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Contest = Lucky Draw, Contest, Event that offers prizes or products in kind. 

Contest Period = Contest period stipulated in the post and/or event.

Contest Post = Contest post on Althea Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Blog.

Legitimate Account =  Real accounts that are not made for the purpose of joining the contest.


General Contest Rules Terms & Conditions:

1. Contest open to Althea members with a legitimate account from the period stipulated in the contest post.
2. Instagram accounts created solely to enter the giveaway contests will be forfeited.
3. Multiple entries may be allowed but only one winner per account will be selected.
4. Incomplete entries will be forfeited. 
5. The judge's decision is final. Winning results will be announced on Althea SNS.
6. Winners will be contacted via direct message. Failure to respond within 7 days will be forfeited.
7. Prizes will be shipped to the winner's country available under Custom & duty is payable by the winner.
8. Failure to provide full and accurate shipping details will result in prize cancellation.
9. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash. 
10. In the event the prize is not available, Althea will replace it with an equal or appropriate prize. 
11. Althea reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions set herein without prior notification.
12. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram and/or Facebook.


Up To RM40 GrabPay Rebates on Althea!


Shop Malaysia Online 1st - 31st July 2021

We're happy to announce that we've joined the Shop Malaysia Online campaign with GrabPay Malaysia to reward our customers with rebates, discounts, and free gifts this month! As part of the campaign, customers who shop on Althea Malaysia and checkout using GrabPay payment method with min. pay of RM150 will get GrabPay rebates up to RM40 on their GrabPay Rewards page (almost instantly!).

For new GrabPay users, you'll be getting an additional RM20 GrabPay rebate!

The fun doesn't stop here because as part of this shopping frenzy, Althea has partnered up with GrabPay to give you an exclusive promo code "GRABPAYBEAUTY" for an extra 🔥 10% OFF 🔥 + *Free Keep Cool sheet mask worth RM17 for the first 100 GrabPay orders made on Althea 📣

How To GrabPay?

How To Get The GrabPay Rebates? 
1. Shop on Althea Malaysia
2. Select Razer payment method and click GrabPay to pay!
3. Make sure you're GrabPaying a min. RM150 to qualify for their rebates into your GrabPay Rewards page! (this is almost instant!)

⚠ If it's not RM150, you will not qualify for the rebates!

Terms and conditions apply:
Valid from 1st July - 31st July 2021 or until fully redeemed. The first 100 orders using the 10% code "GRABPAYBEAUTY" will get a free Keep Cool mask sheet worth RM17 packed into their order before shipping. Store exclusions apply. Grab terms and conditions can be view here

DM us on Instagram @altheakorea if you have questions!


Boost your skin with Korean Superfood ingredients!

Boost your skin with these superfoods today!

They say you are what you eat, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to incorporate your super diet directly onto your face as well! In this, post we'll be sharing all about superfoods: what they are, which ones we love and our fave superfood skincare picks.


What's SPF?

All about SPF & sunscreens

We all know that staying out of the sun is important, but do we really understand why? And what's all the buzz around SPF? In today's post, we'll be sharing all about the sun's effects on our skin, what SPF is, why using sunscreens are important.


How To Control Oil Secretion

Want to deal with your excess sebum once and for all?

Those with oily skin can totally relate to that icky, sticky feeling of having excess sebum on your face. Especially during these times when all of us are wearing face masks to stay safe, having excess sebum and an oily face may lead to more coagulated pores and breakouts.

Today, we'll be sharing some tips on how you can control your oil secretion, as well as some of our recommended products!


Ingredient Breakdown: Centella Asiatica

All about Cica

A powerhouse skincare ingredient in K-beauty today, Cica is now featured by most K-beauty brands in their products and is loved by Altheans all over the globe. Today, we'll be sharing all about this skin-friendly ingredient and how you can incorporate it into your routines.

Top 3 Rice Brightening Products

Selamat Hari Raya to all our fans!

