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A good hair day is always a good day, and your mane is aptly named the crowning glory of your head. Whether your hair is curly, straight, short or long, luscious locks will always be on trend. To keep your hair looking and feeling as desirable as possible, Althea’s come up with box filled hair care products to help you put your best mane forward. Here’s the beauty breakdown on the Hair Box!

1 Innisfree Green Tea Mint Shampoo
Good hair starts from a good scalp! This refreshing shampoo has clarifying properties that remove grime, dirt and excess oil, prepping your hair for any treatments you’d like to put on it post-shower. It gives your scalp a cooling tingling sensation freshens fatigue and soothes any mild irritations. Best of all, it smells amazing!

How to use: Squeeze out some and massage onto dampened hair, working into the scalp. Rinse off with water.

2 Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar
Not your conventional conditioner, this treatment has a liquidy consistency that allows it to apply evenly and penetrate each strand of hair. With raspberry vinegar as its star ingredient, this product has a slight acidic pH that softens, detangles and smoothes troubled hair. Don’t worry about it being too harsh effect or scent wise on the hair as this keeps your tresses both healthy and smelling like berries.

How to use: After shampooing hair, apply evenly onto the scalp and hair, then massage and let sit for a minute or two before rinsing off.

3 Merit Perfumegraphy Leave On Treatment

Feeling refreshed out of the shower? Good, now it’s time to put on a leave in conditioner to keep your hair feeling as good as it looks! This leave-on treatment contains avocado oil that’s packed with goodness to keep your hair silky and healthy, while an oil complex including macadamia seed, sunflower seed and camelia oil helps to protect the hair from drying out as you go about your day. We love the gentle floral scent that lingers on the hair too!

How to use: Apply onto towel-dried hair and evenly distribute through tresses.

4 Hello Everybody Biotin Hair Oil
This luxurious hair oil reminds us of being in a floral paradise! This lightweight oil is made with 4 different oils to moisturize and revitalize your hair, leaving it with rich nourishment without weighing it down. It absorbs into your locks quickly and doesn’t feel sticky to the touch, giving your hair a soft, shiny finish that’s none to beat! We love applying it on the ends throughout the day to keep split ends at bay.

How to use: Pump out a small amount and apply onto wet or dry hair, concentrating more on the ends.

5 Rire Scalp Scaling Program
Did you know that your head could use some exfoliating too? This gentle peeling treatment revitalizes and renews your scalp, removing dead skin cells that clog pores and cause irritations like oiliness or itchiness. With a cool rollerball applicator, this helps to enough circulation in the scalp too. This product helps to improve the health and vitality of your scalp, which ultimately leads to the health and growth of your hair too.

How to use: Squeeze out a small amount and apply onto the scalp, gently rolling with the applicator to massage and for better absorption.

6 Missha Senseful Lady Hair Mist in Sensual Musk
Your hair can start to smell stale at the end of the day due to oil and scent build up, but keep this in your bag and you won’t have to worry about going out straight after work! With a delightful mix of baby powder and musk scents, this hair mist removes any nasty odor and leaves you smelling fresh while gently working to hydrate and detangle your hair too. Its handy size means it’s also great for throwing into your bag and bringing it on-the-go!

How to use: Spritz onto the hair and evenly distribute by combing through.

7 Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack
We know how good sheet masks can be, but what about a mask for your hair? This conveniently packaged hair pack contains a concentrate that’s infused with keratin and amino acids to strengthen and smoothen hair follicles. All you have to do is throw it on and leave it to do its work while you relax and let the essence work its magic!

How to use: Remove hair pack pouch from packaging, then gently massage to evenly distribute the serum. Tie hair into a ponytail, then insert hair into the pouch and tie with elastic or ribbon provided. Leave on for 30 minutes-3 hours (depending on your hair’s condition), then remove and massage remaining serum into your hair.

We’re big fans of gorgeous, fabulous hair, and the Hair Box gives a complete regime from cleansing to conditioning to upkeep and treatments. Make sure you check out Althea's site to get this or any of our beauty boxes. Are you guys fans of hair products? Have you tried out any of these items mentioned above? If not, which ones would you love to try? Let us know in the comments down below!


  1. I never try any of items above but, I would love to try the Innisfree Green Tea Mint Shampoo cause I really like something refreshing .

    1. It leaves your scalp feeling slightly tingly in the shower. Very refreshing and great to wake you up in the mornings ;)

      Althea's Mermaid

  2. They say that the hair is a womans crowning we must give it a proper care. But for me..I do seldom or most of the time neglect my hair due to I'm a mom who is always on ago and lots of chores to do. That is why, I mostly skip conditioning and other hair care. All of the stuff are mostly new to me. I haven't tried any of those. And I'm really surprised that there is even a hair mask! I'm hoping to try them someday..all of it! I think it would suit my hair type.

    1. Ooh, girl! You gotta give your hair some TLC too! Using a hair mask once a week does a lot of good. :)



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