Flower Power with Pure Smile

We know it's getting colder and dryer as we gear up towards the end of 2017, but that doesn't mean everything has to be dark and dreary. Keep your skin feeling hydrated and your spirits lifted with Pure Smile's Point Pads! We're big fans of Pure Smile and their affordable yet high-quality products, and these little pads of hydration are no exception. Previously only exclusively sold in Japan, Althea has recently brought them in, making one of K-Beauty's hottest and cutest brands now accessible worldwide. We've got the floral range with us today, so here's the beauty breakdown on these pretty pads!


Wanderlust Box

Ah, the wonders of traveling! Getting to go out there and discover the world can be such an enriching experience! Whether you're out there to get yourself a tan on the most beautiful beaches or surround yourself in lush forest greens, there's no doubting one thing: you'll still have to pack your essentials. Bulky beauty products can potentially spill in your luggage bag, and they add to the weight that you can carry on the plane. But don't worry, Althea's got you! We've come up with a box containing handy products that are the perfect makeup travel companions no matter where you go! Here's a quick beauty breakdown on the Wanderlust Box!

Softest Lips Yet!

Pucker up, honey! Soft, smooth lips will always be in-trend. Afterall, who can really say no to a gorgeous pout? But sometimes dry, cold weather can leave our lips cracked and feeling chapped, which, in more severe cases, can lead to flaking and bleeding. Keep your delicate lip area looking and feeling its best with Pure Smile's Choosy Lip Pack Box!



Are You Ready For A Christmas Adventure?

Snow's gently trickling down onto a white blanket on the rooftops, Christmas carols can be heard in the air; the warm, comforting smell of eggnog and the promise of a roast dinner awaits on this festive occasion. Ah, what better way to soak in the Christmas spirit that's nearly upon us, than to sit down with a good Christmas Story? 'Tis the season to be all sorts of jolly, especially with Althea! Sit back, get comfy with your warm drink of choice and let Santa Althea whisk you away on a magical adventure...


Pure Smile Black Sheet Bubble Pack

Sheet masks are the best, aren't they? They're essentially all the goodness you need in the convenience of a packet! As self-proclaimed sheet mask aficionados, we're always on the hunt for cool new sheet masks to try. We stumbled upon Pure Smile's Black Sheet Bubble Pack and when we heard that this bubbles before your eyes, we just knew we had to try it out. As per usual, we've enlisted the help of our lovely Danish Swan to show you what it's all about. Here's the beauty breakdown on this fun mask!

A;t Fox Tea Cell Ampoules

Fresh, fun and fabulous, A;t Fox has recently come out with a brand new range of Tea Cell Ampoules to add a little extra goodness to your beauty routine! Stemming from the love for tea, this brand originally started out as a beauty cafe in Korea where they offer desserts and different kinds of tea for wellness. A;t Fox then decided to come up with their own beauty line, centering their products around the goodness and benefits of tea for a flawless complexion. They recently sent over their Tea Cell Ampoules, and we knew we had to share them with you. Here's the beauty breakdown on these pretty products!


Acids For All!

Acid? On the face?? The idea of putting acids onto the skin can be a rather intimidating idea, but when picked right, they could do wonders and be the boost your skincare routine needs. Acids are very popular when it comes to K-beauty, and it pays to know which is the best for your skin type. Here's a quick beauty breakdown on some of our favorites!


Unpa Cosmetics

One of Korea's hottest and best selling brands is officially here on Althea shores! Originally started as an online beauty platform, Unpa has recently released their own product range. With fun, chic branding, Unpa's products are made with organic and natural ingredients that are good for the skin, making them friendly for just about any skin type. We're excited to finally be bringing them to you, and we've round up their full range for a sneak peak (so you can find out a little more before you commit to buying). Here's the beauty breakdown on Unpa Cosmetics!


Royal Treatments - Princess Edition

Every girl's dreamed of becoming a princess at one point in time or another. Whimsical dresses, glittery crowns, magical love stories... what's not to love? Transform into your favorite princess with some of our beauty goodies for that royal treatment in the comfort of your own home! Here are some of our top picks to put the extra shine on your tiara!


AltheaTurns2 Fly Me to Korea Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans.

Woohoo!! Are you excited? We know you are and we do too! 🎉It's finally time for us to announce the winners for AltheaTurns2 Birthday Celebration. 🎂 After going through all the eligible entries and a long consideration, we have finally chosen the winners for the Fly Me to Korea Contest. Do you know what this means? Someone is going to Korea soon! 🛫

Suaviss Travel Kit

Travelling can be super exciting, but it can also be a hassle to pack for. Should I bring that outfit? Did I forget my charger? How are my bottles going to fit into my bag? Luckily for us, Suaviss is here to make packing just that little bit easier! Suaviss is known in Korea for their aesthetic services and has put in a lot of effort into the R&D of their own range of products. Their beauty products are suitable for people of all ages (including your little ones too). We picked up this handy travel trio from them and we can't wait to try them out!



Nakeup Face Winners

Hello, Altheans! Pixie Eros is here to announce the winners of our #HashtagYourFace contest in collaboration with Nakeup Face! We'd like to thank each and every one of you for participating, as well as for constantly showing us your love and support! 💕
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