Althea Rewards Program

Althea Rewards Explained

Althea's Reward Program is here, be rewarded and earn points with your purchase! Spend more and level up with Althea to earn more points and rewards. Here's everything you need to know about the Althea Rewards Program!

Points are earned as a rewards member, and points can be exchanged for gift cards at checkout. The more points you redeem, the more discounts you can get!

ways to earn points as an Althea rewards customer


Join the rewards program and start earning points. To join the rewards program, simply make an account and make a purchase on Althea.

STEP 2: EARNEarn points every time you shop! Here's how many points you earn every time you spend:

Althea US/Global: Every USD1 spent = 1 point earned
Althea Philippines: Every PHP10 spent = 1 point earned
Althea Indonesia: Every IDR1000 spent = 1 point earned
Althea Malaysia: Every MYR1 spent = 1 point earned
Althea Singapore: Every SGD1 spent = 1 point earned

*Althea USA/Global customers can currently earn points but points redemption is temporarily unavailable.

*Make 3 purchases and you'll get extra bonus points!

Redeem points for exclusive discounts. Points earned will automatically reflect on your account. Head over to your account and scroll down to the bottom page to find your current point balance.

Althea US/Global: 100 points = USD5 redeemed
Althea Philippines: 10 points = PHP5 redeemed
Althea Indonesia: 100 points = IDR5000 redeemed
Althea Malaysia: 100 points = MYR5 redeemed
Althea Singapore: 100 points = SGD5 redeemed

  • Create an Althea account
  • Shop on Althea
  • Follow Althea on Facebook 
  • Follow Althea on Instagram
  • Make 3 purchases
  • Review products (verified buyer)
  • Birthday Reward

*Points earned vary per country. To check how many points each activity earns, head over to > Rewards tab > scroll down.

*Only accounts created after November 28, 2019, are eligible to earn points for creating an account. Current active and existing accounts will not be eligible for these extra points.

Happy Birthday Campaign

How Do I Earn Birthday Reward?
To activate your birthday reward, you need to key in your birthday at least a month before your birthday. The system will email you a Happy Birthday reward notifying you that your reward has been added into your account. You can check this on "Points History".

birthday email from Althea (example)

How to earn points via review a product & purchases

How Do I Earn Review A Product Reward?
As a verified buyer (meaning when you have made a purchase on Althea for a particular product) you will be sent an email to leave a review by Althea. Complete this step and you'll receive the Review a Product points into your account linked to your purchase along with a Thank You 10% discount coupon. You can check your Rewards History to see if you have received the Review a Product (Verified Buyer) points.

*Thank You 10% Discount Coupon is only while the campaign lasts.

check your total points & history under rewards history

To view your points balance, please head over to our website (, log in to your account and scroll down to the bottom page to find your current point balance.

To view your points transactions, head over to > Rewards tab > Rewards History.

On the app, head over to Account > Rewards & Referral.

*You must log in to view your points balance.

Points can be exchanged for gift cards at checkout. Simply select your gift card from the drop-down menu. Althea USA/Global customers can currently earn points, but points redemption is temporarily unavailable.

For the app, simply select your gift card from the drop-down menu at checkout:


The more you spend, the more you earn! Grow from a seed to a flower with Althea when you spend more, and be rewarded with more points!

Althea Rewards Tier Level

To progress from one level to another, your total order history must surpass the qualifying amount.

*Qualifying order requirements for each level & birthday reward points vary per country. To check the qualifying order requirements for each level, head over to > Rewards tab > scroll down.

Althea Referral Program


To refer a friend, head over to > log in to your account > scroll to the bottom of the page > enter your friend's email address in the space provided:

*Referral amounts and rewards vary per country.

Once your friend completes the referral, it will be shown in your referral records. Your reward for referrals will come in the form of a code, which will be sent via email. To use your code, simply apply it at checkout.

*Check email to see the details of the code for expiry.

This guide serves as a reference guide only for information regarding the Althea Rewards points. The information may change according to the program's needs and updates. Do check with the Althea K-Squad on Instagram / Facebook to be sure! We'll be happy to update you.

Do not hesitate to leave us a comment or question below. For assistance on issues relating to your Althea Gift Card and Reward Points, kindly e-mail Please note that your points are not transferable nor redeemable for cash.


