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Annyeong, Altheans!

Did you manage to join Althea's Petal Velvet Powder's 'Santa, Can You Hear Me' Christmas event last December? We asked you what would you want for Christmas among the four gifts options listed and a lot of you have responded to our question on Instagram. Thank you for the support! As promised, Santa Althea has picked 20 lucky winners to receive one of the gifts, so congratulations to: 

Christmas Mood Lights 

1. Uthaya Ponnusamy (#200051829)
2. Chi Do (#1100006317)

Christmas Candle

1. Annabel Jeresano (#300157751)
2. Rosemarie Talactac (#1100006295)
3. Kim Sacha Mirasol (#800053743)

Christmas Wood Calendar

1. Ieyka Ariffin (#100181315)
2. Maria Lorena Berdin (#300158902)
3. Cheryl Medillo (#1200002636)
4. Susan Talampas (#300158757)
5. Phylicia Goh (#200051870)

Santa Soap

1. Heidi Dizon (#300158400)
2. Erika Adriatico Magsaysay (#300158906)
3. Juvelyne Bilaos (#800053321)
4. Long Halizuzi Panjang Mohd Nor (#100181174)
5. Phui San Liau (#100181493)

Extra: Rudolf Soap

1. Ameirah Abd Karim (#600023036)
2. Chanchanachan Kiatkosin (#1000004103)
3. Lan Luo (#200051915)
4. Jobelle Navarro (#800053566)
5. Sui Chen Yeo (#200051885)

Once again, congratulations to all the selected winners! All the prizes have been shipped to your respective addresses in December so it'll arrive at you soon. Feel free to show off your gift using hashtag #altheakorea or by tagging us @altheakorea on Instagram once you get your hands on it. 😘 If you still do not receive it by the end of January 2018, kindly contact Pixie Anis at anis@althea.kr for further assistance.

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