Instagram Pink Box Show Off Contest Winners (May)

Annyeong Altheans!

As promised, here are the winners for the Pink Box Show Off Contest in the month of May! We have contacted all the winners directly and the shopping credits have been credited in their Althea accounts.

A big congrats to:
1. helloolaayu
2. tutinnitut
3. leetiffanyyy
4. missjelo
5. ianayeay
6. bloominzahra
7. rizwhiz16
8. laychenn
9. jaedeura
10. chrysantdesu

For those who didn't win this round, don't be sad, try again next month and make sure to post more stunning photo's of your Althea Pink Box okay. A tip from us is, try posting a picture that is creative and eye-catching so our Althea Angels could spot your picture right away.

So if you haven't followed our Instagram account yet, make sure to do so now at @altheakorea and don't miss out on future contests and announcements.

Mira, Althea.

Tried & Tested: Heelbow Tok

Don't you just hate those ugly flaky cracks you get around your elbows and heels? If you do, here's the solution you need to remove the hardened, flaky skin! I managed to get my hands on the Heelbow Tok from Althea Korea to find out if this really does the trick. If you're just as curious as I am, please read on to find out.

Here's a little introduction on the product: Heelbow Tok is an essence to combat dry or rough skin, specifically that on elbow or base of the foot. It's made in Korea and has a super cute tagline that says "its mom's solution" (love it!). The Heelbow Tok comes in a 30ml tube, and what fascinates me the most is the applicator/exfoliator it comes with, meaning that it doesn't require you to get your hands dirty. It claims that in just 1 minute a day, this Heelbow Tok would exfoliate, hydrate and repair the skin all at once. Is it too good to be true? There's only one way to find out!

I decided to test this out on my mom's heel (appropriate, since it claims to be "mom's solution"), and I was pleasantly surprised that the Heelbow Tok works like a charm! If you're anything like me, you'll wish not to have flaky hard skin on your heels. Without proper care, the condition of your heel might get worst! This happens because our heel lacks moisture and it is hard for skin in that area to exfoliate naturally. This happens frequently to those who love wearing heels as it stresses out the heel's skin. But now, we have the Heelbow Tok to save the day!

All you need to do is to "tok tok tok"- tap around the heel area with the product and a moisturizing serum will lightly cover the heel area, providing moisturizing benefits to the dry area. This product also has a baby powder scent which I believe gets rid of unpleasant foot odor. In just a minute, the heel area feels smoother and more hydrated. From the images above, it's pretty obvious that this product works really well. This is great for those who have busy schedules as all you need is a minute a day to achieve flawless heels!

I tried this on my elbow too and I was just as amazed at the results! After a week of consistent use, my heels and elbows have improved tremendously in looks and feel too. Aside from the fact that it works really well, this product is also easily affordable from Althea Korea. Now everyone can have smooth, crack free elbows and heels! Make sure you check out to check this product out!

Tried & Tested by Aliza Sara

Althea Sunscreen Week Facebook Contests Winners

Congratulations to the selected winners! Please note that last details submission (Name, Contact Number, Althea Login Email ID) would be on 25th June 2016 and your prize credit will be updated at the end of July.

Day 1: How Many Sunscreen 

Xaviera Xylia
Eileen Wong
Wei Sum
Sue Mae
May Chin 
Grace Yong
Suleen Boey
Mellissa Wong
Hui Qi
Shafika Misbah
Boon Shuang Tan
Katrina Mendoza
Rye Ibrahem 
Yuri Doxie
Alex Filart
Mildred Malapote Benitez
Aisha T. Esguerra
Chriz Chua
Kimberly Dela Cruz
Reina Llorente
Sovika Wahyudien 
Dini Nur Khaerina 
Maria Yoanita Clarisa
Cristha Kurnia Putri 
Arwindha Nanda Hapsari 
Janesia Andreani 
Danis Kartikaningsih 
Indira Wulandari
Ade Pratiwi Lestari 
Siti Hanifa 

Day 2: How Long Does It Take? 

Jolin Yew
Atiqah Maleq
Winyee Lee
Fateyn Ameera
Su Anne Eng
Lim Yin Yan
Ruby Er
Karen Cheng
De Chloe
Atiqah Nazli
Krystyna Lam
Amanda Chen
Agnes Khoo
Mhel Villones
Aya Acupan 
Coleen Macariola 
Paula Gaerlan 
Trisha Carpio Nagayama
Benise Endencia 
Marjorie P Ruiz
Banee Landicho
Maria Andreah Deniece Guerrero
Ann De Jesus
Wiljon Lin 
Dina Kusuma Kasih 
Mita Saraswati
Tsabita Dyah S 
Arini Sadida 

Day 3: Giant Sunscreen Hunt!

Vivian Teo
Aishah Shah
Daree Kpop
Jing Jade
Tee Shan Ting
Seow Serene
Michelle Ng Foong Mei
Sarah Yeoh Lay Lin
Ong Shiou Ling
Aida Lim
Althea Lum
Jasmine Phong
Felicia Lim
Leevy Mizaki
Angie Tiglao
Charmie Abarquez
Jessa Jaboc Gwapzy
Dyna Melissa Jane Agcambot 
Jessica Marace
Joanne Claire V Dilig 
Analyn Rual
Maricel Piaoan Delos Santos
Ayana Zane Sata
Andita Kiranda 
Diana Hartono Yo
Windi Noyama
Rida Denita
Dorty Prihastina Salbahaga 
Ruth Sinta
Laksita Fajar Rizki
Endah Gita Elf 
Tsabita Dyah S
Arini Sadida 

Day 4: Pick the Most Suitable Scenario

Ven Lim
Qiao Ying
Hayley Maris
Jia Yin
Ng Min Yi
Nicole Chin
Nieemka MK
Sherrie Pui
Nur Amalina Harun
Chong Jia Lu
Amanda Khoo Ai Hui
YunXuan Lee
LiShan Chan
Gladys Mhae Gesmundo-Antonio
Nikkiniks Nikay
Mitsui Aiko
Meliani Dwi Lestari
Intaan Chenn 
Isnaini Riyadi 
Anugrah Rizqi 
Ririen AR 
Nurul Aini
Nanda Aristiadewi
Yunita Ita 

Day 5: Where is Althea Santa Going?

Rado Felami
Chewyan Ng
Jenny Chin
Sherrie Pui
Jocelyn Chong
Meriaty Sihombing
Carmen Looi
Amy Lau
Elaine Chin
Mevy Hui
Lili Juliani
Precious Czarina Castillo 
Velle Razon 
Che Paras 
Arvin Louie Buenaseda
Noemi Barnachea
Mimi Sebial Berdon
Jona Marie Elaine Caberto
Carmillette Serafica Lee
Aira Nicka
Mo Ya
Jesica Wijaya 
Gisca Syanitia II 
Rani Oktavia 
Priska Simbolon 
Yenzz Bernd's Liu 
Yunia Mutqi Vianti
Aditria Nurmita Dewi 
Nur Komariyah 
Servina Lutfi Guntary 

Althea Facebook Links:

Terms and Conditions:
1. Winners need to submit their Name, Contact Number and Althea Login Email by 25th June 2016 through Facebook PM.
2. Rewards will be credited at the end of July.
3. Credits cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another account.
4. Prizes will be considered void if any of the conditions above is not fulfilled.
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