We receive many inquiries on social media for skincare products that help to brighten dull, uneven skin to make it smoother, softer, and radiant. As an Eid special, we have decided to share our top 3 picks with Kbeauty products containing rice today.

It's no coincidence that we picked rice which went well with our latest limited edition Althea "Ketupat" Box for this special occasion.  Rice isn't just for eating as we share today why the super antioxidant ingredient is a popular choice in brightening beauty products just like the one from Japan (hints!). 


New on Althea: Etude House Soon Jung Line

ETUDE HOUSE's Soon Jung Line *NEW*

Well known for their cute packaging, limited-edition collaborations, and fun color cosmetics, Etude House recently renewed and expanded their Soon Jung Line of skincare products. Catering to those with sensitive and irritated skin, this line is now available on Althea! Read on to know more about it + what the hype is all about.

Our Top Picks From Dear Klairs

All About Dear Klairs

One of the dearest (no pun intended) products in the K-beauty world, Dear Klairs has captivated hearts and occupied vanities all over the world. In today's post, we'll be sharing more about this beloved brand, what makes them special, as well as our top picks! Read on to find out more.


To all moms: You're a Gem!

Give your mom a special gemstone this Mother's Day

Known to be super relaxing and perfect for improving blood circulation, Jardin's Rose Quarts Rollers and Angel Wing Gua Sha have been faves of ours since we brought them on and shared them with our beloved Altheans. In this post, we'll be sharing all about them + why they make the perfect Mother's Day gift for that precious woman in your life!


Ingredient Highlight: Aloe Vera

All About Aloe Vera

As the hot weather creeps in, soothe & calm your skin today with one of the coolest ingredients in K-beauty that have everyone coming back for more - Aloe Vera!

Usher in Spring with Mamonde's Flower Ingredients

Mamonde's Floral Picks This Spring

As Spring approaches, we thought of highlighting a brand that focuses on the powerful blooms of flowers: Mamonde.

K-Beauty Top 4 Soothing Ingredients

Top 4 Soothing Ingredients in K-beauty

Hydrate and minimize your skin discomfort today with 4 of K-beauty's best skin-soothing ingredients! From ancient times till today, skin-soothing ingredients have been around and have helped us with their anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. In today's post, we'll be talking about 4 highly sought-after ingredients that we recommend checking out, no matter your skin type or condition.


Limited Edition Althea Ketupat Box Contest

Limited Edition Althea Ketupat Box
Only for Althea Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

This year we have decided to do something unusually different for a change. Instead of your festive design box for the Eid celebration, we have decided to take on a quirky path to introduce a popular food that is traditionally served at open houses during Hari Raya or Eid this festive season.

What is “Ketupat” ?

“Ketupat” is a rice cake dumpling wrapped in a diamond-shaped pouch using coconut fronds. Originating in Indonesia, it is also found in Malaysia and Singapore. During festive occasions such as Hari Raya, it is traditionally served with a delicious dry curry stew called “rendang” to guests during open houses. Ketupat is also used as a festive decoration during this time.

Introducing the limited edition Althea Ketupat Box, a giant-size version of the popular ketupat that you could use as a fashion accessory or festive decoration at home.  Available in three different box sizes-small, big, and extra-large. Each size will have a different color theme inside (light green, light yellow, and light purple). 

These boxes are given free for qualifying orders made on Althea Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia during the festive period, while stocks last. Qualifying orders simply meant your order can fit into any of these box sizes before shipping. Lesser or small items will be packed in Althea Air which is a bubble pack to protect your items from being damaged during transit. 

