Althea's DIY Birthday Box

There's three beautiful Althea cake box to collect this year!

Hey Altheans! We've been having a blast so far in the month of July, and we've just been reeling in the amazing festivities! We hope you've been enjoying yourself too, and that you've gotten a thing or two out of it as well. We couldn't leave this year's birthday celebration without doing a limited edition birthday box to show you guys, so we've decided to have a special little tea party with the whole Glam Squad to celebrate Althea turning 2!

This year's birthday theme for the box is a birthday cake that you could decorate on your own. Early this year, Althea released the XL size box which could fit even more things inside (bigger and better). Now Althea has three different size boxes - the small, large and extra large. For Althea's Birthday, each of the boxes will have its own colour pastel purple, pink and mint green.

For some delicious fun, we've included some decorations for you to get creative with including a cake bunting kit and some paper cut outs to adorn your very own Althea cake. Ready to get crafty?

The cake buntings come in 3 different colours: pink, blue and rainbow. We've used the pink one for our box (Althea's colour is pink!) and stuck it to the back of the box using some tape. Alternatively, you can poke holes into the top of the box and pop them in that way. The set also comes with little flags that you can add to the box for extra festiveness.

Time to get cutting! There are two different paper decorations: one consists of a cool 3D number "2" in pink, and another contains adorable pictures that are celebration themed.

Once you've cut everything out, put the number "2" together following the instructions given on the card (stick together with tape or glue for best results). Cut out the paper decor and place little pieces of tape or glue on the little flaps for it to stick onto the box wherever you like. If you're feeling a little extra, you can even add your own stickers or decorations to add to your birthday cake!

Here's how our box turned out

Super pretty right? We're absolutely in love! We hope you find this little guide helpful, and we can't wait to see all your creative entries to the Fly Me To Korea contest! Did you like decorating your box? Let us know what you think should be our birthday theme for next year in the comments down below!


Dr. Mind Grand Opening

Oh no, redness and troubled spots appearing on your complexion again? Sensitivities can sometimes be calmed by a little hydration, but sometimes we need some professional help. Enter Dr. Mind, Althea's latest beauty offering! We're super excited that this brand launches today and we can't wait to share this well-loved brand.

Dr. Mind is a brand that puts a clinical dose into their beauty products. Following their philosophy of "Mind" and "Consumers", Dr. Mind believes in healthy skin and works to target skin issues faced by consumers, providing solutions from a medical perspective, so you know that their stuff works for sure. With the latest technology and patents, Dr. Mind is always on the search for ingredients and techniques that not only pacify skin issues, but work to eliminate them too.

There are two main ranges from Dr. Mind: the Pore range and the AC/Apot range. Let's talk a little bit about the former first. The Pore range consists of skincare and face makeup products that are suited for oily skin and those with enlarged pores. These products consists of skincare staples that work to exfoliate away dead skin cells and control the oil-to-water balance of the skin for an even, healthy complexion. This skincare range consists of fundamentals that include the Pore Peel Deep Cleansing Foam, Toner, Water Gel Cream, Balm and the Pore Sebum Cushion.

The AC/Apot range works to soothe redness and irritations of the skin. Made with calming but effective ingredients like bee venom and sea salt extracts, this range targets troubles and works to evens out the skin tone for a healthy, radiant glow. This range consists of treatment products including the AC Dressing Mist, Clear Cover Cream, Peeling Pads, Zinc Powder and Apot Clear Roll On.

Dr. Mind products are currently on sale at Althea (just search for Dr. Mind) and for a limited time, you could get yourself a free Apot Red Mask and Apot Clear soap (while stocks lasts). Psst, there's also a 20% discount code to be found on the site right now, but you didn't hear that from me. ;) Which items are you most excited to try out from Dr. Mind? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!


Interview with Tehmina Kaoosji

Tehmina Kaoosji has it all: beauty, brains, and brawn to kick your butt too! A model, actress, emcee and producer, Tehmina has appeared in numorous films and graced the pages of countless magazines, but is best known for her role as Sara in Sara Is Missing (a brilliant horror-based game that has even big YouTubers like Markiplier and Jackscepticeye talking!). When she's not in front of the camera, she's spending her time reading up on world affairs or hunting down and plotting out the next big story. We manage to catch a moment in her hectic routine and sat her down to find out some of her secrets to beauty and life. Curious? Read on!


Dynamic Duos (For Your Skin Type!)

Trying to figure out your skin type can be as confusing as knowing what products you should use for them. After all, the terms “lotion” and “cream” sound like they’d do the same thing right? Plus, when you throw multitasking products into the mix, it can get even more hectic. To help simplify your skin types, we’ve broken down what you need and rounded up two products from Althea that'll help elevate your skincare game!


Real Skin White Jade One Shot Ampoule

In the land of K-Beauty, plastic surgery is no taboo. In fact, it's easily obtained and can be done by just about anyone with a little extra cash. But for those of us who are a little shorter on funds, there's Real Skin to help with our beauty woes! Skin brightening in a tube, their White Jade One Shot Ampoule is designed to brighten and give the skin a radiant boost (without needing any actual needles).


Bare Blanc Pink Tender Cream

The hallmark of Korean beauty is a youthful complexion. Smooth, glowy skin that seems to radiate from within is undoubtedly desirable, and with the help of the right products, completely attainable! Bare Blanc is known for their spunky "in your face" packaging that houses quality products made with good ingredients to ultimately achieve a flawless face, and we absolutely couldn't say no to the Pink Tender Cream! Here's what we got when we tried it out.

Bare Blanc's Pink Tender Cream is an all-in-one moisturizer cum skin prep cum makeup base for your everyday needs. With a slight pinky tinge, this product contains ruby and coral pearl extracts that leave behind a dewy glow while evening out and brightening the skin's tone. It also contains hyaluronic acid and creates a film made of glycoprotein that protects the skin from harmful externalities and pollutants. This helps to hydrate while preventing irritations as you go about your day. 

How to use:
Before foundation or BB cream, pump out a small amount and apply evenly onto the skin. It can be worn alone or under makeup for a smooth complexion.

This cream felt gorgeous upon application: it instantly plumped up the skin and left a pearly sheen behind, giving the perfect conditions for makeup application. It didn't seem to add any colour to the skin, so we love putting this under foundation to give a little extra hydration to the skin (no flaking and dryness here!) without needing to worry about colour alterations. The pleasant light baby powder scent isn't too overpowering as well. Wearing it on its own made our skin hydrated and bright looking without any stickiness. 
This product is great for days that you need a full face of makeup and those days when you can't be bothered to put in the effort but still feel like having something on. What do you guys think about the Tender Pink Cream? Have you had a chance to try out any of Bare Blanc's Products on Althea? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!


Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity

We know how addictive masking can be, and while we usually settle for a conveniently packed sheet mask, sometimes it pays to get our hands dirty. To inject a little life into our regime, we've gotten said hands on some of Half Moon Eyes' Pink Fruity Pack! We couldn't wait to try out this lovely pink number to see how it would fare on our faces.

Althea's 2nd Birthday Highlights

Hi gorgeous people! Can you believe that Althea's officially two? It's that time of the year again when we celebrate Althea's Birthday, and we couldn't have made it this far without YOU. So to say a big thank you and give back, we've got a whole month's worth of fun activities and giveaways for our favorite Altheans. So be ready, get set and jet with us through this glorious month!

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