Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw

Step right up and try your hand at Althea’s Carnival Lucky Draw! We’ve sneakily slipped in carnival tickets into your boxes while the Carny wasn’t looking (shh!). These carnival tickets are your invite to winning more Althea Magic Points to shop on the greatest k-beauty show site on Earth! Make sure you shop more for more chances at getting that lucky carnival ticket!

Then hold on to your carnival tickets and wait for the ticket draw in August on Althea’s social media channels. The great Altheani will draw out the lucky numbers from his magician’s hat with the help of his lovely assistant, the mysterious Madam Velvet. Make sure you don’t miss it or we’ll have to enjoy the magic points on your behalf (just kidding!).

Your carnival ticket comes with serial number prints that will be randomly selected so you can stand a chance to win the following lucky prizes from Althea.

Althea’s Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw Prizes:
USD200 Althea Magic Points x 3 winners
USD50 Althea Magic Points x 5 winners
USD20 Althea Magic Points x 10 winners
USD10 Althea Magic Points x 20 winners

* Althea Magic Points = Althea Reward Points

Terms and conditions apply. Good Luck!

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