Tip: Buy big items or many items so your order can be packed into a box!

a collector's edition

XL Box Light Green

Big Box Light Yellow

Small Box Light Purple

with a festive greeting included

The limited-edition boxes are our annual collector's favorite. Every year Althea releases 3 - 4 special edition boxes designed especially with a theme in mind. Festive periods such as the Spring New Year, Eid, Christmas, and Althea's Birthday Month (July). 

the best entry will win a $100 Althea Gift Card
we have three to give away

How To Join? ⭐
1. Follow @altheakorea on Instagram
2. Post a picture of your Ketupat Box as a fashion accessory / festive decor on your Instagram (public) feed. 
3. Create your festive caption to accompany your picture post! 
4. Tag @altheakorea #altheakorea #altheaketupat

DIY Tip: Slip in a ribbon inside-out of the box's existing fixture holes to create a handbag!

Terms & Conditions apply:
1. Contest open to Althea Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia members with a legitimate IG account from 16/4/2021 - 30/5/2021.
2. Instagram accounts created solely to enter the giveaway contests will be forfeited.
3. Multiple entries allowed but only one winner per account will be selected.
4. Incomplete entries will be forfeited. 
5. The judge's decision is final. Winning results will be announced on Althea's blog.
6. Winners will be contacted via IG direct message. Failure to respond within 7 days will be forfeited.
7. Althea gift cards will be emailed to winners and will have an expiry of 30 days.
8. Failure to provide full and accurate account details will result in prize cancellation.
9. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash. In the event the prize is not available, Althea will replace it with an equal or appropriate prize. 
10. Althea reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions set herein without prior notification.
11. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram.


Earth Day Special : Beauty and The Earth

Earth Day & K-beauty

Since its creation in 1970, Earth Day aims to bring awareness to climate change and pollution among everyone, aiming to inspire consumers and companies to help preserve our planet for future generations. It's important for us to be more aware of how we live and how we affect our environment, not only so that we are always aware of how fragile our planet is, but also so that we can live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

In conjunction with Earth Day (22nd April) we would like to share two ways on how we can help support a greener lifestyle when it comes to beauty products:

  1. Using and supporting vegan & cruelty-free brands
  2. Upcycling & recycling old product containers (empties)


2021 Spring Makeup Picks

2021 Spring Makeup Picks

Annyeong Altheans! The flowers have blossomed and spring has arrived! Although most of us are still keeping our distance and staying safe, some of us have started going back into the world (be it for work, school, or just in general).

Today, we will be sharing all about our new favorite makeup items that are worth checking out.


Interview with Mardhiah Ismail

Hello My Name is Mardhiah of maddybrags_

Makeup or skincare? Which would you say comes first? Our Angel all the way from Malaysia shares why she thinks skincare is as important as makeup in our interview. Hailing from Kelantan, this gentle and bubbly Malaysian started her humble beginnings as a beauty blogger, youtube, and reviewer on Instagram with resources she already has thanks to her sister's advice! 👧

We all know how we started and it is a struggle to show our craft. You don't need high-tech equipment or fancy props as long you know your stuff! Now she has a following of over 20k (woohoo!) 🎉

This is why we admire Maddy, as she brags about her beauty products on her Instagram showing her amazing eye makeup skills and the importance of skincare to prep your face as a canvas before makeup 💖


The Laneige Cream Skin Range

Laneige's best-selling Cream Skin Range

Interview with Prelel Yu

Hello My Name is Prelel of prelel

💖Our next Angel feature is Prelel Yu from the Philippines. She's one of the cutest beauty bloggers ever with her cute cosplays and all things pink and just kawaii! A Korean beauty junkie, Prelel is also an avid Althea shopper right from the start. With her love and support, we just couldn't get enough of how big and fluffy her heart is.

Her feed is filled with all the skincare and makeup reviews she posted, all with an added touch of "prelel" as she sprinkles magical stars 🌟and soft pink to adorn her feed like a fairy garden. She's definitely skincare obsessed as her reviews are honest and detailed and sometimes accompanied with a blog post for her followers to read more (bcoz we know IG can only have that much text space!)

