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will your order come in a box?

To ensure your Althea order arrives on your doorstep in pristine condition, Althea uses several different packaging methods to pack and ship your orders from Korea right to your doorsteps - Althea Box and Althea Air. Both will come wrapped in our signature pink plastic wrap with beauty icons on it. 

Althea Parcel in Pink Wrapper

This wrapper provides an extra layer of protection and security to your orders. In the event should you receive an opened/tampered wrapping, it might be due to customs inspection to ensure the parcel does not contain dangerous or prohibited items.

In this post, we will be sharing two (2) different methods and the why/how.
  1. Althea Box
  2. Althea Air 

As a general guide, packagings are to protect your items from being damaged during transit and delivery since it is a long journey from South Korea to your doorsteps. When a customer places an order, it will go to the fulfillment center to be picked up and packed. The fulfillment officer checks your order and picks suitable packaging according to your order quantity and size. 

Althea Pink Box
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Althea Pink Box Protects Your Items
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Collect Althea Boxes to store or decorate your home
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Althea Box
Our signature pink Althea Boxes are available in 3 sizes - 
Small (S)Large (L), and Extra Large (XL). All orders sent in the Althea Box will come wrapped with bubble wrap over the box and also inside the box where products will also be bubble-wrapped. You may find pink paper fillers inside the box as well. This helps to keep the products secure and minimize the impact during shipping.

note: If your products are damaged, don't worry. Please report to and quote the 30-days return policy. Our help team will assist you in replacing the damaged item according to their procedures.

Althea Air (Air Bubble Pack)
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Althea Air
For small orders with single or lesser items that may be a risk to send in Althea Box, it will then be sent in our Althea Air which is an air bubble pack using Korea's latest air packaging technology. The fulfillment officer pumps air into the pack after inserting the products. The protective bubble pack filled with Korean Air hugs your products from being damaged during shipping.

Tip: If you would like to receive a box instead of Althea Air, the criteria for box eligibility is order size. Physically bigger products and higher quantity orders have a higher chance of being packaged in a box.

Althea Birthday Limited Edition Boxes

Althea Limited Edition Festive Boxes

During special occasions, our signature pink box may take on special limited-edition designs. Do look out for our yearly festive celebrations such as the Lunar New year, Ramadan, Christmas, and Althea Birthday boxes. These are collector's boxes and as such are limited in quantities globally and will not be restocked. If you see a box that's launched, we would advise you to hurry on to shop early! 

collect our box as you shop and share on #altheakorea

are you our Althea Box collector too?

Although highly unlikely, there may be damages such as leaking or broken items that may still occur. Should you encounter any when you receive your order, please take a photograph of your order and the issue, then report it to our Help Team by emailing along with your order number for further assistance. 

Althea has a 30-day return policy where if you're unhappy with your order, you may email to our help team to return the order or products. If you have any questions about Althea's packaging, feel free to reach out and send us a message on our Instagram & Facebook as well.

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