Happy Day Nail Art Tutorial

Happy Day Nails designed by Bora, Posh! Nail Spa

Got a case of the Monday Blues? Don’t worry, we’ve got this Happy Day nail tutorial to brighten up your day! These cute nails are simple to do yet catch a lot of attention thanks to the bold colours and designs. We paired up with Posh! Nail Spa and nail designer Bora came up with this cheery salon-ready look that you can get without leaving your front door. She used Half Moon Eyes’ Nail Me Water Decals in no. 1, no. 4 and no.6. Here’s a tutorial on how you can get these nails without leaving the comfort from your home:


Lizly What A Lovely Palette Review

one palette to kill them all

It can be heartbreaking shelling out lots of cash for an eyeshadow palette that doesn’t live up to expectations. Chalky formulas, lack of pigmentation, and short wear-time can sometimes make both us and our purses cry in despair. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a compact palette that comes with a decent selection of colours, generous amount of product and give superb pigmentation, all without breaking the bank? Althea’s brought in their latest shining star: the Lizly What A Lovely Palette that does all that AND looks cute in your hand when you need a touch-up or two! If this hasn’t become a must-have in your beauty stash, it will be by the time you get your hands on one. Here’s the beauty breakdown on one of our best eyeshadow palettes yet!


Althea Box 1: Life-proof Makeup Box

Althea Box #1 Life Proof Box

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than putting in heaps of effort to look your best (and winking at yourself in the mirror after because you know you look amazing), then having it melt off your face within a couple of hours. Trust us, we’ve all been there: your foundation starts looking patchy, half your eyebrows are gone, and you look like a not-so-hot mess. The key to making sure your makeup stays on all day is a combination of long-lasting formulas as well as application techniques to really ensure that your face looks as good as possible, for as long as possible.

Weird K-Beauty Products

weird K-Beauty products on Althea

Halloween has just passed and we can still smell the spices from witches’ brew and feel the chill from the breeze as they zoom by on their broomsticks. The autumn air is still thick with falling leaves and cozy gloom as October rolls by. You know this time of the year brings: comfort and warmth sprinkled with a bit of spooky fear and ghouls, topped with a range of weird and wonderful beauty products. As we tread into November, let’s take a quick peek at some of our favorite unconventional beauty treats (no tricks here!).
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