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Let us be the first to say this: face masks are AWESOME! They leave our skin feeling bouncy, plump and full of life! We’re big fans of putting away a little time during the week to pamper ourselves, ensuring our skin looks and feels great (so much so that we’ve made Tuesdays and Thursdays mask days in the office!). While sheet masks are a convenient and popular choice, sometimes we need a little extra lovin’ from face packs which pack a little more punch (pun intended) to really give our skin that extra care. 


While many might be familiar with face masks, the term “face packs” might raise a couple of eyebrows. By definition, face packs are essentially liquids or pastes which are applied onto the face and allowed to sit for a period of time. They set and sometimes dry, transferring the goodness and benefits to the skin before being removed either by peeling off or washing away the product. These perks come in wide variety and can include (but definitely do not limit to) hydration, moisturization, brightening, whitening, anti-aging and skin purifying. Face packs offer skin a little more tender, loving care and usually carry more potent formulas than the conventional sheet masks, so while it might be messier, the payoff is definitely worth it.

Depending on your skin concern, picking one might take a little bit of time and research, but we’ve broken down a some of our favorites from B&Soap for you to take a quick peak at! 

Apate Black Pack

Charcoal has been around for many, many years and it’s powers of purification and toxin-absorption are well-known across the world. This pack gets its dose of goodness from Scoria found in Jeju Island which is rich in charcoal and mud to really get into those pores and clear them out. It also contains Trehalose and hyaluronic acid which act as moisturizing and hydrating agents that helps prevent moisture loss from the skin. Great for those looking for pore care and minimization, This unique mask gently exfoliates and cleanses out without drying them out, leaving you with balanced skin that’s soft and clean. 

Scadi White Pack

For those looking for a fairer, brighter complexion, this might just be up your alley. This pack may not be for those with super sensitive skin, but it does contain natural, soothing ingredients like jojoba seed oil, camomile, green tea, as well as fermented rice extracts to ensure that your skin stays calm throughout the whitening process, and keeps your skin moisturized too! With a delightfully whipped texture, this lightweight pack is great to layer on thick and let sit for it to really work its magic to give you a lighter, smoother complexion. 

Mamie Blue Pack

Trust us: having blue skin is actually a good thing with this pack! This intriguingly coloured product is infused with peppermint extracts that soothes and clarifies your complexion while fine bean granules gently scrub away dirt and dead skin cells. Perfect for those with troubled skin or oilier complexions, this pack helps to calm skin down while balancing oil and moisture levels of the skin using deep sea mineral rich water. Did we mention that this comes with a yummy peppermint scent too? Perfect for refreshing your skin as well as your senses! 

 Breni Yellow Pack

Fit for a queen’s pampering, this pack’s star ingredient is honey: a powerful moisturizing agent that’s rich in anti-aging properties and healing properties (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory). Combined with other natural extracts including almond oil, shea butter, lime and aloe vera, this pack is the perfect combo for tired, dull skin that needs that little extra boost to perk it back up.This creamy product is rich in vitamins to nourish the skin and improve its texture, giving you a complexion that’s revitalized and supple to the touch. 

Now you know all the details; here’s a few simple steps on how to use face packs: 
  1. Cleanse skin, pat dry, then apply toner to prep skin
  2. Apply pack evenly on skin using spatula / hands (avoiding eye lip areas)
  3. Leave on for 10-20 mins
  4. Rinse pack off with water
  5. Pat dry and follow up with your skincare regime.
Face packs are a great skin tool to keep in your beauty arsenal, and is definitely a great way to treat your skin.

Do you have a favorite face pack which you keep going back to time and time again? Or if you haven’t had the chance to try one out, which of the ones above catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below! Have a magical day! 


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    1. Hey there, you can find prices as well as other details of these products on our site at http://my.althea.kr/catalogsearch/result/?q=b%26Soap+pack :) Hope this helps!

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