Althea Lunar New Year 2018 Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans!
How was your Lunar New Year celebration this year? We hope you had a pleasant time celebrating with your family and friends. Just like previous years, Pixies in Althea had fun giving out lucky Althea 'angpao' (shopping credits) by hosting another contests-filled week for everyone! Without further ado, here is the list of lucky bunches. Congratulations to:

Day 1: Bring Me Home!
Mina Mina (Malaysia)
Jayalakshmi Jaya (Malaysia)
Kuan Jie Ling (Malaysia)
Victoria Lean (Malaysia)
Chiao Yin (Malaysia)
Karen Sim (Malaysia)
Kah Ying Ng (Malaysia)
Elsa Anna Arendelle (Malaysia)
Boon Shuang Tan (Singapore)
Yosh Kuan (Singapore)

Day 2: Lucky Money
Alya Sofea (Malaysia)
ShienLin Koh (Malaysia)
Yihru Tearn (Malaysia)
Nicole Chong (Malaysia)
Lee Muh Kien (Malaysia)
Hayati Binti Ishak (Malaysia)
Grace Kong (Malaysia)
SY Tan (Singapore)
Hilary Sim (Singapore)
Siti Humaira (Singapore)

Day 3: Grab a Cookie
Benita Lim (Malaysia)
Sushen Foo (Malaysia)
Onnie Yee (Malaysia)
Humaira Amir Anam (Malaysia)
F's Erntheng Chai (Malaysia)
Youngie Hwang (Malaysia)
Nurin Bastrisyia (Malaysia)
Sharmilah Devi (Malaysia)
Art Ukail Uwais Hanie (Malaysia)
Althea Lum (Singapore)

Day 4: Prosperous New Year
Fiona Hoong (Malaysia)
Chong Jia Lu (Malaysia)
Syarifah Husna (Malaysia)
Saleema Jamil (Malaysia)
Razin Barwin Abdul Samad (Malaysia)
Yap Jacqueline (Malaysia)
Michelle Ng Foong Mei (Malaysia)
Wei Yan Chan (Malaysia)
Ying Ying (Singapore)
Joycelyn Tan (Singapore)

Day 5: Gate to Spring
Aina Ayup (Malaysia)
Aishah Munauwar (Malaysia)
Janice Teo (Malaysia)
Dayang Nur Aini (Malaysia)
Wong Kok Chueng (Malaysia)
Tivona Thang (Malaysia)
Poh Ling (Malaysia)
Ka Yee Lai (Malaysia)
Ajeek Syasya (Singapore)
Teresa Lim (Singapore)

1. All the winners have been contacted via Facebook message for further processing.
2. Your credit will be updated into your account by the end of the month. Please contact us via Facebook if it's still not reflected in your account by 1st March 2018.
3. Your credits don't last forever! It will expire within 30 days and expiry details can be viewed on My Account>My Points. Unused credits will not be returned so please use them up before they're gone.

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