Flawless Skin Habits

Flawless Skin Habits

Flawless means healthy, and healthy skin starts from good habits. Just because you don't go to an expensive beauty spa each month doesn't mean you are not entitled to the privilege of having smooth baby-like skin. If you are an avid follower of Korean beauty trends, you should know by now how much emphasis is placed on good skin management. Start practicing these excellent habits and the dream of having flawless-looking skin might not be that far-fetched at all. Remember, that sometimes continuous effort pays more than just one-time big spending!

1. Know Your Skin Type

Getting the correct skincare for your face is very important. If you get unlucky, the wrong product type can actually cause your skin to break out even more often. For example, some skincare ingredients might cause too much burden on you especially if you have sensitive skin. Therefore, determining your skin type is necessary and more important than anything else when it comes to handling your skin. Some beauty counters provide skin analysis services but you can also visit a dermatologist clinic to get a more thorough consultation. Prefer to use your money to buy products instead? The cheapest way to know your skin type and its problem are through reading. There are a lot of articles and quizzes you can find online to determine skin type, so all you need is a little effort on your side!

2. Fight the Sun: Protect Your Skin!

Always remember that the sun can be very damaging to your skin. You need to be diligent in putting on sunscreen products; not only for active outdoor activities but also on a daily basis.  UV rays can cause your skin to age faster and as one of the universally recognized carcinogens, continuous and excessive exposure without protection will also increase the chance of getting skin cancer. Skin irritation and sunburns is also a common problem so make sure to keep your guard up when it comes to the sun!

3. Be Positive

Don't believe it? Yes, stress can cause your skin to be in distress! Have you ever heard of the term Psychodermatology? It has been proved that your skin condition is closely linked with the state of your mind. Good stress management is very important to ensure healthy skin. Daily stress from work or school can be inevitable sometimes so you need to be smart enough to find some ways to negate all the unhealthy thoughts from your mind. Find something that can help your body release Endorphins, the happy hormone! Read a romance novel, sing in the shower, have a sleepover with your best friends, or just lay down on your bed and stare at the ceiling while listening to your favorite songs. Keep in mind that a happy skin also comes from a happy mind!

4. Moisturize! Keep Moisturizing!

In the battle of achieving fresh and glowy-looking skin, it often comes down to one very important routine which is to keep your skin sufficiently moisturized! Do you know that the underlying problem for both dry and oily skin is actually triggered by dehydrated skin? For example, the lack of moisture for oily skin conditions causes a self-induced overproduction of oil in order to compensate for the deficiency. So you need to find the perfect moisturizer cream based on your skin issue (refer to point one) and make sure to religiously apply them! Other than that, K-beauty mania also places high importance on sheet masks, some of them apply it every night but you can opt to use them just once or twice per week.  Make sure to drink plenty of plain water too, the recommended nutrition value is two-liter for each day!

5. Even Your Skin Needs a Good Diet.

Eat your way to your ideal skin by introducing foods with great benefits into your daily diet. Have foods with high antioxidant content for healthy skin cells, and make vitamins-packed fruits and veggies your best friend. Don't leave out the extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed oil too as these good oils can help with your skin hydration level. Have fun with how you have them! You can create a healthy salad bowl using olive oil as the dressing or maybe blend some fruits to make a delicious smoothie. 

6. Sweat it Off: Exercise! 

Exercise is also a great way to help yourself achieve healthy skin as it promotes good circulation. Better blood flow means more oxygen and nourishment being supplied to your body cells and more waste products and free radicals get taken away. When you sweat while exercising, the toxins inside your body are also eliminated thus reducing the tendency of skin breakouts. One thing to keep in mind is always remembering to practice step number two we mentioned above when exercising outdoor!

7. Beauty Sleep is not a Myth.

If you are a big fan of Girls Generation Seohyun, you might know this. The youngest member of that popular girl group always makes it her daily routine to sleep before 12 midnight because it's the time when your skin cells start to heal and actively regenerate. In addition to that, staying up at night actually dehydrate your skin, and the lack of sleep will cause dark circles under your eyes. Stress may build up when you don't get enough rest at night and this also can also cause skin breakouts due to the hormone imbalance.

Skin management can be tricky but with continuous efforts, you will start seeing the result sooner or later. Quoting a famous beauty quote from Helena Rubinstein, 'there are no ugly women, only lazy ones., yo you better start practicing the habits above and see the difference!

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