sea for a long time. I've always wished for someone who will come and show me a world above the waters and just love me for me. And I'm thankful that I found him. So from one mermaid to another, I wish the same for you. :)

    You deserve a man (or a merman) that would swim across the whole wide ocean for you. Someone who will connect with you and who will understand you and the depths of your soul. Someone who has deep appreciation for who you really are and for all the things (physically, emotionally and mentally) that make you, you. Your ideal guy will brave dangerous waters just so he can prove how much he loves you.

    For your Valentine's date, I suggest that you go exploring together. Start the day by going on an adventure in a ship's wreck, where you can find hidden treasures and just enjoy each other's company. Who knows? He might even find a nice gold trinket for your collection ;) Then afterwards, both of you can go dancing just beneath the water's surface. The sun's reflection makes the perfect lighting for a slow dance, and different schools of fish surrounding you can be a cute background. Finally, both of you can rise to the surface and swim to the shore where you can both watch the most perfect sunset. Imagine just the two of you, sitting side by side on the shore with small waves crashing beneath your tailfins, while watching a romatic sunset.

    All of these, I wish for you. Don't worry, you'll find him. And whatever you do together won't matter. As long as you have love, any time together will be the best date ever. <3 Good luck!

  52. Hi Althea Mermaid!

    I know how beautiful the ocean is. It's majestic blue water, the smell of refreshing air and marvelous sea creatures. But how about trying different scenery this time huh?

    Yes, a special getaway for valentines date. Try a different world like going to mountain for hiking and sightseeing. Or any place where you can have fun and adventure and have new experiences.

    Valentine's day is a special day to show the feeling of affection, love and friendship. Just like every girl in land deserves, a nice guy with good personality, sweet, funny, caring, have deep eyes and kissable lips is what I wish you for a date.

    But whatever the qualities of a man you prefer; it is still best to be with someone you can be at your true self, someone you can easily talk to, share your ideas and accept your weaknesses, and someone to try different adventures with, learn new things together and not afraid to be little crazy sometimes!

    But before anything else. Don't forget to pamper yourself. No worries, with the help of different products you can shop, Althea will gladly assist you. With or without date this Valentine's Day, be beautiful and confident as always.

    Happy Valentines,

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. LEE MIN-HO! Been dreaming of him and me as the mermaid.. hahaha... but since you are an authentic mermaid, i'm quite sure you will be a fantastic couple.
    It will be nice if you wear your legs this heart's day and enjoy Paris, the City of Love and Romance. Go to the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the scenery, twinkling lights, and being with the man you love. After that have a romantic dinner enjoying French food and wine.

    Let's find Lee Min-Ho and make it a reality! ❤

  55. Dear Mermaid,

    On the pink shores of Great Sta Cruz Island,
    Destiny awaits.
    A man with a purpose
    In his gestures and gait.

    You no longer remember
    But you met once before.
    He fell from a ship
    And you took him to shore.

    You left him with neither
    A scale less a name.
    He could not forget you
    In his heart burned a flame.

    He continues to pine for the
    Endless pools in your eyes
    The cerulean shades
    Of your hair like the skies

    Day by endless day,
    He looks to the seas.
    Hoping, wishing, saying
    "Dear Mermaid, return to me..."

    Wonderful, mysterious,
    lady from the water...
    The search is over,
    You need not look further!

    Be brave, take the plunge,
    Flip that fin, to the shores
    Love is a battlefield
    Catch it! Make it yours!

    On the pink shores of Great Sta Cruz Island,
    He will wait.
    On February 14,
    Your Valentines date. ❤️

    -- Amour

  56. A mermaid found a swimming lad
    picked him for her own
    pressed her body to his body
    laughed and plunging down
    forgot in cruel happiness
    that even lovers drown

    Litter mermaid hope you dream happen, bless with your Prince

    By Ariel Hii

  57. Hei i heard that you need a partner so here are some suggestions for you to make your valentine days unforgettable:
    first you need to doll up yourself and my suggestion is that you need to take care your skin in the first place get some masks and enjoy your day by making a bucket list of what you gonna do in a date but in case you don't find a man to accompany your day, make a bucket list of what you gonna do in your free time as a back up plan, well as you know time is money so make sure to make your time useful.
    second, choose your outfit this is your day so yeah.... wear your most beautiful necklaces,airing etc then the last thing that you need to do is take a short vocation near your area you never know who's going to be your partner perhaps your man is your close friend who always have an eye on you but you didn't notice it. If it doesn't work either please call me I'll be glad to be your partner we can talk about a lot of girls' stuff and do your free time bucket list together, have a nice day ^^

  58. Dear lonely Mermaid,
    Roses & chocolate are not the only things to expect on Valentines. A good man will come along and sweep u off faster than an undercurrent.

