Althea 2.0 Grand Launching: Facebook Cover Change Winners!

It has been almost 2 weeks since we launched Althea 2.0 website and we hope you love the new website feature! So as promised, here are the list of winners for the Althea Girls Facebook cover change event we did last week. Kamsahamnida 감사합니다, thank you for your participation!!

Malaysia Winners

Caroline Lim Zt
Sherrie Pui
WenWei Teng
Rynie Fayrooz
Jayne Ang
Queenie Lai
Christyl Chin
Succy Suki
Lee Shin May
Lee Sharon
Kean Moon
Wei Jiong
Leona Mei Ling Lim
Syee Yong
Kathy Kok
Ae Cha
Joy Hui Shean
Kelly Foo
Sweeya Khilji
Bowie Seng
Sarah Chow
Lai Yan
Poh Ling
Melissa Mah
May Chin
Michelle Ng Foong Mei
Pinku No Sakura
Cherrie Season
Ee Lin
Kelly Ong
Zoey Eun
KuMiko Ow
Sylvia Bakusing
Daree Kpop
Izzatul Syazwanie
Eriol Loh
Ting Cht
Kim Tan
Tee Sin Yee
Lay Hoon
Yoke Ching
Jamie Lee Kw
Lys Leoi
Miriam Hui Kung
Neko Chii
Jane Lee
Tamanna Islam
Hamizah Rashid
Princess Sya Miza
Wei Von
Kzx Aurelia
Asyura Liyana
Sherry Go
Bella Belle
Misty Law
Tzyy Ying
Kylie Wenn
Sheryl Ho Bao Huey
Lui Qinyi
Charlotte Transon
Xin Yuan
Penny Lum
Jen Leong
Wen Qi
Siew Chin Loo
Q-b Ell
Stephanie Wong
Han Jeri
Joyce Loh
Mellissa Wong
Haohao HyukHae
Liyun Ng
Christy Ch'ng
Amanda Lim
April Madeline
Kang Poh Gaik
Lim Yin Yan
Yun Bong
Mandy Law
Jasmine Chew
Rain Ie
Xaviera Kua
Debbie Ho
Sylvia Lee
Shahera Jungleo
Seow Serene
Ven Lim
Fadzlin Aimi
Samantha Tan
Aurelia Kim
Vivienne Blue
Natasha Kamal Hussin
Joanna Ling
Lydia Ng Sy
Mahfuzah Anuar
Sze Wei
Faith Tan
Candice Lim
Lee Yuh Huey
Nurull Shuhada
Amy Lai
Kam Winnie
Stephy Chen
Mimie Abdulah
Amelia Yeo
Lim Hai Foon
Tan Tzy Tyng
Anna Tan
Carmen Kai Wen
Annie Tan
Jocelyn Wong
Li Hoon
Mahanum Zakariah
Gracethe Chinnie
Kah Mun Loh
Nadia Forth
Jocelyn Jong
Genie See
Mandy Love
Irene Yet
Yuk Kh
Evon Lim
YN Lee
Lau Xin Han
Dinie Minie
Sher Wen
Laine Laine
Jessie Yet
Germaine San
Bloomie XD

Singapore Winners

Liz Chan
Clare CherryBoom
Amanda Chen
Agnes Khoo
Zhuang Shu Ying
Yeeloo Tan
Wong Wing Tong
Jasmine Phong
Rui Qi Haley Goh
Pang Jia En
Cindy Chiam
Raven Ong
Hayle Xiao
Alice Zhuang
Tako Reine
Zhang Mi
Cynthia B Lin

So, congratulations to the lucky winners! Kindly submit your Name, Contact Number and Althea Login Email through private message (PM) on our Facebook Page by 1st March of 2016.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Details submission must be made by 1st March 2016.
2. Rewards will be credited by the end of March.
3. Credits cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another account.
4. Prizes will be considered void if any of the conditions above is not followed.
5. Judges decision is final. 
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