Althea Turns 5 Birthday Highlights

it's our birthYAY!

Watch out for all these magical happenings during our birthday month. We have prepared so many fun things for our fans around the world to celebrate with us! You can check out our special birthday page at the top of website #ALTHEATURNS5 to see what promotions are in store for you this month!

sneak peek at the amazing promotions this month

Althea Rainbow Box available in three sizes

Our limited edition birthday box is back and this time it's in colorful pastel rays of the rainbow! It comes with sprinkles of magical stars so that all your wishes would come true too! You'll also have your very own rainbow to keep via our free rainbow DIY sheet and cute stickers release every week for the first 1,000 customers! All these are while stocks last and only for qualifying orders.

What do you mean by qualifying orders?
At Althea, there are two types of packing options. The first is the iconic Althea pink box which comes in three sizes (s, m, and l). The second is the Althea Air which is a protective air bubble pack for single or lesser order items that don't fit the box but needs to be protected from damage during transit.

Orders shipped from Korea to anywhere in the world that Althea covers, must arrive in acceptable conditions so we make sure your orders fit either in the box or the Althea Air. If you get the Althea Air, do know that the air inside is from Korea!
Limited Edition Althea DIY Rainbow
click here to find out what you can do with it!

limited edition stickers released every week

get a free glitter with every purchase made from 29th June
using code "FREEGLITTER" at checkout

Althea Shopping Spree Contest

Our birthday won't be complete with our birthday contest for our shoppers! When you get your rainbow box, don't forget to snap a pic and upload it on your Instagram with the hashtags #AltheaKorea #AltheaTurns5 #AltheaShoppingSpree #SpreadTheMagic and caption why you want to win Althea Shopping Spree!

You could win a year's free shopping, a year's free mask, or a $10 Althea Gift Card (first 100 lucky early bird entries). * Terms and conditions apply. For more information click here.

#AltheaTurns5 Facebook Contest

Don't have Instagram? Don't worry! We are running a share & tag contest on Facebook where 10 lucky winners would stand a chance to win a $50 Althea Gift Card to shop on 🌈 Just visit your Althea country Facebook to join! Althea Malaysia / Althea Singapore / Althea Indonesia / Althea Philippines / Althea USA (Global Page).

top secret contest coming up!

Every week there would be fun things from us so don't forget to visit us, stalk our social media channels and check your emails! You may never know, something magical might happen! Pssssst (whisper) we have an upcoming contest coming up next week on @altheakorea Instagram to win SecretKey prizes worth a total of $1000 💁

Spread The Magic,

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