    Remember to keep your hair flowy & tangle free to prevent ouchies when he runs his fingers in ur hair. Keep your make up on point and lipstick smudge free, & best of all, a beautiful smile will bring any merman ur way.

    Your perfect date will b the merman version of Demigod Maui from Moana. He's strong, a bit stubborn but a caring man, and life will be a full-blown adventure for u both.

  59. Hi Mermaid Shim cheong !

    I will say it would be HEo joon jae or the Goblin date them. Because Flowers and Chocolates are typical things that you can give to someone that you love, like or have an affection with. Even someone without sincere love can give you these stuffs.
    It would be better to find your own Heo joon jae or Goblin hehe to keep your heart from beating and avoid it from freezing.Someone that will love you no matter what or who you are, no matter how long it takes. No matter how far it will go , Someone who can protect and fight for you, Someone that can truly wait for you without asking in return, Because a person that truly loves you and deserves you will see you as his everything because you're always worth it. SOMEONE LIKE HEO JOON JAE OR GOBLIN they can wait and protect their lover hehe. Goblin is an immortal he choose to live because of her, he waits for more than how many years just to see his bride. Heo Jon jae is a con artist but he will never have the guts to fool you. haha

    -Mermaid Sim Cheong <3 Kinain ng Kdrama haha

  60. Dear Syd and all Althea Mermaid,

    The answer to your heart longing is only one, Merman!
    I have one recommendation for you, Ian the merman on Sirens Lament by instantmiso.
    He is super hot as a merman. tanned and strong <3.

    But if you prefer a real character in life, I suggest Edward Avilla.
    Eddie is a YouTuber on Korean beauty and make up.
    He is soooo pretty and he can even do your make up!
    He could be our Althea Merman...
    You should consider them, it is indeed a hard choice.

    Hopefully you find your Merman Charming this Valentine's Day

    Bunch of love,


  61. Dear Mermaid,

    You will not spent your Valentines Day alone, I guess the best date is when you are with someone you really really like, or if there's no one.. go to one island and possible you can meet someone out there, someone who can accept you for who are, someone who have a good heart, treat you like a queen, respect you, cherish you and making you feel beautiful. Make sure before February 14, to pamper your self, use our favorite skin care and make up from althea, Definitely He might fall for you. not only because you are beautiful. because you have a good heart. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm sure it’s going to be worth it. Happy hearts day Mermaid! ��


    Leslie Anne C.

  62. Hey Althea Mermaid! don't you worry,
    Your cupid is here, to teach you two and three,
    To meet the right one, who will make you happy,
    And to avoid the wrong ones, I know they're scary.

    Starting with the heart, it should be good,
    Not only to you, but also to the ocean-hood,
    Bad boys are fun, but they'll take you to the backwoods,
    Your parents won't approve that, you understood?

    Beautiful fin is optional, six packs is a plus,
    But if you prefer those then, I can adjust,
    What's important though, is someone you can trust,
    Who wants you because he loves you, not for his lust.

    Prince Eric is gorgeous, unfortunately he is taken,
    How about Kim Jong Kook, I mean look at his biceps thicken,
    I'll give you another option, the western man Ryan Gosling,
    I am sure by now, your butterflies are tickling.

    Just say the name, I've prepared my dart,
    I've pulled the trigger, aiming at the hearts,
    This is a one time chance, so be wise and smart,
    To be with the merman of your dreams, your full time bodyguard.

    Now dress up good, glitter up your tail,
    Put a lip tint on, you don't want to look pale,
    Let's plan a great date, I won't let this be a fail,
    Come I'll show you, hop on the whale!

    This is the theme park, that you've been avoiding,
    Honey don't be scared, it's just the adrenaline,
    You both will have great laughs, foods and bonding,
    He'll protect you there, so stop that frowning.

    Riding can be tiring, now let's swim about,
    Go watch a movie with him, when the sun is out,
    He will hold your hand in the dark, there's no doubt,
    You will get very excited, be careful not to shout!

    What's better to end the day, than a candle light dinner?
    They have the best environment here, and their seaweeds is a winner,
    This is the great moment, get to know each other,
    Talk about everything, and maybe about the future?

    Hope I've been a help, call me for anything,
    If he treats you bad, I'll make him fling,
    Good luck Althea Mermaid, there's your prince charming,
    May you get the best date, and a diamond ring!