#ALTHEAGIFTS Instagram Christmas Contest


Fly Me to Korea #AltheaTurns4 Winners

Drum rolls please! Our #AltheaTurns4 celebration has come to an end, and after poring through our Altheans' Fly Me To Korea contest entries, we're finally ready to announce the lucky grand prize winner as well as our consolation winners!

#AltheaBROWSerHistory Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined our #AltheaBROWSerHistory contest on Instagram! To recap, we're giving away a full range of the newA'bloom Brow Wow! Eyebrow Pencils to 10 lucky Altheans who show us their brow transformations.

#AltheaBROWSerHistory Contest

We're so excited to finally share our newest creation with you! A'bloom's Brow Wow! Eyebrow Pencils have launched, and to celebrate, we're giving away 10 sets of the full range! Here's how you can win:

A'bloom Brow Wow! Eyebrow Pencils

It’s finally here!  A’bloom has always come hard and fast to you guys with quirky designs and fun colors, perfect for living up your beauty routine. Our latest addition to the A’bloom family has landed on Althean shores, and we’re so excited to unveil our latest baby! Meet the Brow Wow! Eyebrow Pencils, our favorite way to fill and frame the face!


Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw Winners

We’ve sneakily slipped in carnival tickets into your orders during our birthday month, and the mysterious and elusive Madam Velvet is here to draw out and select the winners!

AltheaTurns4 Facebook & Instastory Contest Winners

The wait is over! We'd like to thank Altheans worldwide for your love and support during our #AltheaTurns4 celebration!


FAQ: How to use Althea Gift Cards

Annyeong Altheans! Along with the new shopping experience that we've rolled out this week, we're also introducing and exciting new feature: Gift Cards!

New Althea Shopping Experience!

Annyeong Altheans! You may have recently noticed that Althea's site looks a little different, that's because we've changed platforms to be able to serve you better! This brand spanking new version of Althea should be faster, smoother and easier for you to get your K-beauty fix delivered right to your doorstep.

Face Factory's Aura Water Peeling

Remember when we talked about the hottest Inssatem last week? We have one to talk about today that we thought deserved its very own blog post! The Aura Water Peeling device has made waves all across the beauty industry in Korea, and is one of the must-have items in the homes of beauty junkies. Here’s the beauty breakdown on this curious device, plus how you can add it to your skincare regime!

#Inssatem - Althea's Hottest Items!

Here on Althea, we always try our best to get you the hottest, trendiest products to add to your K-beauty routine and lifestyle. We’ve recently had some interesting insider items, or Inssatem as we like to call it, that have landed on Althean shores. We’ve picked out some cool stuff for your hair, face and body, perfect for giving your lifestyle an extra boost. Here’s the beauty breakdown!

Althea's Birthday Beauty Boxes

Annyeong Altheans! Our birthday has been so magical and fun so far, and we hope you’ve had a blast with us! We’ve got a big surprise for you: Althea’s Beauty Boxes are back! These boxes have re-emerged on Althealand to give you a really good deal on beauty bundles you’ll love. Here’s the quick beauty breakdown on what you can expect!

Some By Mi 30 Day Miracle Range

Acne-prone skin can be triggered by a number of things: hormonal imbalance, external pollutants, excess oil and sebum are just some of the stuff to worry about. Keep your skin healthy and even with Some By Mi’s 30 Day Miracle range! They’ve come up with a cleansing bar, toner, serum and cream to keep your flare-ups under control, and aim to sort your skin out in just 30 days! Here’s the beauty breakdown on all you need to know.

Althea Carnival Box and Kit + GWP

Annyeong Altheans! Have you been enjoying our birthday celebrations so far? #AltheaTurns4 this year comes with limited edition Carnival boxes, birthday kits and even gifts with purchase that you can add to your collection! Here’s the beauty breakdown on what’s good, plus how you can use them to win big!

#AltheaMagic Instastory Contest

🎶 새일 축하합니다, Happy birthday to us! 🎶. Share your love for Althea in a creative birthday greeting and win USD100 Althea Shopping Credits! 🎂.


#AltheaTurns4 Highlights

It’s our birthday! We are turning 4 this year and we couldn’t have done it without YOU! Yes you, our beloved fans who has shop, loved and supported us throughout the years. To celebrate, we planned a whole magical month just for you filled with fun activities, goodies and contests so you could stand a chance to win big or small from us all! Keep your eyes peeled and fingers clicking on Althea's site because we're about to get into our most magical sale-bration yet!


