Piolang Monster Pack

Halloween’s coming up, and we’ve found a product that doesn’t just scare the kids away, but pampers and does your skin good while you keep the treat hoggers at bay! Piolang’s Monster Pack looks like it could be a gimmicky marketer’s dream, but this product houses a cocktail of tried and tested ingredients including aloe vera extract, arbutin protein, hyaluronic acid and a range of plant extracts package into this two-part pack.

This all-in-one product claims to firm skin, hydrate, remove dirt residue and dry skin cells, minimize pores, nourish and brighten up the skin too. Phew! That’s a big promise! Of course, we were also eager to see how it would transform our skin into looking like we were part of the zombie apocalypse. We broke down the Monster Pack to see if this product really works (as well as snagged a cool photo op or two!).

This kit comes with a couple of different components: a powder, an activator, a brush and a super cute squishy bowl with a matching (non-squishy) spoon. The powder felt quite dry to the touch with a slightly grainy texture to it. It smells very faintly of egg, but not by any means in a bad way. The activator, on the other hand, smells really good! It has quite a strong but very pleasant scent that was reminiscent of green tea. When mixed together, they create a very runny paste that allows you to apply a thin layer onto your face. Don’t worry, the small amount does go a long way and it’ll be enough to cover the entirety of your face.

How To Use:
The instructions are fairly simple: all you have to do is mix two spoons of the powder with two spoons of the activator, then apply onto the face using the brush provided. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with water. Make sure you don’t apply too thick of a layer otherwise it might take longer to dry. Finish off with an extra dash of the activator, using it like a toner and patting it into the skin to seal everything in.

As it dries, the product becomes wrinkly, almost like your skin has aged 50 years in 10 minutes. It might crack as it tightens rapidly, but don’t worry, that’s totally normal. By the 10 minute mark, it should be completely dry and might even feel like your skin has shrunken a little. That’s how you know it’s time to wash it off. Don’t leave it on for any longer as the tightening will continue and it may cause your skin to get irritated.

Aside from the obviously scary appearance of this pack, the hand I tested this on the right does look significantly brighter than the one of the left after I washed it off. My skin was left feeling hydrated and bouncy, with the appearance of fine lines significantly reduced. The activator absorbed easily into my skin and left a faint fresh fragrance, which was really nice.

Piolang took the “it gets worse before it gets better” statement quite literally with this one, making sure you look like a creature of the night before leaving you with firm, baby smooth skin. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that this mask’ll be great for your skin all year round, not just Halloween time.

What do you think about the Monster Pack? Have you had a chance to test it out yet? Does it intrigue you like it did us? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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