Budget K-Beauty - Skincare Under $10

Purse feeling a little light but you're already scraping at the bottom trying to get the last of your favorite cream? Don't worry your sweet little purse, because we're here to give you a little hand! At Althealand, we believe that just because you're broke, doesn't mean you can't look and feel your best. Whether you're caught up in the troughs of adult life, or you're living on a tight student budget, we've picked out some of our favorites to keep your skin and your bank account happy! Here's our must-have K-beauty picks under $10!

Raya Looks featuring Keera!

Annyeong Altheans! Raya is just around the corner, and it's the time of fun, festivities, food and spending time with your loved ones. So you've selected your outfits, but have you thought about your makeup yet? We've worked with an Althean and fellow beauty enthusiast Keera of @keeracakedherface to create two looks for this Raya season. Here's the beauty breakdown on them, plus a chance to win some Althea credits too!


Althea Raya Makeup Look on Fresh Brew RTM TV2

Fresh faces on Fresh Brew!
(L-R) Neesot (MUA), Cuwie (model), Zooey (FreshBrew Host)
Tammy (Althea Head of Creative Communications)

Annyeong Altheans! We’ve recently gotten the amazing opportunity to work with a Malaysian TV station called RTM TV2 on the Fresh Brew show! They were kind enough to give us a little beauty segment where we could create a Raya makeup look to celebrate this festive season. To create just the right look, we’ve gotten Neesot, our makeup artist of the day to showcase Althea’s products as best as they can be. Here’s the beauty breakdown on how it all went down!

0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk Coffee

A great cuppa coffee can really start your day right! We love a delicious brew, and one with a yummy taste and added benefits has landed on Althea’s shores, perfect for adding to your everyday routine. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s latest inssatem: 0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk black coffee!

Althea Angels Tour + A'bloom

Annyeong Altheans! It’s been a wild ride here at Althealand, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the successful launch of our newest baby: the A’bloom collection! In conjunction with A’bloom going live on the site, we threw an Althea Angels Tour party to showcase our products and have a little fun in Malaysia. Here’s how it all went down!

Althea's Supporters are Back in Action!

Annyeong Altheans! It’s been a whirlwind ride here at Althealand with the new launch of our A’bloom babies. We love making new, fun and innovative k-beauty products, and it warms our hearts even more when they become a staple in your beauty regime! That’s why it’s important for us to get feedback on how our items fare on your skin. Remember the last time we did a Supporter’s event? We’ve recently had the opportunity to hold another one to create yet another product that’s fun and special!
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