Althea Petal Velvet Powder Instagram Contest (Selfie & Share)

Hello, lovely people. Remember when we asked you to share a selfie with our newly launched Petal Velvet Powder & tell us what do you like about it on Instagram? Now it's time to announce the winners of the contest! 💕 Our Pixies did the stalking & we've selected 10 lucky Altheans who will win USD50 worth of Althea shopping credits. They are:


Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone for joining in the fun! All the winners have been contacted for their account details and we will credit your prize at the end of this month. You can check it on the first day of November (My Account > My Points); and please note that your credits don't last forever and will expire within 30 days. For those who who aren't lucky this time, don't be sad because we'll be back with more fun contests for all of you!

Althea's Pixie


  1. Thank you so much, Althea! Lots of love! More power!

    1. Congratulations once again MyRikaness!

      Pixie Anis

  2. Thank you so much Althea, you're very awesome!💕


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