Spring Sheen

The flowers are blossoming, the air has rid itself of the frigid cold. Birds have started singing their favorite song and basking in the warmth of the sun. Springtime is finally here! As we step into the season of new blooms, renew your skincare routine with our picks for fresh, radiant skin. Here’s our beauty breakdown on how to get that spring sheen, perfect for bringing out the new in you!

Althea's Skin Relief Calming Cream

Remember when we released the Skin Relief Spot Gel a couple of months ago? We’ve got another product to add to the Skin Relief line that’ll give those of us with more sensitive, troubled skin something to celebrate! Let us introduce you to Althea’s newest product: the Skin Relief Calming Cream! Here’s the breakdown on all you’ll need to know.

Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads

Fresh, hydrating, soothing - those are the 3 words that come to mind when we think of Althea’s newest baby! Whether you live in a humid climate that’s more prone to skin pollution, or a cooler climate that can cause a build-up of dead skin cells, the Waterful Green Bamboo Pads are our solution for uneven, irritated, parched skin. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what our latest item has to offer!

Althea x The Butterfly Project Christmas Party

Last December, to really celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we threw an amazing party in Althealand! We found ourselves at Chubbee Cloud, one of Kuala Lumpur’s cutest avenues for fun, food and festivities, and in collaboration with The Butterfly Project, have been able to spend some time with Malaysian beauty enthusiasts and showcase our latest Althea Exclusive offerings. Here’s how it all went down!

Brighter Skin 101

Dull, tired complexions can really take a toll on how you look. Harsh external environments like the weather, the air and even the humidity can affect how your skin looks, causing a mixture of problems like dead skin cell build up and pigmentation to ultimately rid your skin of it’s radiance. We love a bright complexion that looks like its glowing from within, so here is a little guide to help you on your journey to get your skin’s light back!

Clean One, Clean All with Dirty Nope's Hello Cheek!

Have you ever thought of the surfaces your skin touches? Sure, we know not to touch the walls of washrooms and to wash your hands after holding handrails in the train, but what about spots we hold near and dear like our beds or the headphones we wear on our heads? Out of sight, out of mind, we don’t really think of the bacteria and germs that linger on these places that could cause our skin to be irritated and sprout up spots. It’s super important to ensure that these surfaces are clean, and Dirty Nope’s Hello Cheek was made to do just that! Here’s the beauty breakdown on what this little bottle can do!
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