What's Your Beauty Personality?

Defining a look and style for yourself, while it might be an extension of your personality, may sometimes be a challenging thing especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Althea’s Glam Squad has come up with a super fun quiz to finally get to the bottom of it all! Find out whether you fall into the cute, chic or glamorous category, and the best brand tailored to suit your personality look! Here's what it means below:
Cute is the name, and being adorable is your game! From little trinkets to accessories to your dressing style, you adore quirky, cutesy things that bring out your inner child. You bring out the best in everyone, and your closest friends and family always appreciate your childlike wonder. Your bubbly personality turns frowns into smiles with an added touch of positivity and happiness to those around you. W. Lab has adorably packaged products that come in a range of sweet colours to match your cute look!

Always armed with a pair of shades and a trendy bag, you're a fashionista with a flair for style and the confidence of a fashion magazine editor! Always effortlessly cool, you can put together an amazing outfit even with your eyes closed! You're big on spending time with close people whom you feel most comfortable with to ensure a good time every time, but you can also turn on your social switch when you need to be outgoing. We love 7hara for some bold products that give you a clean, sharp look to bring out your chic side.

You're the girl people notice when you step into a room, and they're all enchanted with your charming personality and smile. With a taste for the finer things in life, you love being the life of the party and you're always down for a good time out! Sparkles, glitter and all things shiny call your name, and you can't say no to an exquisite piece of jewelry or a delicious glass of champagne. While you love being the life of the party, you know and love those whom you can count on at all times. Check out Witch's Pouch for some delectably glamorous products to bring out the sparkle in you!

Was it accurate? Let us know in the comments down below. Hope you found this as fun as we did!

Sydney & Venice
Althea’s Mermaid & Elf V

*Disclaimer: This quiz is meant to be a fun activity and pictures are only for illustrative purposes. Everyone is unique, so be yourself and don’t stop being awesome!
Written by Sydney, Illustrated by Elf V


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    1. Happy day! Hope you had fun, and have a magical day! <3

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    1. Ooh! They have some really great products. Make sure you check them out. Hope you had fun, and have a magical day! <3

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    1. Work it, Fashionista! Hope you had fun, and have a magical day! <3

  4. I'm cute! *blush*

    1. Adorable! Hope you had fun, and have a magical day! <3

  5. I Got "7Hara CHIC"


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