Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack Review

hello my name is Aliza!

Don't you hate bad hair days? From what I know, usually bad hair days are caused due to lack of nutrition for your hair, and that's why I'm putting the Kocostar's GGONGJI Hair Pack to the test that from althea.kr. The GGONGJI hair pack has been specially designed to solve split ends and treat damaged hair. Perfect timing because my hair is badly damaged (plus I'm guilty of not being a fan of the conditioner) lol. So let's find out!


I have to say that I love how it comes in a hot pink packaging. On the front packaging, it states that Ggongji means ponytail in Korean and that it's a simple & easy DIY hair care. And if you flip it over, you'll see guidelines on how to use the product in Korean. So, if you can read Korean, congratulations! But if you can't, then I guess you can just follow my step by step tutorial here.

What's Inside?

tear open to remove

a hair mask & pink rubber band for you to tie your hair up

Step 2: Grab hold of your ponytail 

Step 3: Turn the mask over & tie a pony tail 

Make It Pretty

put a ribbon on

tie it up into a bun

You can leave this one for 30 mins but it is recommended to use this for about 2 - 3 hours for best results (intense care) at home or wear it outside! You can pull this off with a ribbon / clip to make it look presentable. I did my groceries and shopping wearing this.

After 3 Hours 

you may remove after 30mins / 1-2hours (intensive)

removing the mask

my hair is not wet!

I thought the treatment would make my hair wet, but surprisingly, it didn't! It felt like a leave-on conditioner. I didn't rinse my hair out and honestly, I was amazed at how soft my hair felt after this!.

Before & After

before the treatment

after the treatment

Can you believe what you're seeing?! I know, it took me a while to think that a 3-hour treatment mask would do so much good for my hair. It beats paying hundreds at salons to get my hair to look as soft and smooth like this. So, if you're tempted to get yourself a pack, you can always get it from Althea.kr. I LOVE this hair mask despite it being my first hair mask! If you have tried it yourself, please share your experiences below by leaving a comment.

for more information watch this video on how to use!
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