If we could only hug this ball of sugar, we would! Check out her blog at as she is also a lifestyle and parenting blogger on 🎀


Interview with Myra

Hello My Name is Myra of myrabeautydiary

Hailing from a place where all magical staycations happen, our Angel from East Malaysia is no stranger to the beauty scene at the tropical sunny Kota Kinabalu. With a myriad of skincare reviews on her feed, Myra does her am and pm diligently on a daily basis using skincare products tried and tested by her as we watched her IG live one fine day to get to understand her better!

With skin that's prone to breakout, you will notice that Myra's into soothing products such as Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask and green tea. She even has our skin calming relief range! As such if we were to crown her the soothing queen, she would be at the top of our list.

Her feed is like a playground of skincare products so we kinda know why her feed is called myra beauty diary 💖


Interview with Zehan Ilyana

Hello My Name is Zehan of @skincarerants

In conjunction with International Women's Day, we want to celebrate all things beautiful in life. Whether it be a desk full of beauty products, making your favorite cup of drink, and journaling in your diary, self-love should come first don't you agree? 🧁

But a bit of ranting is okay once a while no? let loose and share your thoughts! And when it comes to ranting about beauty, no one does it better than our Angel from Malaysia! With her whimsical charms and aesthetics, this beauty reviewer also loves everything that life gives to us. She even makes pouring ice cold milk coffee 🍹, so very therapeutic. The ASMR we 😍it! Check out her other feed here where she does a variety of drink recipes you can do at home.

She's also a jewelry maker on her personal feed zehanilyana 💖


Interview with Rika Bajacan

Hello My Name is Rika of @rikatrinaaa

Last Christmas, Althea approached one of our Althea Angels in Cabuyao, Laguna (Philippines) to carry out an important mission to spread Christmas cheer to the front liners and essential workers. It was a heart-warming collaboration with her, our ambassador which involved groundwork and dedication to give out a million peso worth of Kbeauty products from Althea.

A strong single mother of two, Rika not only showed perseverance and strength in her life but also knew what kindness meant for many. As such we didn't bat our eyelashes when we approached her on this "surprise" project together. 

From collecting thousands of products, moving them, and packing each Althea box filled with 6 - 10 items. She went out her way just before Christmas to give 200 gift boxes on the streets and hospitals. Such an act of kindness from our Angel Rika is one of the reasons we interviewed her for our International Woman's Day article.  Thank you, Rika from all of us at Althea Korea 💖


New on Althea: Innisfree Brightening Pore Line

Innisfree's Brightening Pore Line *NEW*

Bringing the powers of Korean nature to the world, Innisfree is well known for using ingredients found or grown on Jeju Island. From their best-selling Green Tea range (harvested from the green tea fields of south Jeju) to the trusty Jeju Volcanic range (featuring volcanic clay from Jeju's Super Volcanic Clusters), Jeju Island is a magical place filled with beauty. The latest Brightening Pore line from Innisfree features Hallabong (also known as Jeju Citrus) harvested on the northeastern side of the island.


Interview with Bubbly Vivi

Hello My Name is Vivian of @bubbly.vivi

Who would have thought a cosplayer would actually be a sweet but feisty young lady from a suburban town in Malaysia? We first got to know her when she started out reviewing beauty products from Althea and that her passion is so great, she would travel all the way from Perak to the city to attend one of our beauty workshops. 

With her love of reviewing skincare products, she has started an Instagram channel dedicated to sharing reviews and content that she creates. We have seen her style changed from the time we stalked her, and we love how she continues to improve with her self-taught skills and improvement workshops such as the one she attended in the city. 

Such passion and dedication to beauty are why we would love to interview her for our International Women's Day month. Secretly, we hope to see her cosplay more when she reviews beauty products!


Different Types of Hyaluronic Acid

Different types of Hyaluronic Acid

Today, we'll be sharing all about Hyaluronic Acid and the products with Hyaluronic Acid that K-beauty lovers love!