  63. “My dream date would take place at a nice cabin on a lake, preferably around the mountains. It would be a private area, but a town would be in driving distance to go in for dinner, to see a local band, or to grab a latte. The fridge would be stocked, and the weekend would just be ours to spend as we see fit.”
    Who says guys don’t appreciate quality time? Your guy might very well be wishing that the two of you could go someplace quiet and escape from the world for a little while. A weekend getaway might be a splurge, but you could also opt for something local, and make it a day trip. Look into Airbnb rentals that you can make your home base for the day, or scout out a quiet spot nearby for the two of you to while away the hours—a corner of a local park or nearby mountain would be an ideal spot for a long and lazy picnic... happy valentine

  64. hi mermaid syd! i think you are fab just the way you are! and i think song joong ki is the ideal guy for you! he like innocent looking, pretty while still eating, and sensible and wise girls. just like you! your ideal date would be in jeju island admiring the beauty of the scene, and enjoying champagne and caviar and luxurious sea food. to prepare there is the mermaid box to give the radiant and captivating look he will fall for. good luck!

  65. Hello Mermaid!

    For me, an ideal partner would be someone that would complement me as a whole person, someone who would encourage you to continue to love and support what you want, someone who would not hinder your growth as a person and someone who won't let you lose your own identity. Gender, race, ethnicity, age or other factors will not matter to somebody that is perfect for you because love wins.

    As for the perfect date this valentine, I would recommend something new that you want to try with your significant other, like for example riding a hot air balloon. This would be a great experience for you dear mermaid for it will allow you to reach a place you have never went before and see things you might never seen before. And to cap the night,a candelight dinner will always be magical end to your sweet night.

    Always be yourself and everything will work out alright. :)

  66. If i will set up a date with a mermaid i would definitely choose lee min ho since he already dated a mermaid, (well on a tv show) kidding a side who doesnt love lee min ho? Who wouldnt date lee min ho? I mean almost every girl would dreamt about him, plus the fact that He is sweet, caring and handsome any girls or even mermaid would loved to date him he is a total hottie and of course he is a boyfriend type material. If i were her i would choose lee min ho because of the fact that he is sweet , gentleman and i think he would take you to places youve never been before. He would treat you like a girl and every women will envy you si pick lee min ho

  67. Sure it would nice to find the perfect man and the perfect date this valentine season but for me, the best thing in the world is to be able to FIND YOURSELF first. Self love is very important. Being able to hold another's hand is nice on a movie date, to sleep on a couch on someone else's shoulders during a bus ride home, to have someone wipe your mouth on a restaurant date, to have a guy bring you food when having midnight cravings, but nothing ever beats the feeling and satisfaction to be able to love every bit of yourself the same way the Almighty does. Don't get me wrong I have a boyfriend right now and he loves me the way I always wanted after several failed relationships before. To find the "perfect" guy out there (even thought nobody's perfect) be the best version of yourself and believe me, meeting that "perfect man" that will love you the same way you love yourself will be the best thing that will every happen to you. Not just this coming Valentines day, but for the rest of your life. <3

    So while waiting for the perfect man my favorite mermaid, go on happy dates with YOURSELF. ;) Watch funny movies, laughing with your heart's content without caring what other couples thinking beside you. Eat in restaurants with your friends, enjoy every second with them because someday too will find their own love same as you. ;) Watch the sunset and realize how blessed you are to have two perfectly working eyes to be able to appreciate and adore the beauty the Almighty have given us, and of course go travel! As a cliche line goes, LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH! Enjoy being single and let the love of your life come and find you. It will be the best love story ever written out there, and the best part is... it's YOURS. ^__^ <3

  68. [A]s a beautiful mermaid,
    [L]et yourself to be you.
    [T]his is the best way to impress your man.
    [H]aving good personality is the most important for a man,
    [E]specially a kind hearted and caring man.
    [A]s long as you love him, any obstacle can be overcome together

  69. Dear mermaid.

    I hope it a good advice to you.
    Honey, as a married woman, i know finding true love is not easy.
    Don't be such in hurry, take your time. Go somewhere, socialize, maka lots of friends. Because, most of the true love starting from a thing call friendship.
    Enjoy the journey, dear.
    Once again, don't such in hurry because all the mermaid around you already had a date. It's a date. Not means it will become your true love.

    That's all dear. I know i can't give you a specific name of handsome and awsome guys for you to have a date. But, i hope my advice can make you not to worry anymore about not having any date for Valentine, but can make you try to find your true love.

    And tell me if you find one.
    All best wishes for your, dear.


  70. Dear Althea Mermaid,

    We can't rush love. We don't 'FIND' love. We WAIT!

    Untangling seaweed is difficult. Untangling red strings may be too! There are billions of tails and billions of red strings tangled. Love untangles these strings carefully and we can never rush love with it's work. Patience, swim deeper into yourself and find it.

    For now, as love works, wait and collect memories. Swim deeper oceans, fight stronger currents, explore new islands, and see more sunsets! If you feel lonely, look at your pinky, imagine that red string which love is currently working on, Listen to the quietness of the stars, they sparkle as they tell you secrets, Feel the cool breeze, let it wrap around your body, it has traveled far and wide, it has seen the other end of your red string. For now, patiently wait.

