Sponges and Puffs Explained

It’s fantastic to be a hands-on person with skills like cooking and carpentry, but with things like makeup, sometimes tools are just that little bit better at getting the job done. It’s easy to get lost in a plethora of different tools and gizmos, but you can’t go wrong with the fundamentals: makeup sponges and puffs. Wet ‘em, squeeze ‘em, dab ‘em - these beauty babies are versatile and great for applying anything from skincare to highlighter for that flawless looking base. It’s My on Althea carries a range of different sponges and puffs that’ll be the answer to your streaky, patchy makeup problems. Here’s the beauty breakdown on the different types and how to make the most out of them for your look!
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No.16: Sponge Wedges
One of the most common types out there, these are often the first people get their hands on when they want to dip their toes (or fingers) into the sponge pool. This pack comes with two shapes: pentagon and triangle. These shapes have a wide surface area and taper to fine edges, making them great for applying cream products in smaller areas of the face. Dampen them with some water to prevent the sponges from soaking up too much product, then apply onto the face in a dabbing motion.

Great for: moisturizer, primer, concealer, liquid highlighter, cream bronzer, foundation

No.18: Circle Sponge

These round sponges come with large, flat surface areas which make them perfect for applying across bigger sections of the face. As these sponges have a more dense texture, they’re great for applying more liquidy products and will be able to spread it evenly across the face before your products have a chance of drying up.

Great for: moisturizer, primer, foundations, BB or CC creams

No.19: Case Puff
Let’s be honest: the outer casing does look pretty cool, and it keeps the puff away from dust and bacteria too! This puff is made out of a denser sponge- type material that allows it to apply on cream products evenly to cover large areas of the face. The ribbon at the back helps for a good grip as you blend away to a flawless complexion.

Great for: cream/ stick foundations, thicker BB and CC creams

No.20: Flower Sponge

These sponges are packaged into a lovely flower shape which breaks apart into wedges when you need them. They have smaller, curved surface areas, making this great for smaller parts of the face like the cheeks. The other end tapers to a sharp edge, making this great for more precise work like contouring the hollows of the cheeks.

Great for: cream blush, highlighter, bronzer

No.22: Superfine Fibers Puff
Perfect for applying on powders, this puff is made with little fibers that help to even out and set your whole face. We love doing the “baking” method with this puff as it really does pack on product when you need it to.

Great for: powder foundation, setting powder, translucent powder

No.23: Boa Puff
How adorable is this puff? We just love the little pink bow on the back! Super fluffy, this puff is great for dusting powder products onto the skin. It’s perfect for dispersing shimmery products onto the face to give your look an extra special finishing touch.

Great for: blusher, powder highlighter

No.28: Diamond Square Sponge
These diamond shaped sponges are great for those on the go. It’s great for touching up throughout the day when you need that little extra dab of coverage, especially for liquid or cream products. Throw this into your makeup bag and you’re good to go!

Great for: concealer, blush, foundation

Whether you’re a beauty novice or a makeup pro, sponges and puffs are definitely a way to elevate your beauty game. We love keeping some handy as they’re incredibly versatile to suit just about any face application. Keeping some disposable ones around also means that this is a very hygienic way to do your makeup. Just in case you're wondering, you can get all these It's My sponges and puffs here on our website (pick from the options which type you'd like to get to purchase). What do you think about sponges and puffs? Do you like using them, or are you a hardcore fan of fingers and brushes? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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