Althea 2020 Hari Raya Facebook Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined our Hari Raya contests on our Facebook! Here are the winners:

WEEK 1 CONTEST 1: USD10 Gift Card x 20 winners
Siti Nasyrah
Sing Min Ng 
Herni Manaf 
Balqis Athirah 
Xiao En Tiang 
Asmizan Zakaria 
Nursuhaida Suhod 
Irra Ilyas 
Lee Zhi Jin 
Dayang Nur Aini 
Cindy Chai 
Rozalia Alik 
Chai Yat Ling 
Mis Azie 
Annisa Pertiwi 
Puji Fitria Utami I 
Nurul Khotimah 
Yunika Fedianti 
Chipy Chipy

WEEK 1 CONTEST 2: USD5 Gift Card x 10 winners
Mei Ling Wong 
Xin Yi 
Irene Reenie 
Laura Lee 
Nad Rahman 
Monica Rosalina 
Sella Merina Sella 
Tifonia Tionusa 
Annisa Maharani

USD20 Gift Card x 1 winner
Alice Ong

USD10 Gift Card x 5 winners
Jane Teo 
Tan Boon Shuang 
Jam Quek 
Joanne Lee 
Cece Teng Teng

USD5 Gift Card x 5 winners
Carinn Tan 
Nermal Kaur 
Honey Sg 
Carol Neo 
Princess Neverland

USD1 Gift Card x 5 winners
Katrine Neoh 
Farihin Hadi 
Nur Amiera 
Angela Angelaa 
Hanifa Zuhria

WEEK 2 CONTEST 2: 10 Avo-cuddle-me Sheet Masks x 30 winners
Charis Low 
Carrie Pek 
Cofi Miao 
Catherine Ho 
Rosemary Wong 
Intan Safinas 
Chee Choo Yon 
Michelle Chin 
Jessie Chan 
Tay Pink 
Roro Darin 
Annisa Mudrika Adlani 
Adelia Mastika 
Ava Rizkinda Putri 
Chatya Kurnia 
Ayu Laila 
Evi Rachmasari 
Andhadya Anggraini 
Ribka Yomii 
Amanda Lee 
Ajeek Syasya 
Grayson Wong 
Adeline Tan HX 
Esther Li Fj 
Angie Liu 
Angel Law 
Joreen Yeo 
Jio Ong 
Ngoh Chee Hoo

WEEK 3 CONTEST 1: Bare Essentials Set x 10 winners
Siti Intan Diyana 
Safiyya Azim 
NK Wei 
Kinseokjinnie Ridha 
Putri Jungshook 
Toh Layhoon 
Bebe Lee 
Naomi Chan

WEEK 3 CONTEST 2: USD50 Gift Card x 3 winners
(1 lucky entry will win and 3 lucky winners will each win a USD50 Althea Gift card: you + the two people you tagged)
Sista Sha

Please note that gift cards will be converted approximately according to winners' currency. Also, prizes are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash

All winners have been contacted via comment on the contest posts. If you are a winner, please send us a message via Facebook to claim your prize!

If you did not win, don't worry! We have lots of fun activities and contests lined up for you guys in the future. Stay tuned!

에로스 Eros

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