What's SPF?

All about SPF & sunscreens

We all know that staying out of the sun is important, but do we really understand why? And what's all the buzz around SPF? In today's post, we'll be sharing all about the sun's effects on our skin, what SPF is, why using sunscreens are important.


How To Control Oil Secretion

Want to deal with your excess sebum once and for all?

Those with oily skin can totally relate to that icky, sticky feeling of having excess sebum on your face. Especially during these times when all of us are wearing face masks to stay safe, having excess sebum and an oily face may lead to more coagulated pores and breakouts.

Today, we'll be sharing some tips on how you can control your oil secretion, as well as some of our recommended products!


Ingredient Breakdown: Centella Asiatica

All about Cica

A powerhouse skincare ingredient in K-beauty today, Cica is now featured by most K-beauty brands in their products and is loved by Altheans all over the globe. Today, we'll be sharing all about this skin-friendly ingredient and how you can incorporate it into your routines.

Top 3 Rice Brightening Products

Selamat Hari Raya to all our fans!

We receive many inquiries on social media for skincare products that help to brighten dull, uneven skin to make it smoother, softer, and radiant. As an Eid special, we have decided to share our top 3 picks with Kbeauty products containing rice today.

It's no coincidence that we picked rice which went well with our latest limited edition Althea "Ketupat" Box for this special occasion.  Rice isn't just for eating as we share today why the super antioxidant ingredient is a popular choice in brightening beauty products just like the one from Japan (hints!). 


New on Althea: Etude House Soon Jung Line

ETUDE HOUSE's Soon Jung Line *NEW*

Well known for their cute packaging, limited-edition collaborations, and fun color cosmetics, Etude House recently renewed and expanded their Soon Jung Line of skincare products. Catering to those with sensitive and irritated skin, this line is now available on Althea! Read on to know more about it + what the hype is all about.

Our Top Picks From Dear Klairs

All About Dear Klairs

One of the dearest (no pun intended) products in the K-beauty world, Dear Klairs has captivated hearts and occupied vanities all over the world. In today's post, we'll be sharing more about this beloved brand, what makes them special, as well as our top picks! Read on to find out more.


To all moms: You're a Gem!

Give your mom a special gemstone this Mother's Day

Known to be super relaxing and perfect for improving blood circulation, Jardin's Rose Quarts Rollers and Angel Wing Gua Sha have been faves of ours since we brought them on and shared them with our beloved Altheans. In this post, we'll be sharing all about them + why they make the perfect Mother's Day gift for that precious woman in your life!


Ingredient Highlight: Aloe Vera

All About Aloe Vera

As the hot weather creeps in, soothe & calm your skin today with one of the coolest ingredients in K-beauty that have everyone coming back for more - Aloe Vera!
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