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Heard of the phrase “you are what you eat”? Althea takes that to a whole new level with its Superfood Box! By definition a superfood is "a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being", making this specially curated box packed with plenty of nourishing goodness for your skin, hair and body, making you feel as good as you look. As thoroughbred foodies and beauty junkies, we thought it’d only be appropriate to combine the two to bring you our most delicious box yet!

Missha Juicy Farm Very Berry Blueberry Shower Gel

One whiff of this and we already know we’re in for a berry good time! This deliciously scented shower gel feels moisturizing and almost creamy on the skin. It's also made with blueberry extracts that has loads of antioxidants for smooth, soft skin you know you'll love. We like drizzling this into the bath for a soothingly good time after a long day.
How to use: Apply onto damp skin or a shower puff and lather onto the body. Alternatively pour some into a bath tub for a bubble bath. Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask
Make the most out of your shuteye with this luxurious sleeping mask. It’s infused with calepra racemosa a.k.a. green caviar extract that contains hyaluronic acid, and has an almost jelly-like texture that’s lovingly soothing on the skin. With a fresh, slightly sweet fragrance, it’s perfect to gently lull you to sleep while it repairs, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin overnight. You’ll wake up with bouncy, soft skin that’s none to beat!

How to use: Apply a generous, even layer onto the skin before bedtime and leave on as you sleep. Rinse off with water in the morning.

B&Soap Fun Block Shampoo
You know how coconut is super refreshing and thirst quenching on a sunny, hot day? Turns out coconut is great for your hair too! B&Soap’s Fun shampoo comes in a delightfully coloured block that also contains milk protein, nettle and soybean extract to cleanse, strengthen and give your hair a luxurious shine. Did we mention that we adore the bright, citrusy scent this product comes in too?

How to use: Dampen hair, then lather up with hands, then massage onto the scalp and hair. Rinse off after with water.

Half Moon Eyes Milky Jelly Toning Essence

Not sure what to make of this jelly filled essence? This concentrate is made special thanks to fig extract that is rich in minerals and vitamin C that brighten and hydrate to keep the skin looking supple and smooth. More than just your usual essence, this product also has the ability to be used as a mask or even a facial mist to be spritz on throughout the day. It also contains silica that purifies the pores without irritating them, prepping your skin without stripping it of its hydration. We say it’s a must-try! 

How to use: As an essence, pour out a small amount and pat over the skin. Alternatively, soak cotton pads or DIY mask sheets and apply onto the skin as a mask (leave on for 15-20 minutes), or pour some into a spray bottle to be used as a facial mist throughout the day.

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Foam
Oatmeal runs double duty as both a breakfast and a skincare staple. Known as one of the top 10 healthy foods, oatmeal has fibre and amino acids to keep both your skin and body in tip top shape. This cleanser has mild exfoliation properties suitable for everyday use that keep your skin free from dirt, impurities and dead skin cells. Just squeeze out, lather up and massage onto the face before rinsing off with water.

How to use: Lather up with damp hands and massage onto face in circular motions. Rinse off with water after.

Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence

Green tea has been a superfood for as long as we can remember! It’s high concentration of antioxidants and anti-aging properties to keep your skin feeling bouncy and young. This concentrate from Innisfree has plenty of the good stuff to penetrate into the skin’s layers, moisturizing and plumping up dull, dry skin. No wonder it’s part of their best selling Green Tea line!

How to use: Pump out a small amount and apply evenly onto the skin, gently patting the face for better absorption.

Skin Food Avocado Lip Scrub
With all the recent hype on these yummy savory fruits, it’s not hard to fall in love this adorable lip scrub! Its star ingredient avocado extract is rich with moisturizing fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins C and E that keep the lips soft and healthy, while sugar pieces gently exfoliate away dead skin. You’re left with a supple, kissable pout that’s ready to take on the world (or just about any lip product you like)!

How to use: Apply a small amount onto the lips, gently massaging in circular motions to exfoliate away dead skin. Wipe off with a tissue or rinse off with water after.

Nine Point Blackberry and Bay Perfume Body Mist

Fruity scents have a tendency of being overpoweringly sweet, but this one from Nine Point has a fresh, sophisticated scent that’ll make any chic beauty lover proud. Infused with natural blackberry extracts, this body mists also helps to hydrate the skin and purifies active oxygen particles that cause aging. All you have to do is spritz some on and you’ll be left with skin that smells as good as it looks!

How to use: Spritz onto the skin and you're good to go!

How yummy! We can’t help but fall in love with these deliciously good beauty products! Make sure you check out Althea's site to get this or any of our beauty boxes. Are you guys fans of superfoods? Have you tried out any of these items mentioned above? If not, which ones would you love to try? Let us know in the comments down below!

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