Althea Facebook Mini Christmas Contests Winners

Hello, Altheans.

Before we kick started the Althea 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway on Althea Facebook, we held four mini contests to warm everyone up for the season. As usual, our fans never disappoint and we received so much love and supports from you so going through all the entries was so much fun! We know everyone are waiting for the winners announcement so without delaying it anymore, let's check out the lucky winners for Althea Mini Christmas contests! The four contests include; Santa's Secret Message, 12 Days of Christmas Share Contest, Guess The Winner of Althea Beauty Award 2018 and What's Your Christmas Spirit. The lucky fans include;

Santa's Secret Message (USD 10 x 10 Winners)
Yee Ching
Zheng Mun
Nisa Hashim
MunYee Kho
Megan Elizabeth Afidchao
Joanna Marie Eisma Dumo
Jessa May Boa
Ma Ri
NP Sangkuna
Vladislava Valchanova

12 Days of Christmas Share Contest (USD 10 x 10 Winners)
Wei Yan Chan
Wani Zaini
Zhi Sen Lee
Hannah May Yarcia Domingo
Mary Junnette Amonoy Fulgueras
 Ma Krissandra Camille Navarro
Jantra Jantrawisut
Shin Hye
Ima Dwiana
Anke Putri

Guess The Winner of Althea Beauty Award 2018 (USD 10 x 10 Winners)
Anne Chan
Atiqah Abdullah
Nii Cole
Chelsea Sayo
Diana Ramirez
Key Meneses
Pray Mariano
Donna A. Cabanawan
Lawan Nannie Krainuyachant
Helene Vlacho

What's Your Christmas Spirit (USD 10 x 10 Winners)
Catherine Choo
Joanna Tan
Rebecca Nyl
Christina Jolene Joseph
Tracy Wong
Mikhail Trinidad
Trina Bartolome
Darla Hasan
Aonwalee Gunlayawong
Amy Ting

Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone have been contacted by our bubbly Pixies via Facebook message, and we've credited the prize for all the fans that have gotten back to us (value converted accordingly by country). Remember, your points won't last forever! Kindly refer to the crediting details available on the website (My Profile > My Account) for expiry information and make sure to use them before they're gone.

P/S: If your credits has not been updated, kindly contact the Pixie by 7th January 2019 so we can check it for you.

Note: You can also check out the winner list of Althea 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway here.

Althea's Pixie

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