The Glam Squad

This is where it all gets crazee! We always get questions from fans about who are the Althea Pixies and obviously, Althea Mermaid needs no introduction (boo). Well here's your chance to get to know us better because this is the dream team that makes all the magical things come true on Althea's Social Networking Sites (SNS). Yes you hear us, from being your best friends on Facebook to sharing fun beauty happenings on Instagram, unboxing the latest Althea Box on Youtube, and finally to bring all of that on Althea's Blog. Meet the Glam Squad from Althea!

With great power comes great responsibility! As the official Pixie & Mermaid trainer, you’ll find mamasan Tammy on her computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal if she’s not commanding her troops. She’s a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones (a.k.a the rest of us). Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Combi Dry (Sensitive) Concern: Dry Flaky Skin BB Shade: Natural Beige Fave Beauty Product: Ampoules

“Mermaid” Sydney
Sassy, extravagant and definitely the loudest of the group, Sydney is a self-proclaimed mermaid that is always looking for the shiniest of glitters and the boldest of dark lips to satisfy her cravings. A hardcore chocoholic and sheet mask wearer, she spends time traveling, eating as much as she can, online shopping or hanging out with her dog. Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Combi Dry (Sensitive) Concern: Dry Flaky Skin BB Shade: Warm Fair Fave Beauty Product: Liquid Matte Lipstick

“Pixie” Anis
Big sister of the bunch, Anis spends her spare time catching up on K-dramas and hanging with her soulmate a.k.a. her cat Leo. She loves everything coral and pastel, and as Sailormoon and Harry Potter’s no.1 fan, you can bet she’ll have just the right quote for every life situation that comes her way.
Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Combi Dry (Sensitive) Concern: Blackhead, Pores, Dry BB Shade: Natural Beige Fave Beauty Product: Masks

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“Pixie” Mira
Don’t let her looks fool you; Mira is a soon-to-be mommy that’s as obsessed with desserts as she is with beauty. You’ll find her hitting the sweets before the mains at a buffet, only to realize she’s always got extra room for pasta. With over a dozen cats in her home, she’s also a feline lover with a playful side that loves anything small and adorable. Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Combination Oily Concerns: Hormonal (breakouts) BB Shade: Medium Beige Fave Beauty Product: Under eye patch

“Pixie” Bo
Bo is known for her unapologetic style, trying anything from kawaii to grunge without ever feeling out of place. With supermodel tendencies (I mean, just look at her pictures!), Bo is a health enthusiast that loves the colour green and a beauty lover who enjoys spending leisurely moments groovin’ to some tunes or getting a good massage. Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Oily (Acne-Prone) Concerns: Break outs BB Shade: Medium Fave Beauty Product: BB Cushion

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“Pixie” Eros
A self-made comedian, Eros is never found without a camera in his hand, or without a dad joke or two to make everyone laugh. Also known as Mr. Philippines, Eros is always on the hunt for new and wonderful beauty products to try out in his spare time. He’s got a major sweet tooth too, never saying no to desserts, especially if it’s cake! Beauty Profile: Skin Type: Oily (Acne-Prone) Concerns: Breakouts, scars BB Shade: Golden Beige Fave Beauty Product: Highlighter

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