W.Lab Relax Magic Foot Patches

Out of sight, out of mind? Sure, we’re all big on ensuring our skin looks and stays its best, but what about our body parts down below? Our feet are probably two of the hardest workers on our bodies, so it’s always nice to give them a good pampering once in a while! We’ve all heard of peeling masks for the feet, but ever heard of detoxing patches? W.Lab has recently come out with the Relax Magic Foot Patches to soothe away tiredness and aches after a long day of being on your feet. It’s time to kick back and relax!

Fountain Of Youth - Anti-aging Picks

We’ll be the first to say it: there’s no need to run from age. There is an experience behind every smile line and crease in our eyes, and it’s no wonder! Life has blessed you with a wonderful story, so there’s no better way to go through the years than to embrace them. However such years can take a toll on the skin: it can lose its elasticity, radiance and plumpness due to a lower production of melanin inhibitors, collagen and cell renewal. We’ve picked out a couple of helpful products that can keep you looking and feeling your best with a complexion that’s healthy and happy. Here is the beauty breakdown on our favorite anti-aging products!

Althea Festive Look Face Chart Contest Winners

Hello, Altheans!
We know a lot of you have been asking about the result of our Festive Look Face Chart Contest and we are sorry to keep you waiting. The Pixies have been really busy last month due to #AltheaTurns3 birthday celebration, therefore it took us awhile to finalise the result. On top of that, all of you did such a great job at decorating the face chart, we couldn't make a decision so quickly! We even had some help from our fans to vote for their favourite entry because it was such a hard decision to make. With that being said, here we are finally announcing the winners so congratulations to:

Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvets

Wishing for the perfect lipstick? These gorgeous lippies from Missha have got us wishing for more shades! The best selling brand has recently launched the Wish Stone Tints in a Velvet finish, and boy, oh boy, are these gorgeous! These little gems are perfect for bringing around for a little bit of good luck and quick touch-ups on the go. On it’s short time here on Althealand, it’s already become a hit with you guys, so we thought it was only fitting to give you the low down on what the Wish Stone Tint Velvets can really do! Here’s the beauty breakdown!

#AltheaTurns3 Facebook Contests Winners

Hello, Altheans!

Can't believe that our third birthday month is over. We're really thankful for all of our amazing fans who keep on supporting Althea since the first year up until today. Without all of you, we won't be able to make it this far. Do look forward to more exciting news, events, giveaways and contests from us in the future as we have so much planned out for our loyal fans! Anyway, Pixie hope you had a great time joining our fun #AltheaTurns3 contests on Althea Facebook and without further ado, here is the list of the winners. Congratulations to:

W.Lab Brand Focus + Product Highlights

Does the W in W.Lab stand for well-loved? Because that’s just what they are on Althea! We’re super excited to be doing a special feature centered around one of our bestselling brands and to showcase what they’re made of. Made with a modern, fun, youthful feel, W. Lab has become a household name for K-Beauty products all over the world. A perfected formula of good quality ingredients and attractive packaging, these products are effective at targeting skin troubles and solving them for a well-rounded beauty regime from head to toe. It’s no wonder W.Lab has gained lots of love and attention from both beauty enthusiasts and celebrities on SNS platforms too! Here’s the beauty breakdown on W.Lab and some of our favorite product picks!
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