Luscious Locks Loot

Strong, healthy hair that shines in the light is always in style. Afterall, a sassy hair flip just wouldn’t be the same without some luscious locks. The hair is the crown of your head, and can really make or break your look. Give some TLC to your mane event with some of our favorite items that’ll ensure you put your best hair forward. Here’s the beauty breakdown featuring some of our favorite hair care products!

Get Juicy with A'bloom's Sheet Masks!

Today’s finally the day! Cute, colorful, and quirky, A’bloom is coming your way with fun products that add a little extra to your vanity. As self-proclaimed sheet mask connoisseurs, it was only right that we came out with our own to pamper the skin. The third product launching in this line is one that you guys are most excited about: the A’bloom Sheet Masks! Here’s the beauty breakdown of all you need to know!

Blast Away Blackheads with A'bloom!

Are you excited about our launch tomorrow? A’bloom is coming at you hard and fast with quirky designs and fun colors, perfect for living up to your beauty routine! The second product in this range is all about being your skin’s superhero designed to keep away nasty blackheads and impurities. Say hello to A’bloom’s BHA Blackhead Blaster! Here’s the beauty breakdown of all you need to know before it comes out!

A'Bloom is here!

Yes, it’s no surprise that Althea has been and will continue to produce brilliant skincare products to suit the modern urbanite, but today we’ll be talking about something a little different. We’ve been working on a project for a little while that we’re super excited to be able to finally share with you! Meet Althea’s A’Bloom, our latest and newest in-house brand that promises to bring an explosion of fun to your beauty routine. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what A’bloom has to offer!

Our Prettiest Mask To Date!

The galaxy’s radiance comes in the form of a peel-off mask with Prreti’s Bling Gli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask! Mystical, glittery and an absolute dream to look at, this mask isn’t just pretty, it’s also great for detoxifying the skin adding luminosity to the complexion. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what this mask has to offer!

Ingredient Spotlight: Centella Asiatica

K-beauty has a plethora of different star ingredients that target different skin troubles and concerns. For those of us out there with sensitive, acne-prone skin, one of the ingredients that’ll ring bells is Centella Asiatica extract. Pennywort, cica, tiger weed - Centella is a plant of many names and many benefits for the skin! Let’s take a deep dive into what makes this little green plant so amazing, and see just what it can do for us!
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