First of all, what is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring branched carbohydrate or sugar found throughout our body’s connective tissue. In skincare, there are different types of hyaluronic acid that can be used in cosmetic formulations.

Although its name contains the word “acid”, Hyaluronic Acid does not exfoliate the skin like AHA or BHA, so it mixes well with others and is safe for sensitive skin.


GCASH on Althea Philippines

GCash is now available on Althea

Shopping for your fave K-beauty products in the Philippines just got more convenient with GCash! From March 2021 onwards, GCash is now available as another payment method for Altheans shopping in Althea Philippines. Here are the steps on how you can avail this easy and convenient payment method on our website:


Interview with Nida Ahmed

Hello My Name is Nida Ahmed of @nidahmed

Hailing from Pakistan, this drop-dead gorgeous woman is a force to be reckoned with. This self-taught makeup artist also advocates plus-size beauty and exudes confidence in everything she does. With her bold, eccentric makeup tutorial videos on her Instagram channel, she has garnered an international following of over 50k (and still growing) Congratulations Nida!

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing this fine lady for our International Women's Day month to get to know her more and show how she turns herself into a work of art. 


Althea x Rose de Jardin Giveaway Winners

Althea Korea x Rose De Jardin

How to use Vitamin C Products


Let's Solve with Althea

Let's Solve with Althea 🔎

We are so happy to announce this month's collaborator is with a new skincare brand called itfer from Korea. They're a skin-friendly brand focusing on solutions for your skin so they can be happy, fresh, and healthy (think sensitive, acne-prone, troubled, and aging concerns). This is where itfer will come in with their products specially formulated using natural, powerful, skin-loving ingredients like hibiscus, edelweiss, mugwort extracts. Artificial chemicals are a no-no here!

Currently, their range of products fits into any skincare regime as they have developed a set of products catered to your K-Beauty steps! From cleansing to toning, day or night plus three different kinds of serum that you could use together or on its own depending on your skin concerns! 

And you know we love serums. They're the skin-detectives must-haves! 


Women’s Day Picks with Some By Mi

Women’s Day Picks with Some By Mi

With Women's Day just around the corner, we thought we would highlight products from Some By Mi, a female-owned brand that has become a fave of K-beauty lovers all around the world in the past few years.

Owned by CEO Lee Ji Eun, Some By Mi was born from a rising trend and growing demand for natural, organic, and vegan beauty. The name of the brand comes from the words “something” and “by a miracle”, combined with “mi,” meaning “beauty” in Korean.

Ingredient Highlight: Niacinamide

All about Niacinamide

One of K-beauty's star ingredients, Niacinamide is a common ingredient that can do wonders for your skin. In this post, we will be sharing all about the benefits and effects of Niacinamide, as well as our top product recommendations!


Althea X Rose De Jardin Giveaway

Althea Korea x Rose De Jardin

Inner healing, love, attraction, and peace, the rose quartz gemstone is said to bring you positive vibes during troubled times. For International Women's Day, Althea is proud to collaborate with @jardin_beautyofficial to giveaway 10 Rose Quartz Face Roller worth $40/each so you can beautiful 💖This is an international contest so as long you're our registered member and are within our delivery routes, we'll be able to ship the prize 🛩


New on Althea: Laneige Perfect Renew Range

Laneige's Perfect Renew Range *NEW*

Laneige is well known for its hydrating range of products, especially the cult-fave Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask. 
With anti-aging and skin-renewal in-focus, Laniege has recently revamped its selection of anti-aging products with the new Perfect Renew Range which is now available on Althea with direct shipping from Korea! 


ETUDE HOUSE x HERSHEY'S Collaboration Edition

Etude X Hershey's Kisses collection

Super love the Etude House's collaboration with Hershey's Chocolate? Then you're in for a delicious treat! Etude House has just released another collaboration with Hershey's but this time inspired by the conical chocolate kisses we came to know and love! Just in time for Valentine's Day as well as the palettes roll out in February all over the world.

