AltheaTurns3 Fly Me to Korea Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans.

Wow, we still couldn't believe that Althea turned three last July! Time flew by quickly and we've been having so much fun with all of our fans over the years. If you've been with us from the start, you definitely have witnessed all of the changes that happened! If you are new, welcome to the family. πŸ’“To thank you for all of your support, we wanted to make the birthday celebration even more special this year thus, that's how #AltheaTurns3 Fly Me to Korea Contest came to be! Need a refresh your memory on what's the contest is all about? Read on here. Available prizes include:

Battle Of The Trendy Brands: Highlights

Ding ding! Gather around as we put two of our strong trendy contenders on the line! On the right, we have Chica-Y-Chico, a contemporary brand that’s always on the hunt for the hottest, most interesting products. And on the left, we have Skin & Lab, a solutions-based brands that uses a mix of R&D and good ingredients for a flawless complexion. Are you ready to rumble? here are a couple of our favorite highlights from the beauty battle!

Goodness On-The-Go! Just Go Go Masks

Can’t decide between a clay or a sheet mask? Why not have both? You’ll get the best of both worlds with the hottest new packs that have landed on Althea’s shores! Just Go Go’s Clay 2-Step Masks are our must-haves for this time of the year, especially since everyone’s packed their bags and gone travelling! Here’s the beauty breakdown on these convenient but powerful packets!

Today's The Clay! Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Clay Masks

Ah, the weekend is almost here! Have you pampered your skin this week? If the answer is no, then girl, what are you doing?! No worries, Althea’s got you. Sure, we love sheet masks at Althealand, but sometimes your face just needs something that’ll declog and draw out those nasty impurities from your pores. Skin & Lab has two amazing clay masks from their Dr. Pore range that are designed to cleanse your skin from within, restoring vitality and health into your complexion! Here’s the beauty breakdown on both the Pink and Glacier clay masks!
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