Double Trouble Box

Spots and redness got you down? We've got just the remedy for a relaxed, healthy complexion! Althea's Double Trouble Box has got just the products to take care of your skin and put your mind at ease. Containing 7 full sized items, this box is geared to soothe and nourish, just what we needed for bad skin days. Here's a video on the Double Trouble Box!


Chosun Beauty

Beauty is ingrown in Korean roots, and in the Chosun Dynasty, beauty was both a necessity and prized asset. In the olden days, women were creative with their beauty methods, and used an array of traditional ingredients as makeup and skincare for a flawless complexion. While today's products are an evolution of these methods, it's nice to hop into the time machine and go back to K-beauty's roots to see where the magic really comes from.

It's the BOOM! (De Ah Dah)

Oh yeah, we're coming at you with a blast from one our latest K-Beauty faves! Boom De Ah Dah (which from here on will be referred to as BDAD) has recently found themselves on Althea's airwaves and we're taking them for a spin. Named after the phrase for "we love the whole world" in African, BDAD's products are made with natural, gentle products that encourage the skin to heal and improve on its own for some sustainable skin goodness. They firmly believe that good quality products don't necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag, so just as they've pass on the savings onto their customer, we're going to pass on some insight into some after-hours care with BDAD!

Beauty Lifeguard Box

Summertime is here, and that means the heat is out to play! Don't worry though, Althea's Beauty Lifeguard Box is here to ensure you look as fine as you can be (no melty makeup messes). It's got 5 full sized long wearing and waterproof products that'll keep your face locked in place so you can enjoy the parties and fun without checking for touch ups every two minutes. Here’s a video on the beauty breakdown of the Beauty Lifeguard Box!


Food Skin Love Box

We love food! So naturally, it was only right to find the best kind for our skins. Althea's Food Skin Love Box is all about the right ingredients for a healthy complexion and knowing how to make your food work for you. Containing 7 full-sized products, this box is here to ensure your skin is left with a radiant and healthy glow. Here’s a video on the beauty breakdown of the Food Skin Love Box!


Breaking The Glass On Glass Skin

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That's it, we're breaking the glass on "Glass Skin"! There's no point beating around the bush with this: K-beauty has found itself another trend that has women (and men) all over the world lusting for its gorgeous complexion results. An evolution of the infamous "Chok-Chok" complexion, glass skin has found itself the object of the spotlight, and we're going to tell you just what it is, how to achieve it and recommend some products just for you.


Double Cleansing 101

Before the days of K-beauty, we’d step into the shower, lather up a sudsy cleansing foam all over the face, rinse off and call it a day. Little did we know that this wasn’t the right way to ensure that the skin is properly cleansed without any leftover residue. When the Korean Double Cleanse method was introduced, we were intrigued (and slightly apprehensive) at adding more oil to our faces, but we were eager to try it out anyway. Now we’ve got this method down to a tee, and we’re going to break it all down for you.

The Only Soap Cleanser You'll Ever Need

We're more used to seeing our cleansers come in a tube or a stick, but the Da Mior cleansing soaps were enough to make us converts! Da Mior is known for their sudsy bars, and is a company that harnesses the vitality and nutrition value of bamboos in their products. Their skincare is not only fantastic for the skin, but great for the planet as well, pledging to donate a percentage of their profits to the R&D of bamboo forests for some sustainable beauty.


Royal Skin Real Mud Mask

When your skin feels clogged with impurities and nasties you've collected over time, nothing quite cleanses as deeply as a good mud mask. The clay component of mud masks is rich in minerals that pull out all that gunk from your skin, making you feel clean and fresh. However, those masks do come at a messy cost: mud masks can be troublesome to apply evenly and difficult to wash off, resulting in sensitive, red skin due to overzealous scrubbing. Royal Skin's Real Mud Mask gives you the best of both worlds: the cleaning power of mud and the convenience of a sheet mask!
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