Althea x Secretkey Instagram Contest Winners


Althea x secretKey Instagram Contest
16th - 31st July 2020

Thank you to all our Altheans who joined our Secret Key contest on Instagram!

The Fabulous Prizes ğŸ†

Just to recap, there are 6 grand prize winners who will win Secret Key's Premium Black Snail Set worth $101 each. Each grand prize contains 3 full-size premium anti-aging skincare products.

Lucky Draw Prizes worth $15.65/each

There are also 30 consolation prize winners who will get the Premium Hand Clean Gel worth $15.65 each ğŸ’§Each box comes with 3ml x 30 sachets so you can stay safe anywhere, anytime with this powerful hand clean gel from Secret Key 

For the full contest mechanics, check out our original blog post here

And without further ado, here are the winners!

Grand Prize:
  1. skinshares
  2. chrisbeautylook
  3. myskindetails
  4. tinatoothina
  5. unikitty_kbeauty
  6. teachew

Consolation Prize:

  1. aliaatikah9
  2. xiaoentiang
  3. dolf_c
  4. nomnomnyan
  5. kamilah90
  6. maceyribbon123
  7. apeach____729
  8. bubenimpartim
  9. lovefrancesss
  10. heyitsmiso_
  11. thecuriousbelle
  12. lizbaptista_
  13. elocinism
  14. chellie_a
  15. jajanellala
  16. vinluancathrine
  17. skinofgod_
  18. thesunnymusings
  19. peachyskinnn
  20. xxitsmemariellexx
  21. animetric
  22. luckycitrine
  23. gabbygabriel8
  24. sheenamariecantor
  25. edselleiarmus
  26. stevieanastasya
  27. dikcoba
  28. windasalatinkss
  29. ndyaskin
  30. stefaniejulianto

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you did not win, don't worry! We have lots of fun activities and contests lined up for you guys in the future. Stay tuned!

에로스 Eros

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