AM Freshness with Innisfree!

Ah, its morning! Birds chirping by the window, warm rays from the sun trickling in from the outside, the smell of fresh coffee awaits... Rise and shine, love! We've got just the routine with Innisfree to kick start your day that'll leave you with fresh plump skin, perfect for taking on just about anything that comes your way.

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review Event: Winners Announcement

Althea Velvet Powder Review Winners

Hello, Altheans! We have gone through all the reviews you left on the Petal Velvet Powder during the review event held from 13th September until 11th October 2017; and we appreciate all the feedback given. 💕As promised, we've picked some lucky Altheans that participated in the event  to win awesome prizes from us.

1st prize (1 winner): $100 Althea Shopping Credits + Special Powder Kit
2nd prize (1 winner): $75 Althea Shopping Credits
3rd prize (1 winner): $50 Althea Shopping Credits
30 consolation prizes: $10 Althea Shopping Credits

Let There Be Bright!

Althea W.Lab Nella Cloud9 Whitening Cream

There's never a dull moment when it comes to K-Beauty! Essentially the Mecca of whitening products, bright, luminous skin with a youthful glow has always been the hallmark of that quintessential Korean look, and it's no surprise they've got quite a few lightening products up their sleeves. Here are a couple that are our favorite picks, giving you that bright, radiant complexion without breaking the bank (too much).

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blushers

This may come as a shock to some, but blush may just be the unsung hero of a full face of makeup. Sure, most of the time we find ourselves on autopilot, just swirling up whatever pink shade you get your hands on. Afterall, it's just something to bridge the gap between your eyes and lips right? However, when used right, blush does so much more than just that! It can also help to warm up your complexion, define and even lift the flattest of cheekbones. Plus, it adds a youthful, healthy flush to the skin!

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Instagram Contest (Selfie & Share)

Hello, lovely people. Remember when we asked you to share a selfie with our newly launched Petal Velvet Powder & tell us what do you like about it on Instagram? Now it's time to announce the winners of the contest! 💕 Our Pixies did the stalking & we've selected 10 lucky Altheans who will win USD50 worth of Althea shopping credits. They are:

Beuins Mask Range

Beuins Mask Pack Kbeauty
Let us just say this: you are a princess and you deserve to be pampered. If you don't love you, who's gon' love you? Our favorite royal treatment for the skin is masking; it's like giving your skin a hug! So when we decide to have a home-spa sessh for the face, we want the best ingredients, no less. Beuins' masks are chuck full of good ingredients that treat the skin, pumping it with a boost targeted for skin troubles for some seriously gorgeous skin. We were fortunate enough to get all our claws on the full range of masks they have to offer, so here's a beauty breakdown on Beuins' mask packs!
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