Althea 2020 Lunar New Year Facebook & Instagram Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined our Lunar New Year contests on Facebook & Instagram!

To recap our Instagram contest, we're giving away our entire line of Althea Exclusives products worth more than USD300 to 1 lucky Althean who comments + tags 8 friends on our contest post. Click here for full mechanics.

Congrats to:

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To recap our Facebook contest, we're giving away Althea Gift Cards worth USD50/USD10/USD5/USD2 to lucky Altheans who tag 8 friends on our contest post + share the post on their personal Facebook profile. Click here for full mechanics.

Congrats to:

USD50 x 1 winners
Anney Teo 

USD10 x 10 winners
Jeanette Layar
Sheryl Bubalbas Bangaysiso
Aliza Thomas
Arevri B Grace
Aiko Dumaguin Jorge
Irene Pua
Pinky Chinchin
Hoi Yee Chan
Putri Naz Salim

USD5 x 20 winners
Hakone Libao
Bagy Sibal
Ci Di Dela Cruz
Abegle M. Opon
Maria Isabel Valdez
Grace R Dela Cruz
Anne Cerna
Aiza Gregorio
Charis Low
Karen Dior
Dini Muzakir I
Owen Tang
Chu Suki
Linda Liong
Easter Wong
Hong SP
Ester Chii
Kartika Damayanti
Sely Larasaty

USD2 x 50 winners
Maricar Awa
Signorina Aliza
Titser Jasmin Ricarto
Ram Cubrado
Eliza Beth
Veronica Paraiso
Maria Isabel Valdez
Sheryl Bubalbas Bangaysiso
Elizabeth Badar
Aldrin Montierro
Shermaine Fonte De Villa
Raquel Joy Ramos-Reyes
Sesuca Stella
Sarah Grace Mallari
Michele Macala
Kail Tumbokon
Mariz Sann Quinto Ganelo
Kheng Patano
Lauren Rayos del Sol
Krisshia Ofalsa
Wong Kok Chueng
Mandy Tan
Aisyah Mohd
Nur Ghina
Xiao Ling
Sammi Chang
Irene Reenie
Ramzi Hazem
Wesley Tag
Afiq Ma
Sharina Rahim
Eirah Acap
Lys Leoi
Salcyah Tawasil
Robin Brian Vander Slott
Syafiq Farizan
Yvonne Tee
Lim Hiang
Rezeki Mamarayyan
Noor Ellyza Rozaini I
Lala Latumanuwey Riupassa
Winda Trisuci
Juli Mekariani Simbolon
Nurul Khotimah
Selly Maulina
Ster Shoppy
Hesthi P. Soebagio
Kinseokjinnie Ridha
Ayu T. Verzilia

Please note that gift cards will be converted approximately according to winners' currency. Also, prizes are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash

All winners have been contacted, and the prizes will be processed soon. If you are on this list but did not receive a DM, it was because we could not DM you, but have reached out via comment on the original FB contest post. Please message us to claim your prize.

If you are one of the winners and you still have not received your prize by the second week on March, please contact us on Facebook!

If you did not win, don't worry! We have lots of fun activities and contests lined up for you guys in the future. Stay tuned!

에로스 Eros

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