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Annyeong Altheans! This last couple of months have been really exciting ones for us. If you’ve been keeping up with our shenanigans, you’ll know that we’ve been really busy making Althea’s very own exclusive products. While we’ve been getting feedback from Altheans after we’ve launched the products, we really wanted to integrate those fabulous ideas and opinions into the product making process prior to the release, allowing us to pick your brains to create a product that we know our Altheans would enjoy! And thus, the Althea’s Supporters program was born!

The Supporters program was especially important for us as this didn’t just mean that we were producing quality products for our fans, we would be able to make products that actually suited the needs and wants of our Altheans as well. During this process, we selected Altheans that had an array of skin types, concerns and beauty knowledge to give us a good range of opinions to create the best product. We’ve held two Supporters meetings so far, and we hope to have many more in the future. During this time, we were working on a super-secret formula that we know you guys would be super excited for. Are you ready? Here it is: we’re working on a Cushion formula!

(L) Tammy, Head of Creative Communications
(R) Clarise, Althea Exclusive's Marketing Manager

Our Supporters sharing a laugh and having fun!

Top secret information to be exclusively shared with our Supporters

Products and survey materials to create the perfect formula

Trying out the formulas and seeing how they fare on the skin

Supporters sharing their experiences with the product

Brainstorming to come up with the perfect product name

Supporters getting first-hand experience with the Althea Exclusive range

Looks super fun huh! Being an Althea Supporter comes with some serious perks:

All Supporters:
  • A random selection of 3 Althea Exclusive products
  • Priority invitation to Althea’s next offline event
  • RM500 worth of Althea credits to shop, shop, shop!
For Supporters that show us lots of love on SNS platforms like Instagram, you guys stand a chance to be reposted and featured on our page!


We’re really happy that our first two meetings were a success, and we’re excited to have more in the future! Don’t worry if you missed out on this one, if you’re keen on being an Althea Supporter yourself, be sure to keep watch on our Facebook pages so that you don’t miss out the next opportunity! What do you think of our Supporters program? Are you excited for Althea’s very own Cushion product? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Very nice!! Can't wait to try althea cushion foundation :)

    1. We can't wait till you try it either! ❤ xx


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