How To: Althea's Referral Program

Hey you gorgeous people! We've got a special referral program that allows you to make the most out of your purchases at Althealand while being able to share the discounts with your friend (see, we're helping you strengthen relationships too!). Here's some super simple steps and example pictures on how it works:

To refer others:
On the bottom left of the screen, you'll see this adorable button:
 Click it, and you'll get this pop-up:

Type in your name and email (or login before clicking the button), and click "Invite Friends" for the next step. There will be 3 options given to you to share by E-mail, Facebook or by a link provided.

Option A: Sharing Via E-mail

All you have to do is include the E-mails of the people you'd like to share this amazing deal with and pop in your subject. You can even include in a special personal message for them if you like. :) Just click "Send Email" and you're good to go!

Option B: Sharing via Facebook

If you click "Share via Facebook", a Facebook window will pop up, allowing you to share it on your timeline for all your friends to see.

Option C: Sharing via Link

You can also share your referral link directly to the people you'd like to refer. Just copy the link and paste it wherever you need to!

You will be able to enjoy your discount once your referred friend has successfully completed their first purchase on Althea. :)

If you're the referred friend:
So you've got a great friend who has sent you a referral email, shared their link or posted it on Facebook. Lucky you! Clicking the link on any of those 3 channels will bring you to this page.

After you've keyed in your email, click "Get my discount" and you'll get your unique, one-time-only 16-alpha numerical discount code that's to be applied during checkout.

 Copy the code, then start shopping on Althea!

After you've picked out the items you'd like to purchase, apply the discount code mentioned above and ensure that the discount is reflected in the total amount. Please note that there are minimum purchase amounts you have to hit before you're eligible for the discount based on your country. Now you're ready to check out!

Here are the discounted amounts based on the different countries. The values given are for both the person who sent the referral, and the person who's using the referral discount respectively:
Malaysia - RM20 + RM20
Singapore - S$7 + S$7
Indonesia - Rp70,000 + Rp70,000
Philippines - P200 + P200
Thailand - THB200 & THB200
US & Global - $15 + $15

The minimum purchase amount to qualify the discounts are as follows:
Malaysia - RM150
Singapore - S$50
Indonesia - Rp 500,000
Philippines - P1,500
Thailand -TBH1,299
US & Global - $50

If you don’t get the referral discount even though you’ve clicked the referral link, here are a couple of things you could do to rectify it:
  1. Make sure that the referral link is correct, and that you click on it prior to purchasing
  2. Make sure that this is your first purchase with Althea using that account
  3. Refresh the page   
For those of you shopping on our mobile app, the code is still valid for those who are checking out, however the pop-up widget does not show on the app as that will only appear on our main site.

That’s it! Super simple right? Hope this helps you guys out! :) Happy shopping, and have a magical day. 

Althea’s Mermaid

Notice: This post provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice. The referral code is not applicable with other special promotions (e.g. Daebak Deal, Hot Deals, Freebies, etc.).

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