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Something new has dropped on Althea Korea and we are going crazy over it! Meet unleashia a cruelty-free, vegan, and earth goddess brand from Korea that's recently making headlines on the glitter scene with its high-key pigmented glitters that are sparkling amazing on anyone but also, yes, you guessed it! BIODEGRADABLE! So say goodbye to microplastics because these glitters are here to stay! ✨

  • PETA-certified vegan & cruelty-free product
  • biodegradable, safe, and green
  • glitter formula: different sizes & shapes to create dimensional sparkles
  • high-quality glitter found nowhere else

their star product 'get loose glitter gel'
is a multi-use glitter gel for face/body/hair

makeup guru Pony bedazzles us with all that glitter!

They've pimped up lip balms, eyeshadows, and even eyeliners and packaged them in biodegradable packaging to reduce harm to the environment. Available on #altheakorea you can now find the following products + our editorial must-haves from unleashia

9 highly-pigmented, long-lasting, matte shadows
all in one point & daily makeup use

available in 7 eye palette books:
N1 All of Glitter N2 All of Brown N3 All of Coralpink N4 All of Lavender Fog
N5 All of Dusty Rose N6 All of Citrus N7 All of Peach Ade

fun multi-use glitter, sweat & water-resistant
the largest glitter particle in Korea

available in 7 sparkling shades:
N1 Aurora Catcher N2 Starlit Chaser N3 Gold Obsessor
N4 Love Dreamer N5 Diamond Stealer N6 Sunset Lover N7 Happy Baker

highly pigmented holographic glitter sticks
long-lasting, waterproof formula

available in 7 holographic shades:
N1 Thrilled N2 Flutter N3 Brave N5 Dusk
N6 Wee Hours N7 Sheer Skin N8 Nudy Morn

glossy non-sticky non-smearing lip tint
dazzling transparent glitter pearl

available in 3 delicious shades:
N10 Pink Muhly N11 Gentle Tiger N12 Flamingo

sparkling crystal snowflakes on your lips
glitter & gloss effect that shines

⭐ our editorial picks from unleashia 

Can we say more lip balms, please? Made with shea butter, Vitamin E, C, P, and A derivatives these vegan lip balms can be used over your lip color or to moisturize your chapped lips indoors or outdoor. They're not just moisty softy, but also shiny with premium fine crystal particles in them! Available in two shades one can choose from: 

💗 Snow Frost - clear pure glitter lip balm with light gold shimmer pearls
💗 Blue Lagoon - sheer pink, blue & white silver shimmer pearls

available in 2 dazzling pieces:
N1 Snow Frost N2 Blue Lagoon

P.S: We like how the Blue Lagoon has a hidden pink color change. Dubbed the "Chameleon lip balm" the Blue Lagoon is a blue color lip balm that changes color to a natural pink base upon touching the warmth of your lips.

interested? search unleashia on althea.kr 🔍

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