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The months are starting to warm up, and that means a little more humidity and heat. We've said it before and we'll say it again: hydration is pertinent to flawless skin, so no matter the weather, we'll still be keeping our skin nice and hydrated. The key to enjoying moisture during this time of the year is picking ingredients that don't feel heavy on the skin but still provide it with enough hydration power to keep it looking plump and juicy, plus that added sheen'll glow gorgeously in the sun! Here are a couple of our favorite ingredients to look out for this time of the year, as well as some of our favorite products for you to try out.

Aloe Vera
Y'all already knew this was coming! This one is no secret: aloe vera has been loved by many for a long time. Its got fantastic skin soothing properties and helps to repair the outer most layer of the skin to lighten scars and pigmentation too. Instead of picking the usual soothing gel route, incorporate this genius ingredient into your sleeping routine to help your skin hydrate to look your best when you wake up. We love Innisfree's Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack, a lightweight, easily absorbed sleeping pack infused with 74% organic aloe extracts suitable for all skin types (even sensitive ones!)


Trehalose is nothing short of a miracle: this humectant ingredient comes from desert cactus and provides the skin with hydration even in dry conditions. It also helps create a moisture barrier on the skin, minimizing potential evaporation of moisture from the skin. Our very own Althea Bare Essential Fixer Cream contains trehalose to provide the skin with up to 24 hours of moisture without stickiness, making this especially great for the warmer months to come!

Hyaluronic Acid
The more hyaluronic acid you get into your skin, the fresher and more youthful it'll look! It's an molecules can hold up to 1000x its weight in water, ensuring your skin gets the tall glass of hydration it needs. It also helps to smooth out wrinkles and diminish dry spots, making it a must-have ingredient in our quest for hydration nirvana. Pamper your skin with a nourishing mask like the Pureness 100 Sheet Mask in Hyaluronic Acid from Tony Moly. It's made with unbleached cotton for better absorption and adhesion to the skin to give your complexion a thirst-quenching boost.
Rose Water
Rose water is an elixir of the beauty gods that gives the skin deep hydration and has powerful soothing properties. It helps rid the skin of redness, calm irritations and makes dry, flaky spots disappear. Plus, it also has a lush fragrance that'll soothe anybody's senses. Give your peepers some lovin' with Petitfee's Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patches that's also infused with real precious ruby powder to revitalize dark circles and dull eyes for a hydrated, perky look.

Gulp, gulp, gulp! Make sure your skin drinks up this time of the year and keep it nice and hydrated with our favorite picks. You can find these and other hydrating products on Althea's site (just pop them into the search bar). Have you tried these out for yourselves? What are some other hydrating ingredients that are your must-haves this time of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I really, really love the Bare Essentials fixer cream! Almost 2 months of using it and I think it's almost out. I'll be saving up starting now to repurchase it! :D


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