Althea's Easter 2019 Facebook Contests Winners

Annyeong, Altheans!
The weekend of celebration might have passed but don't forget that we still have something to celebrate; the winners of Althea's Easter Facebook contests winners. Before that, thank you to all of our fans for joining in the fun! We've gone through all the entries and it's time to announce who are the lucky bunnies. Congratulations to;

Help Shopping Bunny

Leah Wong
Mandy Chang
Shinyi Gan
Jing Yee
Queenie Loy
Katryn Yip
Rai Mohamad 
Yan Cheng
Syafiqah Jalil
MunYee Kho
Lim Mei Jiuen
Maryl Sara
Iam Belle Lopez Dacanay
ThEa Yntia
Ro Chelle
Hannah May Yarcia Domingo
Pray Mariano
Ala Shella Comendador Garrido
Juli Mekariani Simbolon 
Hesthi P. Soebagio 
Devi Irmayanti
Itthidet Sunthornsupchai 
ณัทนันท์ทิพย์ รอดเลี้ยง 
Fisan Hafisan
รุจิสา ไรวินท์ 

Investigating Egg-cident

Boey Yen
Mandy Cam
Jie Ting
Noreen Ayshah Osmani
Najwa Hazirah Halmi
Jennie Lo
ELanne Wong
Bella YeYe
Joanne Ser
Easter Yeoh
Hi Darra
Jecka M. Isip
Joanna Lim Mahusay - Perez 
Cristina E. Milla
Monaliza De Dios Valencia
Hillary Amadora Ticao 
Haizelyn Maica Fallan
Crissel Ann D Matias 
Cha Calanog
Star Porquez Aguilar 
Aprylia Hoki
Sella Merina Sella
Windy Harin 
Nutthapan Polsan
ธัญชนก บ้านดอนพรม 

Masking Miss Rabbit

Yan Ee Lin
Qyra Lee
Zhi Rou Lim
Atiqah Abdullah
Koay Joo Bee
Hilary Khoo
Karren Jia
Maila Sarah
Queennie Pie Tag
Patricia Ortiz Dizon
Xeng Mangila
Luna Cassandra
Mc Danaleen
Iris Marie Penaflor Manrique 
Angeliana Dulcine Gatong
Lee Anne Mae Cabrera 
Ka B. Lutz
Jen Jen
Nuraeni Ani 
Aprita Simbolon 
Selly Maulina 
Liana Eka Wulandari
Ariq Adhitio 

Chukhahamnida, congratulations once again. We've contacted all the winners via Facebook direct message, kindly get back to us by Sunday, 28th April 2019 along the necessary details. Crediting process will be done by the end of the month & you should be able to see it in your account via My Reward Points > History. Please contact us on Facebook if you still don't receive them by 3rd May 2019.

P/S: Your credits won't last forever and will expire within 30 days from credit date so make sure to use it as soon as you can! 



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