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Hey Altheans! You guys were amazing and gave some really creative and amazing answers! I totally felt all the love. <3 Thanks for participating, and we can't wait to give away some goodies. ;) Here are the winners and their entries for the "Find Mermaid A Date" contest:

  • Millicent - I heard some mermaids out there are bored of monotony of the deep blue sea! Alas, there is only so much seaweed and algae a mermaid can bear, even if she loves the ocean to bits. Luckily, the surface above offers a new adventure of our bored mermaid!

    And since our mermaid was blessed with a good set of head on her fair shoulders, she doesn't engage in any kind of nonsense like trading away her voice to the sea witch for a pair of legs. The sea witch was very much pleased receiving a stringful of the best black pearls around these parts anyway for an exchange and gladly grants her the ability to walk for a day.

    Upon beaching herself to the nearest stretch of white sand bar, our mermaid encounters a lonely man just like herself, who is surprised to see a lovely maiden appear out from nowhere and but rolls with it anyway like it is a normal everyday occurrence.

    It wasn't love at first sight, these two darlings are too practical for that, but they click and decide to spend the day the mermaid has on the surface together.

    They stroll into the man's hometown and because it was incidentally Valentines' day that particular day, they blend among the other couples out on a date. The man took her to his favorite spots in town and made her try his favorite foods, and all that while the man was falling in love with her apparent delight at the sight of things he already took for granted because he saw them everyday.

    The mermaid too was charmed by the man's kindness towards her but most of all she saw him as a kindred soul. She too, wanted to see the man's own expression of delight.

    Hours later, they headed back towards the beach to watch the sun slowly sink down into the horizon. He turns towards her and takes her hands into his own, telling her that he doesn't want this day to end, because after today the mermaid would lose her legs and go back to the ocean while he goes back to heart-numbing monotony of his above surface life.

    She smiles brightly as she tells him that it doesn't have to. The man, confused, prods her to explain herself. Apparently, the sea witch had been too happy with her gift of black pearls (the first present someone gave her!) that what she has granted the little mermaid an ability to walk as human indefinitely, although she has to go back to the sea after an interval of a day as the magic's limitation (so the ability can recharge). In addition to that, it also gives her the ability to grant someone living on the land to swim on a fish tail like the merpeople do, with the same limitations. But she has to fall in love with that person first. She asks him, would you like to see where I live?

    The man smiles brilliantly at her ingeniously phrased love confession and without hesitation agrees to come with her. And she falls deeper in love as finally the man gets that delighted spark in his eyes upon seeing what marine life has to offer.

    Their first kiss taste of the salt of the sea, their beautiful tails entwined. Much later on, they kissed again on the beach stretch when they first met. After that, who is still counting?

    Love is a compromise and the person you give a part of your heart to should give rightfully give theirs in return too. Likewise, when they give up a part of themselves you must also be ready to do the same. Only then can they have a happy ending.

    To answer the question, the only man mermaid should give the time of her of day should be like-minded; they would get along better if they shared the same interests (they like seeing new sceneries, etc.), don't let pesky, petty things like tails and legs to hinder the relationship and most of all know how to compromise.

  • Iman Ridzuan - Hey Althea Mermaid! don't you worry,
    Your cupid is here, to teach you two and three,
    To meet the right one, who will make you happy,
    And to avoid the wrong ones, I know they're scary.

    Starting with the heart, it should be good,
    Not only to you, but also to the ocean-hood,
    Bad boys are fun, but they'll take you to the backwoods,
    Your parents won't approve that, you understood?

    Beautiful fin is optional, six packs is a plus,
    But if you prefer those then, I can adjust,
    What's important though, is someone you can trust,
    Who wants you because he loves you, not for his lust.

    Prince Eric is gorgeous, unfortunately he is taken,
    How about Kim Jong Kook, I mean look at his biceps thicken,
    I'll give you another option, the western man Ryan Gosling,
    I am sure by now, your butterflies are tickling.

    Just say the name, I've prepared my dart,
    I've pulled the trigger, aiming at the hearts,
    This is a one time chance, so be wise and smart,
    To be with the merman of your dreams, your full time bodyguard.

    Now dress up good, glitter up your tail,
    Put a lip tint on, you don't want to look pale,
    Let's plan a great date, I won't let this be a fail,
    Come I'll show you, hop on the whale!

    This is the theme park, that you've been avoiding,
    Honey don't be scared, it's just the adrenaline,
    You both will have great laughs, foods and bonding,
    He'll protect you there, so stop that frowning.

    Riding can be tiring, now let's swim about,
    Go watch a movie with him, when the sun is out,
    He will hold your hand in the dark, there's no doubt,
    You will get very excited, be careful not to shout!

    What's better to end the day, than a candle light dinner?
    They have the best environment here, and their seaweeds is a winner,
    This is the great moment, get to know each other,
    Talk about everything, and maybe about the future?

    Hope I've been a help, call me for anything,
    If he treats you bad, I'll make him fling,
    Good luck Althea Mermaid, there's your prince charming,
    May you get the best date, and a diamond ring!

  • Michelle Ong- Hugged by the water
    Kissed by the breeze
    Love no one is what i believe,
    Only to find
    Those words on the shore
    Swept by the waves
    From his love I fall

    Candle and lights
    Night and sky
    Stories to tell
    Will i do well?
    Is this a date
    Wait, Am I late?
    "No Fish cake
    But I'll still wait "

    Blonde I never knew
    my eyes will be glued,
    Sun kissed tan
    Leaves me perfectly done,
    Eyes that shines
    Like pearls so fine,
    A siren with flowers
    No I won't mind.

    With that smile that grow
    Made me fluster and glow,
    You reached my hand
    Entwined with yours,
    Sweet Gentle kiss
    Placed Upon my lips.
    Never once I felt my cheeks
    Only once, today it is.

    Sway with the current
    On the ocean we're free,
    Dance with its rhythm 
    with no steps to trim,
    Jelly lights below our fins
    Back and fort caressed by wind,
    Starfish peeks on us my love
    Like moonlight shines from up above.

    Never I thought fairies exist
    But tonight I will thank her with a kiss,
    Hope in light my dream came true
    My fairy gave me more than a clue.

    My dear siren
    Whose words spoken deep
    Tossed my worries
    'bout my love to give.
    Loved me though
    My flaws are bold
    Bound by cupids bow
    Pierced with love that grows.

    For I had told
    I am a Mermaid whose heart ONCE was cold.
We've contacted all the lucky winners, and you guys should be receiving your prizes soon. Have a pleasant weekend and a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Prize cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another party.
  2. Prizes will be considered void if any of the conditions above is not followed.
  3. Judges decision is final.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Better luck next time for my friends!

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  2. Congratulations win next time ♡♡♡

    1. Don't worry, we have more competitions and giveaways for you to join! <3 be sure to check back now and again!

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