Fly Me To Korea #AltheaTurns4

Ready for our most magical celebration yet? #AltheaTurns4 is back with our Fly Me To Korea contest, this time bigger, more magical and certainly more fun! To celebrate this year with a big bang, we’re giving you and a friend the opportunity to discover magical fun Korea with a trip to Lotte World!

Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw

Step right up and try your hand at Althea’s Carnival Lucky Draw! We’ve sneakily slipped in carnival tickets into your boxes while the Carny wasn’t looking (shh!). These carnival tickets are your invite to winning more Althea Magic Points to shop on the greatest k-beauty show site on Earth! Make sure you shop more for more chances at getting that lucky carnival ticket!


Face Mists For All

Sure, we put in the time and effort every morning and night to keep our skin feeling great, but what about midday when we’re out and about? One of our favorite products to keep handy is the face mist: refresh your skin with an easy spritz any time of the day! We’ve picked out some of our favorite ones to suit your skin’s needs that you can easy pop into your bag to keep you misted even when you're on the move. Here’s the beauty breakdown on face mists for all!

Night Time Routine with Althea

Ah, it’s been a long day! Nothing feels quite as good as getting into your own bed after the sun sets, but don’t forget about giving your face a little TLC before your beauty sleep. Did you know that your skin regenerates and repairs while you catch the Z’s? That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite Althea products to create an easy night time routine. Keep your skin in tip-top shape before you start counting sheep!

Althea Eid 2019 Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans!
The festive celebration of Eid just ended for our Muslim fans, we hope it was filled with warmth, love and joy. While you were busy enjoying the celebration, we managed to go through the entries  of our Eid contests on both Facebook and Instagram, so without further ado, here are the lucky winners. Congratulations to:


Morning Routine With Althea

The sun has peeked its sleepy head, the leaves are glittered with dew and the birds are starting to chirp. Morning has broken, and it’s time to start the day! To get you going, we’ve put together some of our favorite Althea products to create an easy morning routine. Get ready to perk up before you head out the door!

Easy Peasy Aqua Calming Stick

Summer is almost here, which means that the sweltering heat is just around the corner! Keeping your skin’s temperature in check is important to ensure that irritations and flare ups don’t happen even in the humid, hot climates. Easy Peasy’s Aqua Calming Stick is our very own pocket hydrator and it’s super fresh here on Althealand! Here’s the beauty breakdown on this curiously blue stick!

Budget K-Beauty - Skincare Under $10

Purse feeling a little light but you're already scraping at the bottom trying to get the last of your favorite cream? Don't worry your sweet little purse, because we're here to give you a little hand! At Althealand, we believe that just because you're broke, doesn't mean you can't look and feel your best. Whether you're caught up in the troughs of adult life, or you're living on a tight student budget, we've picked out some of our favorites to keep your skin and your bank account happy! Here's our must-have K-beauty picks under $10!

Raya Looks featuring Keera!

Annyeong Altheans! Raya is just around the corner, and it's the time of fun, festivities, food and spending time with your loved ones. So you've selected your outfits, but have you thought about your makeup yet? We've worked with an Althean and fellow beauty enthusiast Keera of @keeracakedherface to create two looks for this Raya season. Here's the beauty breakdown on them, plus a chance to win some Althea credits too!


A'bloom GIFs Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans.

Thank you for your amazing support during the A'bloom launch event! We are really enjoying all of the unboxing videos that you are sharing on Instagram too. Keep them coming and make sure to tag us @altheakorea and hashtag #altheakorea #featuredonalthea and #altheaabloom to stand a chance to be featured. For those who are relying on their luck on the A'bloom GIFs contest to win ONE(1) set of A'bloom products for themselves, wait no more as we have finally selected the 10 lucky winners. Congratulations to:

Althea Raya Makeup Look on Fresh Brew RTM TV2

Fresh faces on Fresh Brew!
(L-R) Neesot (MUA), Cuwie (model), Zooey (FreshBrew Host)
Tammy (Althea Head of Creative Communications)

Annyeong Altheans! We’ve recently gotten the amazing opportunity to work with a Malaysian TV station called RTM TV2 on the Fresh Brew show! They were kind enough to give us a little beauty segment where we could create a Raya makeup look to celebrate this festive season. To create just the right look, we’ve gotten Neesot, our makeup artist of the day to showcase Althea’s products as best as they can be. Here’s the beauty breakdown on how it all went down!