If your country isn't getting these releases, then cheer up because they're available right here on Althea and we shipped globally to over 200 countries via (international site). For Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia please visit and select your country tunnel to start shopping!


K-beauty Picks for the Lunar New Year

K-beauty Picks for the Lunar New Year

The Year of the Metal Ox is upon us! Most of us are staying safe at home during this festive season. To spread a bit of self-love and to usher in the Lunar New Year, we thought we'd share with our Altheans some of our Lunar New Year skincare picks, curated for both the day and night!

Including best-sellers, cult-faves, and new drops, check out our curation below!


Let's Kiss with Althea

Let's Kiss with Althea 💋

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we have teamed up with @etudeofficial to send you kisses right from Korea to your doorsteps! Looking for extra love with 10 makeupnistas who does makeup videos on their gram! We want to see some TikTok going on! The shades will be sent randomly to reviewers to makeup! 💄

Etude X Hershey's Kisses collection will be available
this 8th Feb (Mon) on 🛒 

quad-eyeshadow palettes & chocolate mousse tints

Almond Chocolate is a gold palette with golden browns
matching with a deep red-brown mousse tint

Milk Chocolate is a silver palette with classic browns
matching with a neutral muted red mousse tint

Special Dark a red palette with rose-toned browns
matching with a warm muted red mousse tint

The Etude X Hershey's Kisses Play Color Eyes Collection features 3 deliciously scented shades inspired by the popular Hershey's Kisses con-shape chocolates in Milk Chocolate, Almond Chocolate and Special Dark. Each 4-quad eyeshadow palette comes with a perfect mix of wearable browns in matte, shimmer, and glitter. Eyeshadow brush is not included!

  • White Chocolate
    Featuring soft and creamy colors that resemble milk chocolate; for both warm and cool skin tones
  • Almond Chocolate
    A trendy color with the rich aroma of almond chocolate; for warm skin tone

  • Special Dark
    Neutral rosy tone with elegant deep brown shades of dark chocolate; for neutral skin tone

The Etude X Hershey's Kisses Choco Mousse Tints are deliciously velvety with natural colors of red inspired by the chocolates themselves. Each lip-smacking tint comes as deliciously soft like real chocolate mousse. It contains shea butter and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your chapped lips. 

  • Milk Chocolate
    Creamy milk chocolate with marshmallows in a hot chocolate drink
    Neutral tone – Summer / Fall – Mute

  • Almond Chocolate
    Warm red brown chocolate with toasted ground almonds
    Warm tone – Fall – Deep

  • Special Dark
    Rosy brown chocolate with concentrated cacao
    Warm tone – Fall – Mute 

For our reviewers, we will be randomly selecting shades to send over to be reviewed in your makeup video! Do give a flying kiss to Althea in the video if you can! *giggles* 💋

** How To Apply? **
  1. Follow @altheakorea @etudeofficial
  2. Like and share this post on your story and tag us @altheakorea
  3. Leave a comment on which colors you love!
  4. Apply here
Event Information:
1. Open to all Althea members with a legitimate Instagram account from 4th - 8th Feb 2021.
2. Instagram accounts created solely to enter the event will be disqualified.
3. Private Instagram accounts not eligible.
4. Read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions to submit your application form.
5. Beauty reviewers will be contacted via email. Failure to respond within 7 days will be forfeited.
6. Althea will ship to the reviewer's country available under
7. Reviewers will be responsible for the customs duty/tax imposed by their country.
8. Reviewers will receive an email guide on how to share their reviews.
9. Althea reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions set herein without prior notification.
10. This event is not affiliated with Instagram.

Legitimate: Not a bot, not illegal in any way, does not break any Instagram community rules, are not made for fraud, solely for gaining sponsored products/prizes, or is a new/inactive account made just to join a contest. If your account is private, and should we not be able to verify your legitimacy and your entry will be disqualified.


