Today's The Clay! Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Clay Masks

Ah, the weekend is almost here! Have you pampered your skin this week? If the answer is no, then girl, what are you doing?! No worries, Althea’s got you. Sure, we love sheet masks at Althealand, but sometimes your face just needs something that’ll declog and draw out those nasty impurities from your pores. Skin & Lab has two amazing clay masks from their Dr. Pore range that are designed to cleanse your skin from within, restoring vitality and health into your complexion! Here’s the beauty breakdown on both the Pink and Glacier clay masks!

Just like their name says, Skin & Lab is a brand that combines research and development with various tests with beauty ingredients, creating solutions that target skin concerns. Their hypoallergenic products are nice and gentle, creating the ultimate skincare package that is both effective on the skin and easy on the bank account too! Their Dr. Pore clay mask range is a must have to really reach in and pull out all those nasties from within the pores, preventing and aiding in clogged sebum as well as ensuring your pores are teeny tiny for a smooth, even complexion.

Let start off with the Pink clay mask. This super fun mask has a rather interesting texture: it has an almost jelly like feel that glides easily onto the skin. Made with French pink clay, this gentle mask works like a magnet, clearing away any gunk that might be stuck in your skin while ensuring it still stays moisturized and supple. It also contains a flower complex that’s packed with antioxidants, brightening and soothing dull complexions. It’s especially great for normal to drier skin types!

The Glacier clay mask on the other hand is made for our oilier skinned friends. It has a thicker texture that is true to traditional clay masks. It has Canadian glacial clay to really tighten, minimizing enlarged pores while it does it detoxing magic. This version is also formulated with tea tree (to treat acne troubles) and oatmeal (to condition and exfoliate the skin) for fresh, healthy skin.

Using these masks are easy peasy: just ensure your skin is clean before applying on an even layer. Leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off and patting dry. These masks are great to use on their own, or you could even do some multi-masking magic by spot treating. We’ve used the Pink clay on the U-zone of the face where it can feel a little drier, and the Glacier clay mask on the T-zone where the skin produces more oil. Your skin’ll feel nice and fresh after washing it off, just be sure to follow up with a moisturizer as clays can sometimes compromise the hydration levels. You’ll be left with glowing, clean skin that’s bouncy to the touch!

These Skin & Lab Dr. Pore clay masks are just what we need for that in-home spa experience! You can find these and other cool K-beauty products on Althea’s site. What do you guys think about these masks? Do you prefer clay masks or sheet masks? Let us know down below!

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