0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk Coffee

A great cuppa coffee can really start your day right! We love a delicious brew, and one with a yummy taste and added benefits has landed on Althea’s shores, perfect for adding to your everyday routine. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s latest inssatem: 0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk black coffee!

Althea Angels Tour + A'bloom

Annyeong Altheans! It’s been a wild ride here at Althealand, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the successful launch of our newest baby: the A’bloom collection! In conjunction with A’bloom going live on the site, we threw an Althea Angels Tour party to showcase our products and have a little fun in Malaysia. Here’s how it all went down!

Althea's Supporters are Back in Action!

Annyeong Altheans! It’s been a whirlwind ride here at Althealand with the new launch of our A’bloom babies. We love making new, fun and innovative k-beauty products, and it warms our hearts even more when they become a staple in your beauty regime! That’s why it’s important for us to get feedback on how our items fare on your skin. Remember the last time we did a Supporter’s event? We’ve recently had the opportunity to hold another one to create yet another product that’s fun and special!

Luscious Locks Loot

Strong, healthy hair that shines in the light is always in style. Afterall, a sassy hair flip just wouldn’t be the same without some luscious locks. The hair is the crown of your head, and can really make or break your look. Give some TLC to your mane event with some of our favorite items that’ll ensure you put your best hair forward. Here’s the beauty breakdown featuring some of our favorite hair care products!

Althea's Easter 2019 Facebook Contests Winners

Annyeong, Altheans!
The weekend of celebration might have passed but don't forget that we still have something to celebrate; the winners of Althea's Easter Facebook contests winners. Before that, thank you to all of our fans for joining in the fun! We've gone through all the entries and it's time to announce who are the lucky bunnies. Congratulations to;

Get Juicy with A'bloom's Sheet Masks!

Today’s finally the day! Cute, colorful and quirky, A’bloom is coming your way with fun products that add a little extra to your vanity. As self-proclaimed sheet mask connoisseurs, it was only right that we came out with our own to pamper the skin. The third product launching in this line is one that you guys are most excited about: the A’bloom Sheet Masks! Here’s the beauty breakdown on all you need to know!

Blast Away Blackheads with A'bloom!

Are you excited for our launch tomorrow? A’bloom is coming at you hard and fast with quirky designs and fun colors, perfect for living up your beauty routine! The second product in this range is all about being your skin’s superhero designed to keep away nasty blackheads and impurities. Say hello to A’bloom’s BHA Blackhead Blaster! Here’s the beauty breakdown on all you need to know before it comes out!

A'Bloom is here!

Althea, korea, k-beauty, beauty sponge, pink, beauty tool, cake, blend, foundation

Yes, it’s no surprise that Althea has been and will continue to produce brilliant skincare products to suit the modern urbanite, but today we’ll be talking about something a little different. We’ve been working on a project for a little while that we’re super excited to be able to finally share with you! Meet Althea’s A’Bloom, our latest and newest in-house brand that promises to bring an explosion of fun to your beauty routine. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what A’bloom has to offer!

Our Prettiest Mask To Date!

purple, peel off mask, k-beauty, althea, cosmetics, skincare, glitter, holographic, iridescent, magic, prreti

The galaxy’s radiance comes in the form of a peel-off mask with Prreti’s Bling Gli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask! Mystical, glittery and an absolute dream to look at, this mask isn’t just pretty, it’s also great for detoxifying the skin adding luminosity to the complexion. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what this mask has to offer!

March's Review & Receive Points Winners

Annyeong, Altheans! 
Not long ago, we held the March review event where we will reward *USD0.50 Althea Reward Points to each review dropped on 3 selected Althea Exclusives products. Those products were Althea’s Spotlight Eye Glitter, Milk Peel Cream Mask and Watercolor Cream Tint. Now that it’s over, it’s time to reveal the top reviewer and for them to be gifted their *USD30 Althea Reward Points for leaving their feedback. With all the reviews read, the best reviewer has been selected. Chukahamnida, congratulations to:
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