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Nightmare on Althea's Street is over and we hope all of our fans had plenty of fun with the activities we prepared for you in October. We did four different contests for Halloween, and now it's time to announce the lucky winners. We love reading your creatives answers (as usual), and it was hard to pick our favourite too. 

Contest 1: Guess What Althea's Witch is Brewing?

Malaysia (RM30)
Humaira Amir Anam
Atiqah Maleq
Ong Shiou Ling
Vivian Vong
Fei Ken Ng
Khor Jingyin
Tan Yen Lin
Eilyn Tan

Singapore (SGD10)
Fayth Zheng
Geraldine Muixy
Sheryl Lau
Angelia Lim
Boon Shuang Tan
Sim Hui Ee
Li Ting Crayon
Brenda Lee
Jas Low
Ch'ng Shin Ying

Philippines (300PHP)
Hera Jung
Kimberly Belbes
Lexana Prior
Rhee Mills
Ellaine Ruth Reyes-Uy Wan
Ianna J. L. Pedrosa
Glennette Book
Hannah Dela Cruz
Lea V Bandola
Syrryl Arandez

Indonesia (Rp.100,000)
Indi Sobaha
Yemima Lourent
Cyutie Loverz
Vanisa Desfriani
Adel Cudlle
Irene Siauw
Desyana Drew Marcelia
Lina Permata S W
Rahmah Ilhami

Thailand (250THB)
Orcrist Alva
Nonpun Maruttanon
Khunchom Sopa
Nook Nuttanicha
Patchanee Noysopa
Namfon Sitthonglang
N'Ning Tananya
Jeepps Thita
Orachorn Javangkul
Kanthaporn Eve Spideryves อ่

Contest 2: Which BellaMonster Do You Like?

Malaysia (RM30)
Lam Lam Liong
Su En
Glynn Choo
Selvanayagi Monish
Saiyidatul Athirah
Doris Tan
Liyun Ng
Chin Ling
Kimberley Ngu
Wendy Tan Chieu Yen

Singapore (SGD10)
Ng Ai Hua
ShuNing Lahh
Kai Leng
Bernie Lee
Pinkett Teo
Lizhen 丽真
Lynette Louie
Naphennia NA
Siti Aisyah
Anna Yor

Philippines (300PHP)
Monica Rosario-Rostata
Mariliz Erandio Mondragon
Maria Andreah Deniece Guerrero
Maemae Tiu
Angela Pablo
Rio Vallery
Aya Mariel
Lara Espinosa
Libby Anne Delos Reyes
Sherryl Joy Soriano

Indonesia (Rp.100,000)
Mahesa Juwita
Lisa Ong
Elfira Ho
Pradipta Puteri Paramastri
Keekee Tan
Natasha Laurensia
Happy Harvianty Utami
Laras Senja Octavina
Jeanne Theresia Kurniawan
Sinta Nur Zafirah

Thailand (250THB)
วันวิสาข์ โพธิราช
Beau Emprasit
Sujintra Raengkhetkan
Pattanun Tejasen
Aui Bellalista
Pukpik Visuttisawat
Eve Fee
Muai'z Plasma
Poope Soosa
Nattanid Sanghitkul

Contest 3: Battle of Animal Masks!

Malaysia (RM30)
Abbie Kuek
Julia Lim
Agnes Yien
Jamine Goh
Rebecca Teo
Rinna Maulan
Christine Huang
Chin Lee Yoon
Adeena Mazwa
May Ooi

Singapore (SGD10)
Love Riel
Breena Lee
Teukkie Duck

Philippines (300PHP)
Faith Rescober
Jo Kim
Eippet Saveuc
Janella Loreen Vasquez Lago
Ayana Zane Sata
Diana Jean Abuda I
Brigit Lyn Pacis
Muning Kuting
Krizia Capanzana
Jan Sison

Indonesia (Rp.100,000)
Sheryl Lemuel Winata
Shinta Dwi Asmarani
Hannah Toruan
Nova Hassan
Lia Sari
Brigitta Bukan Brigittiuw
Floria Leona Partty
Momiji Aya
Irene Riska
Cindy Geniola

Contest 4: Trick or Treat with Count Dracula.

Malaysia (RM30)
Gee Anne
Meimay Cyn
Sharmine Agashi Kueh
Laura Tan
Hayley Maris
Tan Hue Kye II
Star Sin Sin
Samantha Maman
Mavis Lee
JessicaPei Soo

Singapore (SGD10)
Ng Shu Rong
Melvyn Chua
Queenie Leung

Philippines (300PHP)
Rochelle Alejandro
 Jessa L Copia
Normie Flores Degones
Sherwin Elaine Esguerra Hilario
Jacqueline Steffannie Tan-Uy
Megz Abuan Farol
Jewel Ann Apsay
Snooky C. Sy
Lidelle Diaz de Lima
Reina Llorente

Indonesia (Rp.100,000)
Angela Ang
Sheena Dominique
Riana Reva Aprilianti
Daniar Estu Widiyanti
Thea Marcelina
Nurwalia Mushandri Prihandini
SryDoll Sriyana
Emi Afrilia
Sheena Dominique
Eli Elizabeth 

Congratulations for the lucky Altheans! If you are one of the winners, kindly PM us your details (Name, Contact Number, Althea Login Email ID, Contest Name) through Althea Facebook page based on your respective country by 24th November 2016. Please note that any late submission passed the deadline will not be entertained and your winning prize will be void. Crediting will be done by the end of November and you may check your account tab (My Reward) on 1st December to verify this.

Althea Malaysia
Althea Singapore
Althea Philippines
Althea Indonesia
Althea Thailand

For those who didn't win, don't be sad! Althea's Pixies are currently preparing more activities for the magical month of December (pssttt..Christmas is coming!!) on our Facebook pages so make sure to try your luck again. Stay tuned!

P/S: Your points doesn't last forever. Make sure to use it before it expires!

Althea's Pixie

*Judges decisions are final. Credits cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another account.


  1. Thank you Althea! You brightened up my day even though it's raining over here. Althea will always be my choice💕


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