    If you happen to meet your mate, the sun will tell you. Look closely, you might find the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. Lastly, the perfect place is home. Home is where your hearts are; together.

    Dear Althea Mermaid,
    We don't run out of Valentine's Day nor is LOVE limited to the 14th of February. Everyday is Hearts Day, society just doesn't acknowledge it. Finding love after Valentine's Day isn't bad nor sad rather than finding love for the sake of having a date on a one day Valentine's Day.

    Also, If the red string untangles and you're together, let love not have a reason, but let love be the reason for loving! Love isn't about what the person looks like, what he has nor what he is. Love is love, let that be the only reason for loving.

    Have fun waiting! Ironic, but please do!

    -- I may not have the best advice, but I have given you a bit of information I know about what LOVE is.

  71. Dear mermaid,

    I have boyfriend and I can say that it is hard to find a good man with 'full package'. Hahah what I mean with 'full package' is good looking, funny,very very kind but at the same time he's very fierce and correct me if I do something wrong. Well, but for me, let choose a man who does not look at us with our appearance (pretty, beauty, etc.) So that even if we are ugly, they will still love us. My boyfriend that I know since 2012 is from virtual game. He doesnt know at first what I look like. Then i gave him my picture with my smiling without showing my teeth. And then, he ask to meet me and I said I dont want and I didnt tell him the reason. Of course the main reason os I dont meet stranger from virtual world. But second reason is that my teeth is very in bad condition since I was 9 years old. My front teeth is yellowish colour and decay. So I'm too shy to meet him. But at the same time I feel guilty so I tell him the truth about my teeth (actually I'm afraid he will leave me) and I don't care about what will happen. And then! When I told him, he said 'That's okay my dear, I don't mind if youre ugly or whatsoever, you're still pretty and cute' hahaha that time I feel like I'm only lucky woman on earth! Till now we're still couple and my teeth is finally white. I'm so grateful. So, if you want to find a man, look at his heart, know him first before you make a decision to be with hm.

  72. Hi Mermaid Syd,
    If I have given a chance to ask Fairy Godmother a wish, it would be for you to have a pair of legs and feet for just one day. I would like you to be as lovely as always for that day. And hoping that you can find your dream man.
    For me, there is no perfect man. He will be perfect if the two of you fits each other. Be his friend first. Know each other. Someone who is God-fearing, thoughtful, down to earth, sensitive understanding and funny. He may not be as handsome like some artists. Someone who is clean and neat. For your perfect date, I suggest the two of you will take a bike around the island. After that dine at one of the resto on top of the hills. So you can see the view. While eating, tell him who you really are. And I hope, he will continue to his friend. And later on, be in love to each other. No hurry. No rush. It will be your destiny. He will come and love you, if he is really destined to you. Happy Valentines Day Mermaid Syd and to Altheland.
    Love lots, Monaliza Valencia

  73. The ideal man for a perfect date is Nam Jooh Hyuk! He's sweet, charming, tall(can protect you), manly and looks just like a prince. Although he is not a merman but he is a really good swimmer. Then the date will be a simple one. He will treat you a lot of yummy fish cakes, have a nice conversation with him at the park under the stars, and the most important part is when he walks you home. Even though it's just a simple date, being together is everything. Everyday is special when you are with him ❤

  74. Hugged by the water
    Kissed by the breeze
    Love no one is what i believe,
    Only to find
    Those words on the shore
    Swept by the waves
    From his love I fall

    Candle and lights
    Night and sky
    Stories to tell
    Will i do well?
    Is this a date
    Wait, Am I late?
    "No Fish cake
    But I'll still wait "

    Blonde I never knew
    my eyes will be glued,
    Sun kissed tan
    Leaves me perfectly done,
    Eyes that shines
    Like pearls so fine,
    A siren with flowers
    No I won't mind.

    With that smile that grow
    Made me fluster and glow,
    You reached my hand
    Intwined with yours,
    Sweet Gentle kiss
    Placed Upon my lips.
    Never once I felt my cheeks
    Only once, today it is.

    Sway with the current
    On the ocean we're free,
    Dance with its rythm 
    with no steps to trim,
    Jelly lights below our fins
    Back and fort caressed by wind,
    Starfish peeks on us my love
    Like moonlight shines from up above.

    Never I thought fairies exist
    But tonight I will thank her with a kiss,
    Hope in light my dream came true
    My fairy gave me more than a clue.

    My dear siren
    Whose words spoken deep
    Tossed my worries
    'bout my love to give.
    Loved me though
    My flaws are bold
    Bound by cupids bow
    Pierced with love that grows.

    For I had told
    I am a Mermaid whose heart ONCE was cold.


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