7 Step Korean Skincare Box

We've given you the steps, now we give you the products! Following the famous Korean skincare routine, Althea has finally curated a 7 Step Korean Skincare Box. Whether you're looking for somewhere to start your regime or looking to try out new products without worrying about matching them, this box is made for everyone to try out the regime for themselves in mind. This special edition of the Althea box comes with 7 full sized products to take you from cleansing all the way to pampering. Are you ready to take on the K-Beauty challenge? Here's the beauty breakdown of Althea's 7 Step Korean Skincare Box!


Mission: Pore Care

Alright, ladies and gents, look sharp! We have a situation on our hands: enlarged pores that are clogged with sebum have caused our skin some dismay. But no worries, we've got an operation that'll get those pores feeling clean and looking small for an even complexion. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Here's the beauty breakdown on Mission: Pore Care!

Prosperous Picks

The Lunar New Year is upon us, and this is the time to celebrate health, wealth and family ties in the year of the Dog! The colours of celebration this time of the year are definitely red (symbolizing good fortune and joy) and gold (for completeness and wealth), so it was only natural that we chose some of our favorite prosporous picks to see you through the Lunar New Year! Here are a couple of our red and gold must-haves:

No More Smudgy Lipsticks Ever!

Lipstick stains are a pandemic that affects all of us. Creamy, glossy, matte... Regardless of the finish of our lipsticks, we are all victims to this terrible fate. What if we told you there was a product that could allow you to drink from cups, accidentally wipe your hand across your mouth or kiss the cheeks of little loved ones without worrying about leaving behind crimson hued evidence? It could even save you from the dreaded "butthole lip" (where all the lipstick in the middle part of the lips are gone, leaving a hideous outside rim surrounding bare lips)! Saat Insight has a product that allows you to turn any shade of lipstick into one that stays put throughout the day. Sounds magical, doesn't it? Keep reading to find out more!


Masil Color Treatment Dual Tint

The future of hair colour is here, and man, does it look bright! Always one to innovate, K-beauty has recently brought about their latest craze: coloured hair treatments. Different from the traditional dyes we're used to, these products don't actually penetrate into the hair to dye the cuticles of the hair, but rather envelope them in a temporary tint that not only gives you vibrant hues but are actually good for your locks too. Masil has created the Color Treatment Dual Tint range to do just that, and we knew we had to try this out to see if it really works. Here's the beauty breakdown!

Gold Sparkling Box

Luxurious and decadent, gold has been a symbol of wealth and beauty for centuries. As one of the world's most precious metals, gold isn't just gorgeous and shiny, it's beneficial for the skin too. To really welcome in the new year with a bang, it was only appropriate that we curated a box inspired by gold, and thus, the Gold Sparkling Box was born! With 7 products ranging from makeup to skincare, we've got just the box filled with products to bring out the inner goddess in you. Here's a quick breakdown on what's inside!


Red Sparkling Box

Red is the colour of love, energy and passion, and what better way to embody that with some of our most loved products? Made of old favorites and some new ones too, Althea’s Red Sparkling Box contains 7 products that embody the bold, classic colour of red, perfect for firing up the siren in you! Here’s a quick beauty breakdown on what’s what in the Red Sparkling Box.
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