Althea Box 1: Life-proof Makeup Box

Althea Box #1 Life Proof Box

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than putting in heaps of effort to look your best (and winking at yourself in the mirror after because you know you look amazing), then having it melt off your face within a couple of hours. Trust us, we’ve all been there: your foundation starts looking patchy, half your eyebrows are gone, and you look like a not-so-hot mess. The key to making sure your makeup stays on all day is a combination of long-lasting formulas as well as application techniques to really ensure that your face looks as good as possible, for as long as possible.

here's what you get 8 products in a box

If you keep up with our shenanigans, you’d have seen our post on the launch of Althea's Beauty Boxes. We took a page from Beyonce’s book and launched our first box under the radar (the hype queen knows best). This parcel of prettiness features a bunch of beauty products and tools that’ll keep your gorgeous face on until you’re ready to take it all off (and not a moment before!). Here’s our beauty breakdown on the very first Althea Beauty Box themed "Life-proof Makeup Box".

Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Cushion SPF35 PA++ in #23

Remember: heat and humidity do NOT mix well with oily bases. Take a walk outside at the wrong time and your foundation might just be dripping to the floor, no thanks to South East Asian countries being so close to the equator. While most BB cushions promise dewy, moisturizing formulas that might be a little too high maintenance, The Mat Fix Cushion will the answer to your oily prayers! Chica Y Chico’s Mat Fix Cushion is specially formulated to keep your skin from turning into an oil slick. It applies on with buildable medium-to-full coverage that dries to a powder finish that doesn't budge. Our favorite part? It leaves the skin feeling fresh without any of that nasty sticky feeling all day long.

How To Use: Pop out the cover and press onto the cushion with the puff to pick up product, then apply onto your face in patting motions to blend onto the skin.

 It’s My Bong Concealer in Cool Born

A good concealer should be 3 things : natural but full coverage, easily blendable and long lasting. This super cute It's My Bong Concealer does all that AND fits into your purse for on-the-go touch ups if you need them. How perfect is that? The shade that this box comes with is great for brightening areas like around the nose and under the eyes, as well as any other pesky spots you might have on your face. We love the bouncy applicator too as that helps to disperse product without using too much of it at once.

How To Use: Click the pen a couple of times to dispense product, then apply onto areas you’d like to conceal. Pat with fingers or a sponge to blend out.

It’s My Magic Sponge

There’s definitely a fine line between looking flawless with full coverage and looking like you slapped on too much cakey makeup. This beauty blending sponge will ensure you look more the former than the latter (you can thank us later!) as it helps to evenly distribute the product on your skin. Thanks to the fine texture, your makeup will be streak-free with just a few dabs. Here’s a little tip: dampen the sponge with some water before dipping it into your foundation or BB cream so that it absorbs less product and gives you a more glowy finish.

How To Use: Pick up product and apply onto the skin in dabbing motions to blend out.

Apieu Mineral 100 HD Powder

Giving your face a little dusting of the good stuff can make the difference between all-day polished perfection and a midday mess. Powders keep you shine free, blurs fine lines, and ensures that your makeup stays put. With a translucent one like this Mineral 100 HD powder, it ensures that anyone can use it regardless of their skin tone and shade. It’s best to use a light hand with powders: you don’t want to risk looking cakey especially when you’ve made the base look amazing prior. Remember, you can always add powder on, but not take it off, so less is truly more in this case.

How To Use: Apply onto face using the puff provided or a powder brush all over the face to set makeup.

Etude House Face Conditioning Fixer

Now that you’ve perfected the base of your look, all you have to do is set it to keep it looking fresh around the clock. This “conditioning fixer” sprays a fine mist that locks it all in place with a moisturizing formula, taking away any cakey-ness the powder might have left behind. It keeps the flaky dry skin at bay and leaves you with a gorgeous, healthy glow. The lovely scent this comes with is an extra bonus!

How To Use: Spray onto face lightly after makeup application and allow to dry completely

RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo in #2 Gray Brown

Eyebrows is said to be one of the most important features of the face as it frames the windows to your soul, a.k.a. your eyes! How your brows are shaped and filled can dramatically change how you look. The last thing you want is to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror midday and realize half of them are gone, making you look straight out a horror movie. No worries, Luxe Gel Tattoo is the solution for you! Think of it like as a lip tint for your brows. This eyebrow “tattoo” tint will keep your brows on your face no matter rain or shine. It does require some prep, so it’s best to apply it on the night before you need it to last to put your best brows forward.

How To Use: Ensure skin is clean before application for best results. Apply onto brows following your natural shape and allow to dry. Leave on for at least two hours, then peel away gently starting from the outer corners.

RiRe Lip Powder in Fashion Red

Sometimes, the lowest maintenance lip look is the best option. Sure, super glossy or ultra matte lips may look uber chic, but they’ll require constant checks with your compact mirror to make sure they’re in one piece. Plus, if you’ll be eating or drinking at an important appointment (ahem, hot date anyone?), the last thing you’ll need is your lipstick fading or looking patchy. Enter this ingenious creation from RiRe: a super cool powder lip product that melts on your lips, not on your (date's) cheeks  for a natural but vivid hue that provides even colour which stays on like a stain. It keeps your pucker looking bright and lovely without the hassle of touching up every time you take a bite.

How To Use: Apply onto the lips with applicator. For a full-lipped look, apply according to your lip shape. For a gradient look, apply to the center of the lips and blend outwards.

Chica Y Chico Princess Mask Pack

Looking good on the surface can sometimes boil down to fundamental skin care, so don’t forget to give your skin some TLC (tender, loving care) with this Princess Mask Pack to keep it looking beautiful from the inside too! Masks are always a great way to rejuvenate your skin and give it moisture so it plumps up and evens out the skin texture, allowing your makeup to glide on better and stay put for a longer period of time. Our favorite method of masking is popping it on for 15-20 minutes right before your makeup routine. Try it out: you’ll be rocking a flawless face in no time!

How To Use: Apply onto cleansed and toned face, leave on for 20 minutes before removing.

We’re firm believers that your makeup should last until you’re ready to take it off, no matter the amount of effort put in. You can check it out this amazing box set here for yourself. If you don't manage to get your hands on one (they're pretty popular), don't worry as these items can be found individually on our site. Which product is your favorite or which of these are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments down below!

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