In-Sync Skincare with Itfer

In-Sync Skincare with Itfer

There's a new it-brand in town, and we're totally in love! Discover Itfer, a brand you can trust to have healthy, radiant skin!

Formulated using powerful and skin-loving natural ingredients like hibiscus, edelweiss, and mugwort extract, Itfer products do not contain any artificial chemicals. Instead, they use the power of nature to make your skin happy, fresh, and healthy!

Simple and minimalist, this brand minimizes skincare steps by having multi-purpose products, perfect for those on-the-go or who lead a busy lifestyle.


Affordable KBeauty on Althea

Althea's Best Price Guarantee Explained!

At Althea Korea, it is important to us that you are 100% happy with your purchase. Our Best Price Guarantee policy means you always get the best price. We often get asked: "Why are your products so affordable? or cheap? Do you sell authentic products? Are those expiring soon?".

Althea is your gateway to Korean beauty, and as the world's first hybrid CBT (Cross-Border-Trading) system, Althea is the first e-commerce company to have sourcing capabilities based in Korea. This means that we eliminate middlemen and pass the savings back to our customers!

From Korea to You

How It Works

Best Price Guarantee
As the world's first hybrid CBT (Cross-Border-Trading) system, we work directly with brands and ship to your doorstep. That is how we can provide incomparable prices to our customers around the globe!

We take great care to ensure our prices are competitive. Our Best Price Guarantee Policy is simple: we regularly check what is happening in the market to offer you the lowest price possible. However, if you happen to find a lower price (not promotional/sale price) from official retailers within 24 hours of your purchase, Althea will match the lower price and credit you the difference back! Terms and conditions apply. Our help team will verify if it's legit!

1. Make a purchase 
2. Should you find a lower price after your purchase within 24 hours, report the lower price (with link & screenshot) to
3. Althea will verify it 
4. Price match! 

Flat Rate Shipping with min purchase
Shipped direct from Korea, we have managed to keep our prices and shipping low while subsidizing free shipping for many years until now. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we had to introduce a flat-rate shipping plan to cope with the rising costs of international shipping from Korea.

This would still be at a low rate:
Althea Malaysia: RM5 (WM) / RM15 (EM) for orders above RM99
Althea Philippines: P60 for orders above P1,500
Althea USA/Global: USD4 for orders above USD50

*Althea Singapore remains unchanged with free shipping for orders above S$29.

Free Shipping for big spenders!
As of May 2022, free shipping is back for customers in Malaysia and the Philippines who shop big! How big? Check out the below:

Althea Malaysia: Orders above RM190 (WM) / RM210 (EM) 
Althea Philippines: Orders above P2,900

Thank you for your kind understanding, love, and support to continue shopping on Althea. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here or at

Authenticity Guarantee
We know affordability, and cheap prices are normally associated with either fake, defective, or near-expiry products. Do not fret as all products sold on Althea Korea are 100% authentic, backed up by our 200% authenticity guarantee. We only source our products from the exact distributors who supply to the major chain stores in Korea!

We would like to advise that product packaging does go through renewals periodically - some drastic, some minor. They also differ based on the factory that produces them and their distribution channels. Usually, no two batches of products are same. The printing, mold, fonts, colors will slightly deviate as equipment is replaced for the next batch of mass production. If ever you are not satisfied with your purchase, kindly email your concern and photographs to our Help Team at for clarification/investigation. Terms and conditions apply.

30-Days Return Guarantee
If you are not happy with your purchase (be it damaged while in transit/you do not trust it/etc.) you can always contact our customer service team at and quote for the 30-days return guarantee, no questions asked! Our help team will assist you to make a return on this. Terms and conditions apply.

We hope you have found the answers to your question! Happy shopping on Althea. Should you encounter any issues during the journey, kindly reach out to us on social media (FB/IG) or via email at Our customer service team will assist you within 48 business hours.

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