Easter Week 2017: Winners Announcement

Hey, Altheans! How was your Easter holiday? Althea's Bunny had a blast and he would like to thank you for all of your help while he was busy preparing for an egg-citing Easter. Your creative answers in all the contests we held last week truly help! Bunny and Pixies had so much fun going through all the creative entries. We've finally managed to shortlist the winners and without further ado, congratulations to these lucky Altheans!

Contest 1: Gift for Miss Bunny

Malaysia (RM30)
Nur Izzati Bt Roselan
Edleena Edwin Fdz
Amanda Lim
Yn Tan Jessica
Michelle Yeoh
Carmen Leong
Scha Alison
Koh Bee Lin
Fatin Rufizza
Phiak Kim

Singapore (SGD10)
Amanda Seh Yun Ling
Esther Choon Shu Wen
Boon Shuang Tan

Philippines (350PHP)
Juergen Dee
Karen Loverio
Maria Lorena Berdin Navarro
Kristine Bernadette Pablo Marzan
Jhaymie Jee
Bhenz Benig
Kishell Merto
Jaessen Suarez Acuzar
Richard Sonsing
Jellai Ajnaran

Indonesia (Rp.100k)
Novita Sari 
Dwi Amaliya
Pipip Afifah
Akhaya Noella
Siska Risifa Lutviana
Filia Rizky Saputra
Rizky Storia
Ericha Evi
Ashandy Putri
Fathimah Al-Zahro

Contest 2: Decorating For Easter

Malaysia (RM30)
Chien EE Yap
Tan Yen Lin
Ong Shiou Ling
Shazwani Arifin
Lynn Ma
Wei Yan Chan
Yvonne Ling
Sarah Yeoh Lay Lin
Gee Anne

Singapore (SGD10)
Patricia O Dizon
Agnes Khoo

Philippines (350PHP)
Leslie Anne Castaneda
Ma Ri
Lara Espinosa
Kristine Bernadette Pablo Marzan
Joy Baclay Lopez
Claudine Elquiero
Leidel Verdadero
Sheen Tee
Malou Ty-Dy
Katrina Mendoza

Indonesia (Rp.100k)
Vina Wijaya
Susan Susanti
Yimlu Bbh
Katarina Novi Candra 
Sheryl Lemuel Winata
Istiya Fitr
Melody Lee
Desyana Drew Marcelia

Contest 3: Easter Egg Painting

Malaysia (RM30)
Ying Qi Chuah
Noor Syafawani Bohan
Sze Meng Lau
Leng Leng
Julia Lim
Elsa Anna Arendelle
Devaki Suppiah
Khadijah Lukman
Laura Lee
Michelle Ng Foong Mei

Singapore (SGD10)
Geraldine Tan
Cheryl Toh
Henri Leslie

Philippines (350PHP)
Karla Mae Tolentino
Gre Mas Vill
Judy Redic
Jae-Di Tagapan
Faith Rescober
Adrien Macey Alejo
Geraldine Bolante
Jonah Nadres
Kimberly Kaye Jaring
Khriztina Roze Paramore Mandawe

Indonesia (Rp.100k)
Melisa Handardy
Gamal Faridz
Beby Bella
Rila Andesa
Evy Deliani
Yoon Sora
Nisa Khoerunnisa
Stacy Nini

Contest 4: Althea's Bunny Easter Holiday

Malaysia (RM30)
Sarath Kumar
Sharon Karyan
Coey Yann Chung
Liyana Amalin
Pixie Wish
Cecelia Lee
San San Janice
Neesar Nisa
Voon Kang Lee
Vall Easter

Singapore (SGD10)
Ping See
Ajeek Syasya
Naphennia NA

Philippines (350PHP)
Justin Cayanan
Kris Ty
Thea Sigrid Sanchez
Monette Salas
Star Porquez Aguilar
Jennylyn V. Barnobal
Arriane Barrera
Mary Mares Salazar
Jo An
Drixin Figueras

Indonesia (Rp.100k)
Choirun Nisaa
Maria Rosalia
N Fazriah
Nurul Fitria Rahman
Mayki Marlina
Asi Fanisa
Mii Enrique
Triana Sarwini

The winners will receive Althea credits worth RM30/SGD10/PHP350/Rp.100,000 according to countries. Please contact our Pixies on Althea Facebook by 26th April 2017 and submit your details as below so we can process them!

Althea Email Address:
Contact Number:
Country (as listed above):

Credits will be updated in your account by the end of this month and you should be able to see them in your account by 1st May 2017. Please note that credits doesn't last forever and will expire within 30 days of the update. Kindly check the expiry details (according to Korean time) in My Account > My Rewards for your reference. Points will not be returned once it's gone. 

Thank you once again for joining in the fun and we'll see you again in future contests. Keep on stalking and have a magical day! 😘 

*Credits cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another account.
*Prizes will be considered void if any of the conditions above is not fulfilled.

Due to a glitch on Malaysia & Singapore Facebook pages, the Easter contests were posted on 9AM (MY)/7PM(SG) instead of 10AM(MY)/8PM(SG) daily so we decided to honour the entries and chose the winners starting from the posting time until the end of the day (11.59PM). Thanks once again for joining and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. 

Althea's Pixie

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