Chica-Y-Chico Cool Night Peel Off Pack

Warmer days can be pretty detrimental to the complexion. Flushed, irritated skin can be the source of many troubles including itching and breaking out. Aside from hydration, one of the tips that most K-beauty lovers will tell you for clear skin is to keep its temperature low. Chica-Y-Chico has recently added something to help with just that, and today, we'll be trying out one of their latest offerings, the Cool Night Peel Off Pack, and seeing just how well it performs!


Floral Favorites

As we edge our way out of the colder months, it's finally time to take off those heavy coats and embrace the freshness of spring. Colours become more lively as the flowers bloom in the cool wind, giving us a chance to really kick start our beauty routine for the warmer months. Here are some of our favorite floral picks inspired by lovely petals and the joy of springtime!

RiRe All Kill Blackhead Removal Stick

Nope, that's it! We're officially done with blackheads! These unsightly, oxidized pore cloggers have got to go, no questions about it. We've tried our fair share of painful extraction methods, but a lot of them can be too rough and cause skin abrasions that can lead to scarring. RiRe's All Kill Blackhead Removal Stick is definitely a weapon we whip out when we need some assistance in getting rid of them, so here's the beauty breakdown on this product and how it works!

Beauty Pantry

We love food! It's delicious, nourishing, and for centuries, the ingredients from our kitchens have made it into the beauty routines of women (and men!) all over the world. Packed with nourishing properties, these ingredients give the skin vitality and more often than not, treat targetted skin concerns. It was only natural that our products of the modern world have evolved from the traditional recipies of our ancestors, and lucky for us, we've found some favorites that include these ingredients. Here are some of our favourite beauty pantry must-haves!

RiRe Brand Focus + Product Highlights!

If you’ve been around Althea for a while, you’ll know that RiRe has been one of our favorite trendy brands to date. Best known for their invention of the Lip Powder (the real innovative OG) and bestselling Lip Manicures, RiRe proudly shows off their famous, sleek black packaging that houses quality products. From the French word that means ‘to laugh and enjoy’, RiRe works to embody confidence and encourage experimentation while bringing joy when it comes to makeup and beauty.

Interstellar Drama

Whether your head is up in the clouds, or you're grounded here on earth, there's no denying the beauty of the galaxy. Little glimmers in the sky leave many awonder, and for centuries it has inspired artists of all walks of live, including those who create beauty products too! We're definitely intruiged by the miracles and mystics of what the Milky Way has to offer, so here are some of our favorite picks so you can be your own megawatt star, even when the sky is at is darkest.

Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream

Want to live the luxurious life on a budget? We love feeling like royalty now and again, that's why we're all about infusing a little bit of gold into our beauty routine! Onsaemeein's Lumiere Gold Daily Cream is one of those products that feel richer than it looks, and we definitely thought it's such a hidden gem. Here's the beauty breakdown on this golden winner!


Ultraviolet Beauty

The year of 2018 has been casted with harnessing the powers of the mythical, creative and illusive. It's no wonder that the Pantone colour of this year is ultraviolet: a rich purple with sapphire tones that's sure to invoke anyone's passion and artistry. This gorgeous shade has found itself the center of attention in magazines, fashion, and even food! It was only right that we incorporated this decadent hue in our beauty routines too. Here are some of Althea's favorite ultraviolet picks for this year!

XOY Brand Products

We're all about trying out new and innovative products in the K-Beauty line, and it's always a lot of fun when we get to try out a something fresh. XOY is one of our latest and hottest offerings, and we're excited to have them land on Althea shores! Take a ride with us and come discover some of our favorite products from XOY.

Althea Bare Essentials

If you've been keeping up with us, you'll know we've had something HUGE that we've been working on. Thanks to you guys, our first baby, the Petal Velvet Powder was a success! Following that, we wanted to create something that could be the cornerstone of K-Beauty for our fans and customers. With skincare routines becoming more and more complicated, we wanted to strip it all back to the fundamentals, and with that, Althea's Bare Essential range was born!
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