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Let us just say this: you are a princess and you deserve to be pampered. If you don't love you, who's gon' love you? Our favorite royal treatment for the skin is masking; it's like giving your skin a hug! So when we decide to have a home-spa sessh for the face, we want the best ingredients, no less. Beuins' masks are chuck full of good ingredients that treat the skin, pumping it with a boost targeted for skin troubles for some seriously gorgeous skin. We were fortunate enough to get all our claws on the full range of masks they have to offer, so here's a beauty breakdown on Beuins' mask packs!

Wash-off Mask Range
Great for getting unwanted gunk from your skin, these rinse-off treatments are perfect if you need a quick complexion boost.

Honey Scrub Mask
Something sweet for your complexion, this mask is infused with pure manuka honey that has moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties, while walnut grounds work to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving behind smooth, hydrated skin.

Scent: Rich honey
Texture: Thick, smooth and slight sticky with grains
Good For: Exfoliating and moisturizing

Pore Clay Mask 
Made with Moroccan clay, this mask is fantastic for those looking for a skin detox as it works to draw out impurities while controlling the sebum production from your pores. It also contains a fermented complex made with cedar and lotus leaves, making this full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to soothe irritations as well. 

Scent: Slightly herbal-y
Texture: Soft, wet clay
Good For: Oily skin, large pores 
How to use: Apply onto clean skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with water and pat dry.

Sleeping Mask Range 
Catch some beauty sleep with these overnight treatments that target specific skin needs, perfect for revealing a plump, fresh complexion in the morning. 

Whitening Sleeping Mask
For brighter, lighter skin, this sleeping mask contains white egg plant extract and niacinamide that works to inhibit melanin production, effectively giving you a brighter complexion. This version also contains hyaluronic acid and betaine to keep the skin healthy, soothed and hydrated.

Scent: Lightly fragranced
Texture: Smooth
Good For: Dark, dull skin

Soothing Sleeping Mask
Redness got you down? This soothing sleeping mask contains dragon blood resin and portulaca extract to fade scars and plump up uneven skin texture while keeping irritations at bay. It's also made with allantoin and vegetable squalene that improves the skin's protective barrier and overall health.

Scent: Lightly fragranced
Texture: Smooth
Good For: Irritated skin, redness

Nutrition Sleeping Mask
Like a well-balanced meal for the face, this version is packed full of centella asiatica extracts, macadamia seed oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramide to repair the skin, keep it healthy, hydrated and soothed. It even comes with a calming lavender scent. We love popping this on before a big event the next day!

Scent: Lavender
Texture: Milky, slightly sticky
Good For: Tired skin


Hydro Sleeping Mask 
Dry flakes and cracked skin, be gone! With ceramide, lecithin, allantoin and aloe vera extracts, this hydrating mask penetrates deep within the layers of the skin as you catch some Zs, leaving you with a youthful and radiant complexion.  

Scent: Lightly fragranced
Texture: Gel-like, leaves water droplets when rubbed in
Good For: Dehydrated skin  

How to use: Before going to bed, apply onto clean skin in an even layer, then allow to dry before sleeping. Leave on overnight and rinse off the morning after.

Ah, so many masks, so little time! You can actually choose to use all these masks over a week and try out a different one each day. We love integrating these Beuins' masks into our beauty routine (check out the video below!). What do you guys think of these beauts? Which are you most excited to try out for yourself? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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