Save your skin with your D.I.Y humidifier~

Hi. This is Serena. I brought easy D.I.Y humidifier tip for Altheaners.
As we all know, moisturizing is a must tip for maintaining healthy and dewy skin. 
Of course, there are lots of products we can directly apply on.
Yet, they cannot moisturize your skin all day!

Then what do we need to keep a healthy skin?

YES! Humidifier!
There are some say humidifier can make skin even more dried.
However, doctors strongly suggest humidifier is helpful to sustain humid in the air.




Humidifier is quite Expensive!
Especially, when you want to purchase fancy ones.
That is why I came up with this D.I.Y product.

Actually, it is really funny. When I was a teenager, I had oily skin and suffered due to pimples.
To remove oil, I used products without oil way too much.
And now, I am suffering due to dried skin.

Girls. Never forget to keep a balance between oil-moisture. 

To make a humidifier, you only need a few materials.

- Design (It is not clear, but I chose a cactus!)
- Felt (Choose your favorite color)
- Basic materials for sewing!

Draw design on pelt carefully! 

You will get 6 bodies and 2 body with arm.
Then why I got 12 bodies?
For me, I did not want to waste my pelt, and decided to make 
two humidifiers to place in my office and my room. 
Sorry for confusion.

Cut bodies again, then fold every body into half. You need 8 bodies in total

Divide them into half again. On each side, you will have 4 bodies. 

Now, it is sewing part.
This is the order of sewing. Never get wrong in this order.

3 - 6
4 - 5
1 - 8
2 - 7

Sew Them tightly, so they will not fall off. 

Here is what I did. I sew both above and below to make my humidifier 
even more tighter. 

So that was our first D.I.Y tip from Althea.
I really do wish my tip will help you guys to have a dewy skin! 

PS. If there is any D.I.Y you want to try out, leave the comment. :) 

How to Do Lip Gradation

1.  FIRST, Nourish your lip with lip balm

If you have dry, chapped lip, the gradation won't look pretty on your lip due to flakes and will crease in wrinkles. So apply lip balm before you go to bed or before starting makeup

2. Using lip concealer, make pale lip. This lip concealer does not crease and is moistful.

3. I'd like to apply concealer once more on the outer line of my lip to make more dramatic lip gradation. 

4. Using your favorite lip color, apply it only in the inner part of the lip. Then, blend gently using Q-tips to smudge out the harsh lines. 

Just smudge and blend the lines, not the inner part of your lip. Please Choose lip color that is vivid and bold since lighter color tint won't work well.

5. I applied another vivid lip tint on the inner part of the lip to make gradation more noticeable! Hot Pink! 

Here is what it looks like! I also tried taking pictures under the yellow-warm light :D

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