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Acne, pimples, blemishes, those angry, pesky spots that pop up on our faces have many names. Regardless of what they’re called, we’re always on the hunt for a way to get rid of them ASAP! We’ve picked out a couple of our favorite products to help soothe, treat and get rid of them. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what to use to banish blemishes!

Some By Me has become quite the household name when it comes to zapping those zits, and we can see why! This toner is formulated with a mixture of 3 skin-friendly acids that remove the top most layer of dead skin, encouraging cell renewal, lightening acne scars as well as evening out unwanted textures. It also contains tea tree extracts that has antibacterial properties to treat active acne, allowing for an easy and quick heal.

Wave goodbye to your spots like magic with Althea's Skin Relief Spot Film Gel! This zit-zapping treatment is a revolutionary formula that applies thinly onto the skin before drying down to a smooth canvas, protecting the area and allowing for makeup to be applied on without a trace! It contains tea tree oil to quickly and effectively treat acne, while a mix of Centella and pine leaf extracts calm redness, treating acne while you’re out and about. See it in action here!

Acne-prone skin needs more moisture than you think! Pamper your complexion with this handy pack that contains a sheet mask soaked in an essence made Centella Asiatica, Chinese lantern plant and calendula extracts to soothe redness while ensuring your skin stays hydrated too. It also helps to brighten and lighten dark spots for a radiant complexion, making it a great all-rounder addition to your beauty routine.

Poof away your acne spots with this “magical” solution! With a powder right at the bottom and an anti-bacterial solution at the top, it contains salicylic acid, witch hazel extract, crown wood fern extract and other bacteria fighting ingredients to purify and treat blemishes, making them dry up and go away ASAP. Allow the powder to separate and settle before picking some up with a cotton bud and applying it onto the spot for best results.

Acne-prone skin needs that extra TLC, and Pyunkang Yul's Acne Cream soothes and moisturizes the skin, creating a protective layer that prevents impurities from getting in. With ingredients like rosemary, green tea, and Asiatic knotweed root extracts, it also helps control sebum and has antibacterial properties that treat and heal those pesky zits. Seal in moisture and protect your skin by using this at the end of your skincare routine!

Hands off! No more squeezing those pesky pimples, Dr. Spot is here to save the day! This treatment comes in a handy tube that allows for a hygienic application, minimizing the bacteria that could cause a secondary infection. With sophora root, portulaca, fern, plantain and Akane extracts, these help to soothe and repair the skin from within, aiding in a speedy recovery with minimal scarring. It also keeps the area nice and hydrated with hyaluronic acid, so you won't have to worry about dry skin flakes ruining your day!

We hope that these items will help you on your conquest for flawless, clear skin! You can find them and other other zit zapping products on Althea’s site. What do you these of this list? What are you must have products to banish acne? Let us know down below!


  1. I have a sensitive and dry skin im looking for a products that can help improve my skin condition. I already use lots of products some of those are get rid of my acne but the same time worsen my dry skin. With this information I can finally find a solution to my problem.Thank

    1. Annyeong!

      You are so welcomed. Thank you for such lovely feedback. We feel very touched. ❤❤


  2. do you have a set for this that is available to purchase?

    1. Hi there!

      Unfortunately we don't have a full set, however all of these items are available on Althea's site! All you have to do is pop the names of the products you're interested in into the search bar. Hope this helps! xx


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